Things to Do in Lake View Park Islamabad

Things to Do in Lake View Park Islamabad

A distinct feature that sets Islamabad apart from other cities in Pakistan are its parks and picnic spots. The entire city is filled with attractive parks and stunning monuments, all set against the lush green backdrop of the famous Margalla Hills. Lake View Park in Islamabad is one of several such recreational areas that attract a considerable number of tourists year-round. In fact, if you have never had the opportunity to visit this popular tourist destination, you must add it to your schedule next time you visit the capital city.

The Lake View Park complex is located on the bank of Rawal Lake and comprises of well-kept gardens with flower beds, seating areas, boating and fishing facilities, picnic places, lakeside lounging areas, and much more., Pakistan’s smartest online real estate portal, takes you through the list of activities available at the Lake View Park.


Lake View Park Location


Overhead view of Lake View Park

The park is located next to Malpur village on the Murree Road, and is easily accessible via the Srinagar Highway (formerly known as Kashmir Highway).

There is a widespread misunderstanding about the location of this picnic site. Lake View Park is located on the opposite side of the beautiful Rawal Dam Park, also known as the Old Lake View Park, on the bank of Rawal Lake. The two are often mixed up.

In terms of access, the following locations are present nearby:


Location Route Distance in Kilometre
Diplomatic Enclave via Srinagar Highway 6.8
Kashmir Chowk via Murree Road 3.4
Jinnah Convention Centre via Murree Road 3.7
Islamabad Golf Course via Murree Road 4.1
Serena Hotel via Srinagar Highway 4.1
Islamabad Sports Complex via Srinagar Highway 5.6
Ankara Park via Murree Road 6.3
Quaid-e-Azam University via Murree Road 6.4




Lake View Park opens at 10:00 AM in the morning and closes 12 hours later at 10:00 PM. Being one of the biggest parks in the capital, it is open throughout the week.


Tickets at the Lake View Park



Rides at the Lake View Park

Given below are the prices for different facilities available at the Lake View Park:


Car Parking Rs. 20
Per Person Entry Fee Rs. 20
3D Motion Ride Rs. 150
Go Kart Rs. 250
Discovery Rs. 150
Bumper Car Rs. 70
Boating Half Round Rs. 100
Boating Full Round Rs. 200
Boating Half Family Rs. 500
Boating Full Family Rs. 1000
Horse Ride Rs. 200-300
Bird Park ticket for Adult Rs. 100
Bird Park tickets for Children Rs. 50
Washroom Charges Rs. 20


Other activities available to the visitors are adventure games and motion rides. Moreover, since the park is rather large, tourists have an option of employing a passenger road train or the golf cart to explore Lake View Park – that too for rather minor charges.

It is also home to the renowned sporting facilities of Battlefield Islamabad and Ibex Club, as well as the iconic F1 TRAXX amusement park. That means you can play paintball with your friends, rock climb, and ride amusement park rides all in one location. 

It’s also a great place for kids to run around, try horseback riding, go boating, take the rides at Lake View Park, and participate in a variety of other activities available at one of Islamabad’s top picnic spots.

Needless to say, weekends and school vacations are the busiest times to visit Lake View Park in Islamabad. A large festival arena is also available on the site. Throughout the year, it serves as a venue for cultural and musical events in the federal capital.


Refreshments at the Park


There are also a number of refreshment centres scattered throughout the area. They allow guests to enjoy some delectable snacks while taking in the park’s natural beauty and modern facilities.

There is a restaurant called Dera that is well-known for its great meals, which lures in scores of tourists. Other restaurants at the park are Engineer’s Spicey and Rajpoot Brothers. In addition, there are numerous small stalls located around the park to accommodate your refreshment needs. Individuals can also bring their own food to enjoy an outing with friends and family. About 25 firewood BBQ hearths with sinks are also located on the right side of Lake View Park in a well-designed BBQ area.


Wildlife at the Lake View Park


Birds at the Lake View Park

The public aviary at the Lake View Park is said to be the 3rd largest aviary in the world, where one can see peacocks, ducks, ostriches, emus black swans, makaos, Australian parrots, varieties of falcons, and pelicans among others. 

Besides birds, one can also see jungle cats, yellow-throated martens, wild boars, jackals, porcupines, and foxes. Furthermore, the lake is said to have fifteen varieties of fish, some of which are Thaila, Carp fish, Mori, Doula, and Rahu.


The Upkeep of the Park


In terms of cleanliness and security, you don’t have anything to be concerned about. The Capital Development Authority is in charge of the park’s management. As a result, it is well-kept and completely safe for families with children. The recreation facility employs more than 230 CDA employees, including cultivators, security personnel, gardeners, and other administrative staff, of whom 121 are regular and the rest are on daily salaries or on contract. Because of CDA’s meticulous maintenance, the park appears to be a haven in the heart of Islamabad.

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