The Nexus between Luxury and Sustainability

Taking a first glance at – luxury and sustainability, both appear to be contrasting concepts. 

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Derived from the Latin term ‘luxus’ – Luxury is always centered on an idea of exclusivity, evoked through perceptions of quality, comfort, and elegance. Whereas, ‘Sustainability’ represents economical and equity. The two may appear to be contradictory, however, times have changed, where both these concepts coexist – especially in the real estate sector, living in a responsible way has practically become a necessity.

The real estate of future is defined as sustainable – where it provides all the comforts while net zero carbon and reduced emissions throughout the entire asset lifecycle, it should be resilient, accessible and most importantly affordable – compact yet sufficient and quality space for housing.

Renowned for setting a pragmatic benchmark in the real estate sector, the IMARAT Group of Companies unveils a marvel of grandeur – Imarat Residences, offering Smart Living for the first time in Pakistan. 


Imarat Residences – Smart Living for the first time in Pakistan

Imarat Residences are designed with social and environmental responsibility in mind, emphasising on resources and human experience, encouraging a green and healthy lifestyle, energy conservation, resource efficiency, and waste and emission reduction in construction.

Imarat Residences is a key component of the bigger vision of the Imarat Business District, of which the focal point is the Mall of Arabia. The newest project by IMARAT Group built on the philosophy of Smart Living and Minimalism, as never seen before in Pakistan.

The first-ever smart living residences offering sustainability and luxury in the country is all set to raise the bar.



The smart living project is located only 11km away from Zero point and effortlessly approachable from Islamabad Expressway, which adds to the convenience of the residents. 

The prime location of Imarat Residences helps connect the commercial with the residential as it is set in proximity to over 20 housing societies of the twin cities situated along the Islamabad Expressway, connecting you to all that the city has to offer while ensuring that you live economically. It is in close proximity to some of the biggest commercial centres, including Amazon Outlet Mall and Imarat Builders Mall


Smart Living

Along with an innovative design promising compact yet higher quality and more affordable spaces, the eco-friendly project incorporates a digital infrastructure providing a more customised experience for residents, hence improving the overall lifestyle.

The home-automation system controls light, heat, etc., at the touch of a button, making property technology an ideal project feature for homeowners.


Investment Plan

The Imarat Residences makes for a very lucrative investment opportunity apart from just providing a ‘smart option’ to live in. 

The key features regarding the projects include studio, 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments, with investment starting from Rs. 2.5 million.


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