Real estate strategies for beginners

Suppose you want to join the real estate investment community to grow your assets and plan your future to live on the income. In that case, you must first evaluate the different alternatives to participate in the sector. Some require a more significant investment of time or money than others and experience or knowledge about the industry. In this blog, we bring you a list of real estate strategies for beginners that they can use to excel in the real estate industry of Pakistan.

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To know more about these strategies, keep reading.

Vacant spaces:

Vacant spaces, including land, are among the few assets in the world whose price appreciates over time. This type of investment gives value to areas of your property that are not occupied or of little use, such as guest rooms, parking lots, basements and ceilings. It works for both seasonal and long-term leases. It is ideal for beginning investors unfamiliar with market values or the practice of leasing entire properties.

In short, one of the best strategies to increase your real estate portfolio is by investing in vacant land. 


It is the most common earning mode. In this case, you buy a property to lease it, either in the short term (temporary or vacation) or long term (more than six months). You can focus on having multiple tenants for a property in different periods (winter or summer, vacations, holidays, AirBnB style) or opt for the traditional lease to a single person for a specified time.

Buying and selling:

In this strategy, your focus is on acquiring and reselling residential properties in areas of most significant demand, close to high-traffic public spaces (supermarkets, metro stations, bus stops). It requires you to study well the prospects before investing and the regulatory plans of the target zones.

Manage properties:

Under this strategy, you buy and lease properties and offer administration services, from paying everyday expenses to technical maintenance checks, such as plumbing and electricity.


In this strategy, you buy houses at a low price and need repairs; you completely renovate them and then sell them at a higher price. The challenge here is to manage knowledge and values ​​of masonry, design and architecture work.

Real estate funds:

The investor invests in real estate indirectly through a private fund dedicated to buying or developing properties for sale or rent. The profits of the projects are distributed among the contributors of the fund as dividends. The industry initially began focusing on corporate buildings and offices, but later expanded into the housing sector.

Invest in auctions:

In this case, the investor acquires the real estate in an auction process with the sole purpose of reselling it later at a higher price. This type of investment is attractive because the property went through the bank first. Therefore the property’s papers and debts are up to date.

Keep in mind that all these investment alternatives have natural limitations, such as the location of the property, its accessibility, and current demand, as well as artificial ones, such as co-ownership agreements for office buildings and apartments and condominiums debts associated with real estate.

Be informed:

Although it is not necessary to have studies or a degree to dedicate yourself to investing in the real estate sector, it is essential that, when you are in the business, you know basic concepts of the industry, such as the price/cost differential, capital gains, generation value, the profile of the investor and the type of property. The fact that you do not master the vocabulary of the world in which your company operates can lead, at least, that people distrust you.

In this sense, a fundamental behavior to be more and more informed about the business is to listen carefully to people associated with the company. In this way, you will not only be able to access privileged information about your clients, but you will also gain more and more confidence in your expertise.

This same practice will affect your pricing method. Whether you are based on margins, target prices, demand, competition or the highest possible value, it will always be essential to be informed to define the amounts of your business most appropriately.

Have a plan:

Discipline always translates into success, and this habit has much more to do with being active and constant at work than being rigid and unable to react to changes. This is why, when we talk about having a plan and abiding by it, what you must understand is that, before entering the real estate market, you should take some time to design your business plan.

This plan will help you establish critical aspects, such as the vision and goals of your company. Still, it will also encourage you to project your business with a series of rules that ensure the decisions you will make throughout your career as an entrepreneur in the field.

You will be able to establish specific things such as your target market, selection criteria and even the selection criteria of your properties. Put yourself before problems through a contingency plan that considers your investment’s risk analysis and the financial viability of a purchase or a sale.

Find allies:

The real estate business tends to be independent and lonely because it allows practitioners individual freedom and flexibility compared to other jobs. For the same reason, it is advisable to go to good allies to maintain a good network of contacts and grow in a highly competitive and agile market.

With allies, we mean reading books that teach methods to achieve financial “good health” or encourage the practice of habits to be effective in business, even attending courses and seminars designed especially for people who want to learn everything necessary to function. Successful in the world of real estate investment.

It is also advisable to interact with real estate agents and financial advisers to listen to their experiences and opinions, but above all to finish inserting themselves more and more into the beautiful and complex world of real estate.

Finally, a good idea to become a great real estate investor is to interact with ordinary people who are examples of success, either due to their personal experiences or economic fluctuations in business in general and within the field.

It is a type of inspiration that you can also find in opinion leaders with a good presence in social networks and participation in books, courses and seminars in the field.


So, these are some of the strategies that beginners should keep in mind while entering the real estate market. Make use of these strategies and excel in the real estate market of Pakistan. If you have any other questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment section below.

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