Solar Companies in Lahore

solar companies in Lahore

As technology advances, solar panels are becoming more efficient and affordable, leading to a growing number of individuals and businesses turning to solar power for a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

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This increased demand has led to a proliferation of solar companies in Lahore especially, offering a range of services including installation, maintenance, and repair. has compiled a list of solar companies in Lahore below.


Choosing a Solar Company for Your Home


Solar panels on a modern house


Below are some of the factors you should keep in mind while choosing a solar company for your home.


Quality of products

Make sure to choose a company that uses high-quality equipment and materials. Look for companies that have partnerships with well-known solar panel manufacturers.


Experience and reputation

Research the company’s track record in the industry and go through customer reviews and testimonials to verify how satisfied others are with their service.



Choose a company that is licensed and insured.


Customer Service

Make sure the company has a dedicated customer service team that can help you with any questions or concerns you may have after the installation.


Financing Options

Consider a company that offers different financing options that suit your budget.



Look for a company that offers a warranty on its products and services, which ensures that your investment is protected.


After-Sales Support

Look for a company that offers after-sales support, such as monitoring and maintenance services, to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your solar system.


Technical Expertise

Check if the company employs certified and trained professionals who have the technical expertise to design, install, and maintain your solar system.


List of Solar Companies in Lahore

Following are some of the most reputable solar companies in the city.

  • EBR Energy
  • Hadron Energy
  • Sun Life Solar
  • Sky Electric
  • Premier Energy (Pvt.) Limited
  • Pantera Energy
  • Zero Carbon
  • Shams Power
  • Zi Solar
  • CTI Interrogator Pvt. Ltd.


EBR Energy


EBR Energy Logo


EBR Energy, established in 2009, is a leading company in Lahore that specialises in providing solar energy solutions. The team has expertise in various solar technologies and is dedicated to providing sustainable, practical, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to meet customers’ energy needs.

Additionally, the company is renowned for its excellent customer service, even after the sale. EBR Energy offers a range of energy solutions tailored for various sectors, including industrial and commercial, government, agriculture, residential and non-profit organisations.

The services provided by the company include:

  • Solar On-Grid/Grid-Tied System
  • Solar Off-Grid/Hybrid System
  • Solar Water Plants
  • Solar Water Pumps


Hadron Solar


hardonsolar logo


Hadron Solar was established in 2012 with the goal of fulfilling the need for solar energy solutions in the market. The company began by focusing on the agricultural industry, offering practical solar water pumping solutions.

It also provides monitoring tools for batteries and inverters, as well as net-metering services. The company has successfully installed more than 300 solar panels across the country and taken on projects for homes, farms, and businesses.


Sun Life Solar


Sunlife Solar banner


Sun Life Solar is a top solar manufacturing company in Pakistan. It is one of the few companies in the country that manufactures photovoltaic modules. These modules are made in accordance with international standards and have the capability to produce 150 MW per year.

The company also produces both mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline modules in various sizes, ranging from 15W to 335W. All products undergo thorough quality inspection and testing using electro-luminance machines before their release for production.


Sky Electric


Sky Electric Logo


SkyElectric’s goal is to offer the most effective and efficient solar energy solutions in Pakistan, which can lower electricity bills and enhance overall business performance with uninterrupted power.

The company is dedicated to making clean, dependable, and affordable energy accessible to developing countries by means of energy innovation. Once the system is installed, it is monitored by SkyElectric 24/7. The company provides solar solutions for both residential and commercial use.


Premier Energy (Pvt.) Limited


Premier Energy (Pvt.) Limited logo


Premier Energy is a leading solar company in Lahore. The company has a successful track record of completing both small residential projects and large industrial projects.

It also offers net metering and financing options to its customers. Premier Energy provides cost-effective and efficient solar solutions in Pakistan, which include:

  • Solar panel
  • Solar system
  • Bifacial solar panels
  • Solar investors
  • Solar batteries
  • LED lights
  • Solar power plants


Pantera Energy


Pantera Energy logo


Pantera Energy is one of the leading solar companies in Pakistan, known for its innovative and intelligent solutions. It caters to all four sectors including industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential.

The company offers a wide range of products and services and provides excellent customer service around the clock.


Zero Carbon


Zero Carbon Solar Panels

Zero Carbon is a licensed company based in Lahore that specialises in providing renewable energy solutions to combat climate change, offering clean, dependable and resilient energy options. The company’s goal is to help Pakistan transition to a low-carbon and energy-independent state. Zero Carbon is a certified distributor of Canadian Solar, providing technologically advanced energy solutions. The product range can be tailored for agricultural, industrial, residential, and commercial use.


Shams Power


Shams Power logo


Shams Power has been providing comprehensive solar energy solutions for more than 20 years. Moreover, the company serves both industrial and commercial sectors, striving to provide efficient and dependable energy solutions.

It offers a full range of services, including financing, policy, and regulatory, design, engineering, procurement, construction, monitoring, and maintenance. The company is a joint venture of two prominent energy companies in Pakistan, PITCO and Orient Power Company.


Zi Solar


Zi Solar Logo


Zi Solar provides cost-effective solar solutions and products. It has a team of internationally certified engineers.

The company offers services in various sectors such as solar solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Its goal is to provide a high-quality solar system for a one-time investment, and it is well-known for its efficient after-sales support.


CTI Interrogator Pvt. Ltd.

CTI Integrator is an authorized partner of SolarWorld Germany and other reputable international brands in Pakistan. The company is responsible for sales, support, and services for enterprise-related solutions such as IT & telecommunication, power, security surveillance, and HVAC.

The company has been making its mark in the market since 2004. CTI Integrator (Pvt.) Ltd is a top-tier firm that can fulfill the needs of the growing technology industry. 

Moreover, the company executes both B2C and B2B projects. It provides solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural, on-grid, off-grid, street lights, solar bank financing, solar CP system, and energy audit.

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