A List of Stationery Shops in Islamabad

Collecting unique stationery is still a hobby for many, which is why you can find a wide variety of stationery shops in Islamabad that offer an extensive variety of quality items.
The sight of vibrant stationery and the smell of new books brings a nostalgic feeling that reminds everyone of their school and childhood.

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Whether it’s the vibrancy of colour pencils or the sight of coloured charts and wraps,, everything in a stationary shop evokes the inner child in everyone.

Graana.com — Pakistan’s smartest property portal has rounded up a list of the best stationery shops in Islamabad for your convenience.


Top 8 Stationery Shops in Islamabad

The capital city has some of the best stationery stores that offer quality art supplies, luxury wrapping materials, unique decorations and school supplies that are required by almost everyone.

Following is a compilation of some of the best names of stationery shops in the city where you can find everything you need.


No.Name of Stationery ShopContact TimingsLocation
1Paperman Stationery Store(051) 229038410 AM -10 PMCapital Trade Center, F-10/3
2Saeed Book Bank(051) 265165610 AM -11 PMJinnah Super Market, College Rd, F-7 Markaz 
3Mr Books(051) 287091910 AM -10 PM9-B Agha Khan Rd, F-6 Markaz
4Global Books & Stationers(051) 22615639 AM – 10 PM
(Varies on Sunday)
Kashif Plaza, ground floor, Shop 3، 4، F 8 Markaz
5Scribble Books & School Supplies0333 541777311 AM – 10 PM Shop no.7, Capital trade centre, near Rahat Bakery & Subway, F-10 Markaz 
6Kagaz Kalam Stationery and Gifts(051) 231809410 AM -10 PMMPCHS E-11/3
7Pen n’ Paper Stationers0323 888751310 AM -10 PMPlaza number 70, Sector D DHA Phase II
8New Meraj Books & Stationers(051) 229967310:30 AM -10:30 PMSajid Plaza, Shop 3, Sumbal Rd, F-10 Markaz


Paperman Stationery Store


Stationary shop with all art and decor supplies


Renowned as one of the best stationery shops in Islamabad, Paperman is a brilliant source for all your school stationery and art supplies. Besides their collection of unique items, they have an extensive range of the latest wrapping materials, notebooks, paints, decorations, and almost everything that you need.

For aspiring artists, all kinds of paints, brushes and canvases are available at the store. In case you don’t have the required canvas size, they can arrange it for you on request as well.

The store is located right in the main F-10 Markaz, making it a very feasible location for everyone to access. It’s the ideal place for you to buy your books, textbooks and all gift supplies from.

If you’re an avid reader, they also keep in stock the latest fiction novels which you might be tempted to buy when visiting the store.


Saeed Book Bank


Coloured Pens, Highlighters, and Notebooks in Stationary Store


It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Saeed Book Bank is a brand in itself, with its popularity well-known all across the country.

Saeed Book Bank is the hub of all stationery supplies alongside books, toys, and gift items. In addition to its stationery and art supplies, the store is mainly the biggest bank for all kinds of books, from old classics to the latest contemporary pieces..

It is located in main F-7 Markaz with a vast parking space in front which makes it very convenient for visitors to park their cars and spend a relaxing time in the book store.


Mr Books


pastel coloured notebooks in statioanry shop in Islamabad


For all those looking for just the place to get all the textbooks and school supplies, Mr Books in F-6 is the place to be. You can find a vast collection of all the books ranging from school level to graduate studies.

Besides these, you can also find all the important books required for civil exams like CSS, FPSC, PPSC, and even ISSB.

Since the shop offers everything required for school under one roof, Mr Books is a renowned stationery shop in Islamabad where all parents and children turn to at the start of a new course or year.


Global Books & Stationers


Coloured and funky pencils


Similar to all other stationery shops, the difference that Global Stationers make is by offering an extensive range of gift items as well. You can find all the latest magazines, stationery items, novels, kids’ toys and so much more.

This shop is also the perfect place to get birthday wrapping supplies and cute birthday cards that you want to gift to other people.

Other than these items, Global Books stocks up on all textbooks and school supplies required for starting a new term.
With stylish school bags, bottles, lunch boxes, pencil boxes and different books, this shop is a brilliant place with all required school items under one roof.


Scribble Books & School Supplies


Gift wrap supplies


Scribble is located right beside Paperman Store, yet competes brilliantly in keeping up with the latest range of fashionable decor items, unique balloons, ribbons, the best paint supplies, wraps and so much more.

If you’re one for artsy things, scrapbooking and notebooks, Scribble keeps an impressive variety in stock which you can explore on your next visit.

You can also find small learning games for children that are available in high quality, along with keychains and fairy lights for decor.


Kagaz Kalam Stationery and Gifts

For people living in close proximity to E-11, F-11 and surrounding areas, Kagaz Kalam is one of the most brilliant stationery shops in Islamabad.

With a wide range of pens, pointers, ink pens, notebooks, textbooks and art supplies, the store caters well to the needs of students and parents looking to buy all required stationery items.

Kagaz Kalam is also an excellent one-stop shop for people who are looking for those last-minute gift ideas. They keep a unique range of gift items that you can buy and get wrapped on the go.


Pen n’ Paper Stationers

Pen n’ Paper Stationers is located in DHA Islamabad and is gaining popularity among residents living nearby. You can find all notebooks, registers, art supplies, pens etc. that you need for the next school term or semester.

The shop is a neatly arranged array of all supplies which you can easily explore and choose from.


New Meraj Books & Stationers


Fiction Books


New Meraj Books & Stationers is one of the best stationery shops in Islamabad. It is one of the oldest stores, located in the heart of F-10 Markaz.

They have a beautiful range of unique decor items, small gift-wrapping supplies, wedding decor items, and the most extensive range of wrapping materials that are bound to elevate any space or gift. Besides this, they also have beautiful envelopes, greeting cards, stationery items, books, pens and so much more. If you want to know more about the stationary shops near you, search for ‘stationery near me’.

These stationery shops in Islamabad are a brilliant spot for you to get all your supplies from. If you’re looking for more informative blogs like Gift shops in Islamabad, visit Graana Blog.


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