Top Online Bookstores in Pakistan

Despite the fact that the digital revolution has brought about the convenience of reading right on your smart device, bibliophiles are aware of the real joy of holding a physical copy of a book — whether old or new, a first edition or a classic. 

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There are now a number of virtual literary nooks where you can order your next read. has compiled a list of top online bookstores in Pakistan, where you can browse through a variety of titles and take your pick. 


Here is a list of the top online bookstores in Pakistan:

  • Paramount Books
  • Saeed Book Bank
  • Bukhari Books
  • Readings
  • BookBerry
  • Online Books Outlet
  • Global Books
  • Link Shop
  • Guftugu
  • Dawah Books
  • Readings
  • Liberty Books
  • BooksReading
  • Kitabain

Paramount Books


open books placed on a table a bookstore in Pakistan


Paramount is one of the oldest bookstores in Pakistan opened its doors in 1948. It is also a prominent publisher that supports a wide range of genres, including the medical, professional, general, and social sciences and real estate investment.

The bookstore has several outlets in Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Abbottabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Abbottabad. Online book orders can be placed with payments through Easy Paisa, UBL Omni, bank transfers, or cash on delivery.


Types of Books AvailableAcademic, children, medicine, science, business books etc.
Cost of ShippingOrder dependent


Saeed Book Bank

Founded in 1955, Saeed Book Bank, one of Pakistan’s oldest and most well-known bookstores, has a large selection of books in every genre, from philosophy and fiction to cultural history and academia.

Even if you can’t find the book you want, you can contact the store directly through their web portal and make a request. 


Types of Books AvailableAll genres 
Cost of ShippingFree for orders more than Rs. 1000


Bukhari Books


books placed vertivcally on a surface in a bookstore in pakistan


Bukhari Books boasts a massive book inventory, including new releases as well as old favourites. It ships books throughout Pakistan.

A sizable selection of stationery items, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, games etc. are also available for sale at Bukhari Books.


Types of Books AvailableAll categories of Urdu books
Cost of ShippingRs. 300 all across Pakistan



What began as a little used bookstore in Lahore in 2006 has now become the biggest online book resource in Pakistan. You can find both new and used books of different genres on their website at reasonable prices.

There are more than 70 categories available. If you can’t find a precise book, just submit a request on its website. You can place orders by phone, email, or SMS as well.


Types of Books AvailableBiographies, autobiographies, science, religion, politics, literature
Cost of ShippingFree if order is above Rs. 500



For readers seeking the best possible value, a wide selection of audiobooks, e-books, kids’ books, fiction, and non-fiction books can be found on BookBerry.

Academic books can also be found here. Its emphasis on the importance of reading in its motivational YouTube videos is the company’s best quality. These videos also provide you with summaries and reviews of books. If you enjoy reading ebooks, you can also find many free options on its website.


Types of Books AvailableSelf-help, fiction, non-fiction, academic, and children books (in both English and Urdu)
Cost of ShippingRs. 100 for Karachi; Rs. 200 for other cities


Online Books Outlet


Book racks in an online bookstore in pakistan


This one is renowned for its massive selection of books for kids, teens and adults – all available at reasonable prices. Its desire to promote a strong reading culture in Pakistan led to the creation of this platform.

In addition, it is known for maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer service. 


Types of Books AvailableChildren, academic, fiction, and non-fiction (in both English and Urdu)
Cost of ShippingRs. 100 for orders less than Rs. 500;
free if the order is above Rs. 500


Global Books

Global Novels, which was established by a group of devoted readers, is the go-to place for anyone who wishes to read foreign literature. It keeps a supply of books from Amazon, eBay, and other international book retailers and sells them at a discount to Pakistani customers.

You can also submit your own book on this platform if you’re a writer. Furthermore, you can submit a special request on their website if you require any specific book. It is Pakistan’s top resource for online used book purchases.


Types of Books AvailableEnglish/Urdu Novels, Fiction & Nonfiction, Books for Kids
Cost of ShippingRs. 1500


Link Shop


a person taking a book out of the bookrack in a bookstore in Pakistan


Link Shop is an online bookstore that offers worldwide delivery (to up to 270 nations) of brand-new books at affordable prices. Numerous Urdu titles are available in a variety of categories. It also promptly replies to each request on its website. 


Types of Books AvailableAll categories of Urdu books
Cost of ShippingRs. 100


Gufhtugu Publications

Gufhtugu Publications offers Urdu translations of numerous novels by famous authors from throughout the world. Its goal is to get readers past the language barrier and encourage them to read.

On their portal, you’ll discover a wide selection of technology, personal development, parenting, fiction, Islamic, and educational publications.


Types of Books AvailableTechnology, education, personal growth, health, literature (translated into Urdu)
Cost of Shipping 


Da’wah Books

The Da’wah Books is an autonomous, non-profit organisation that was founded in June 2008 with the goal of promoting reliable Islamic information.

Located in Karachi, it is Pakistan’s top online retailer for religious literature. Its extensive selection includes books on Islamic literature, modern issues, history, and prominent Muslim figures, among many other subjects.

It is especially advised for new converts to Islam or for anyone who is seeking a new perspective on religion. It also ships books all across the world.


Types of Books AvailableIslamic Books
Cost of ShippingRs. 170 for Karachi (charges also depend upon weight)


Liberty Books

With ten outlets across Pakistan, Liberty Books is one of the most popular and largest online bookshops in the nation.

Founded in Karachi in 1952, it has about 90,000 books in a range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, children’s literature, and Urdu novels. You can also place a request for a book on its website if it’s not already in stock.


Types of Books AvailableFiction, non-fiction, Urdu books, children’s books
Cost of ShippingRs. 150



an online booskstore in pakistan selling books


Another well-liked platform among book lovers is BooksReading. You can find both fiction and non-fiction books in every genre for readers of all ages. The website offers a sizable selection of immensely popular books by numerous authors.

Additionally, BooksReading offers access to a huge selection of scholarly literature. You can use the “Request a Book” option on its website if you can’t find the book you’re looking for. 


Types of Books AvailableAll kinds of genres
Cost of Shipping



In addition to purchasing books, you can also sell them at Kitabain. This online bookstore in Pakistan offers both new and old books, and it includes literary collections for practically every age group.

You may also look through the “recently added” section on its website to check out new releases. The process of ordering books is quite straightforward, much like other companies.


Types of Books AvailableAll categories
Cost of Shipping


You will find various public libraries in Pakistan, along with the virtual ones.  We listed some of the top online bookstores in this blog. For more informative blogs, visit the Graana blog.

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