A Guide to Sunway Lagoon Water Park, Karachi

Sunway Lagoon Water Park, Karachi - gharo water park

Karachi — the city of high-rises and flashy veneer, offering an eclectic mix of the old and the new. Visitors flock to its shores for the various shopping malls, vibrant night-life, rich street food as well as experimental cuisines. It stands out as a modern city bustling with life in an otherwise conservative country. There are a myriad of activities and a host of attractions to explore in the area, including a diverse cluster of theme parks. Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, highlights all that you need to know before visiting one of Pakistan’s premium waterparks, the Sunway Lagoon Water Park, in Karachi.

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Whether you want to soak in the sun amidst the clear blue waters or engage in a series of bumps, twists, drops and turns on the rides, this aquatic adventure provides a stellar experience for people of all ages. 


Location, Timings and Contact Details


Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi - Gharo water park


The Sunway Lagoon Water Park is located just 5 minutes ahead of Gharo Town on the N-5 National Highway, and about 50 minutes away from the Karachi International Airport. Lined by a fringe of coconut trees, it is spread out over an area of 42 acres. Being distant from the main city allows the managing authorities to maintain its clean environment, and also provides a temporary respite to visitors from the busy city life. 

Owing to Karachi’s prolonged summer season, it is a popular ticket at any time of the year. It is open throughout the week from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm. Saturday, however, is only reserved for families. Student groups are also only accommodated between Mondays and Fridays. 

The following are the Sunway Lagoon Water Park contact details:


Phone Numbers+92 316 2288282, +92 314 2100043, +92 313 0344222 
E-Mail Addressesfeedback@sunawaylagoon.com.pk (for feedback);

info@sunawaylagoon.com.pk and naiknawaz@sunawaylagoon.com.pk (for information); etickets@sunwaylagoon.com.pk (for e-ticket or locker reservation confirmation)


Please note that 1-2 pm is the staff’s lunch hour so calls may not be attended during that time period. 


Ticket Prices

The different ticket prices are as follows:


VisitorTicket Fees
AdultRs. 1200
Children (above 3 years of age)Rs. 1200
Children (under 3 years of age)Free 
Student groups (with a minimum of 40 students)Rs. 600 per student


In the case of student groups, certain terms and conditions apply. For instance, all students must have their valid school ID cards and should be wearing their uniforms to enter the park. You can contact them for further inquiries. 

Similarly, for reserving space for private parties or corporate trips, you are required to submit a reservation form on their website, after which a representative of the park would shortly contact you. The rates can vary in such cases, depending on the number of people and time duration. 

You can also book your tickets in advance on the official website of the Sunway Lagoon Water Park. It is advised to reserve them at least 24 hours before you are planning to visit. This will ensure direct entry, instead of requiring you to wait in the queue for your turn. Just print out the e-ticket and present it at the ticket counter. Showing the e-ticket on any digital device (phone, tablet etc.) will not grant you access into the park. 

Private lockers are also available to store your personal belongings before entering the park. To reserve one beforehand, you can visit their website. Otherwise, you can just pay upfront at the ticket counter. The charges are Rs. 100 per locker, with a refundable deposit of Rs. 1000. 


Water Facilities 

The water in the park is regularly treated and chlorinated to free it from impurities with a state-of-the-art filtration system, which was especially imported from Spain. The Sunway Lagoon Water Park ensures maximum water conservation as all water resources are recirculated, filtered, treated and then reused. The water systems are also kept separate to avoid cross-contamination. Strict policies and procedures are set in place to adhere to international hygiene standards. 


Rides at Sunway Lagoon Water Park

There are more than 25 water slides and 12 pools on the premises to tick off on your visit. These shoots, pools and flumes are designed to offer different thrill levels, to cater to every member of a family. 


Water Slides


Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi Cobra Ride


Some of the most popular water rides have been listed below. 

  • Free Fall: This high slide gives you a whole view of the park from the top before you plummet at a speed into the depths of the water below.
  • Horror Tunnel: Aptly named, this tunnel takes you on a dizzying plunge down to the pool, ending in a big splash. 
  • Kamikaze Water Slide: This features a few colourful short slides and tunnels for children. 
  • Get Set Go: This also involves fast-gliding slides that you can zip down on a raft. 
  • Cobra: For a bit more tempo, this steep water slide has its own serpentine twist. It is especially popular among older children and adults. 
  • Kidz Mania: Also specifically for kids to frolic around in, this comprises of slides, a splash pad and showers that spray out water now and then.
  • Flying Carpet: To amp up the thrill, you are seated on an inflatable boat in this ride, hurtled through an uphill slide, and dropped into a pool below.
  • Rafting Slides: Test your limits on these spiralling waterslides that end with a pulse-pounding plunge into the pool. 
  • Fly By: This double raft water slide is another exhilarating ride with its long tunnels and sharp turns. 
  • Space Bowl: This slide takes place in a giant water container, and you are dropped from its centre into the pool below. 


Swimming Pools


Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi Fly By Ride


There are a large number of pools in the Sunway Lagoon Water Park, the most prominent ones being:

  • Ocean Lagoon: This happens to be Pakistan’s largest wave pool, where a wave machine produces waves that replicate the torrent of an ocean. There are 24 kinds of waves, with 10 per hour. 
  • Ladies’ Pool: For female visitors who seek privacy, there is a separate pool with its own rides. Guest comfort is guaranteed with an all-female staff and a strict ban on photography. 
  • Wet N’ Wild Dance Floor: Adding a little bit of the theatre, this section brings together a mix of music, performances and neon lights. You can dance with water jets spraying around you. 


Other Facilities


Sunway Lagoon Water Park, Karachi


The Sunway Lagoon Water Park pairs advanced technology with meticulous planning and engineering to ensure the highest level of safety and quality of experience and it is the best Gharo water park. 

The park also features Asia’s largest lazy pool where visitors can float around. 

Dining options are plentiful as well; the food court offers quick snacks as well as sit-down meals. You can make a pit-stop between the rides anytime to choose from a selection of refreshing beverages or frozen desserts. 

Free parking space is also available on the premises. 

Whether you are a beach bum or a thrill-seeker, the Sunway Lagoon Water Park has something in store for everyone. It particularly reflects the energetic and youthful buzz of the city.


For more guides on tourist spots in Pakistan, visit Graana blog.


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