Top Air Cooler Companies in Pakistan: What You Need to Know

Best Air Coolers

Summers in Pakistan can be extremely hot, with temperatures reaching up to 50° Celsius. Hot winds, known as “loo” and low humidity become quite common during the long days of summer. These harsh conditions force people to adopt certain measures such as buying air conditioners and air coolers to survive the stifling temperatures. Following blog will shed a light on Air Cooler Companies. 

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Despite air conditioners being more effective, air coolers are the preferred option because of their low-price tag and energy-saving capabilities. 

If you are looking for the best air coolers in Pakistan to cool down your summers,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you the ultimate guide to the top air cooler companies in Pakistan.


Types of Air Coolers


When purchasing an air cooler, you will come across several types depending upon the shapes, sizes, designs, or features. Understanding the various types of air coolers is essential to finding the right one for your needs. The following are some different types of air coolers available in Pakistan:

  • Personal Air Coolers
  • Desert Air Coolers
  • Tower Air Coolers
  • Window Air Coolers


Personal Air Cooler


These air coolers are widely available in the market. With the arrival of solar panel technology, you can find these air coolers in two categories:

  • Electric Air Coolers
  • Solar Air Coolers

Solar air coolers are cheaper as they save electricity costs. Additionally, solar air coolers are easy to install and environment-friendly with no hazards. For most Pakistanis, solar air coolers have become the top priority owing to their smooth working and low costs.

Personal Air Coolers


Highly portable and compact – personal air coolers are manufactured to be used in smaller spaces. They consume less space and energy than any other type of air cooler. Offering a personalised cooling solution, these air coolers can easily be used in living rooms. Personal air coolers are quiet and very room-friendly because of their easy maneuvering.


Desert Air Coolers


A large tank, powerful blower, and massive size characterise desert air coolers. These air coolers are used in areas with dry climates where temperatures remain high throughout the day. With a water tank of 100 liters, desert air coolers can be used in larger spaces. These air coolers are used in restaurants, spas, and lounge areas where extra cooling is required.


Desert Air Coolers

Tower Air Coolers


With a slim, sleek, and elegant design, tower air coolers are meant to fit in the smallest of places. Desert coolers and personal coolers usually throw air at lower heights, whereas tower air coolers throw air at a higher point. These air coolers can also be moved from one place to another with ease. They can be set in any corner of the room. Moreover, they can be used in the kitchen as well.


Window Air Cooler


Installed directly in window spaces, these air coolers pull fresh air from the outside environment. They are immovable in most cases. With a power blower or fan and a larger water tank, window air coolers work best in living rooms. 

They are capable of spreading air equally inside the room as they are much bigger. Moreover, these air coolers are the best when it comes to saving floor space.


Best Air Cooler Companies in Pakistan: Prices and Specs


In Pakistan, the air cooler manufacturing industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years due to rising temperatures and population growth in cities. You can consider various alternatives to the traditional air conditioning; however, when it comes to buying an air cooler in Pakistan, you might get confused due to the myriad of options available.

 To ease your search for an air cooler, you can check the following list of the best air cooler companies in Pakistan and browse through the options they provide.

  • Super Asia Air Coolers
  • Boss Air Coolers
  • GABA National Air Coolers
  • NasGas Air Coolers
  • E-Lite Air Coolers


Super Asia Air Coolers


Manufacturing the best and most affordable air coolers, Super Asia is one of the biggest names in Pakistan. With a range of products designed to serve various purposes, Super Asia is the best alternative to expansive air conditioning systems. The company focuses on environment-friendly and energy-efficient products.


Latest Super Asia Air Cooler Model


The following are some of the most popular air coolers by Super Asia that can be your choice for this summer.

Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM 6500 Plus


Window Air Cooler


Price: Rs.23,400

ECM 6500 Plus is the latest technology room cooling appliance by Super Asia. With a 65-liter tank and a powerful fan, the thrust reaches a larger space. This model has special cooling pads that help maintain a good temperature for a longer time.


  • Shockproof plastic body
  • Large Water Tank
  • Two Speed Fan Control
  • Float valve for continuous water flow
  • Powerful Fans
  • Energy Efficient Motor
  • Highly Efficient Cooling Pads

Super Asia Air Cooler Energy Saver ECM-4500 Plus DC


Super Asia Air Cooler Energy Saver ECM-4500 Plus DC


Price: Rs.23,400

With a 40-liter tank capacity, this air cooler serves the best in smaller spaces. The ECM-4500 Plus is energy-efficient and environment-friendly with a unique design.


  • Shock & Rust Proof Plastic Body
  • Imported Evaporative Cooling Pad for Maximum Cooling
  • Electrical Steel Sheet with 99.9% Pure Cooper Wire
  • Powerful Copper Motor
  • Imported Evaporative Cooling Pad for Maximum Cooling
  • Electrical Steel Sheet with 99.9% Pure Cooper Wire

Super Asia Room Cooler Energy Saver ECM-5000 Auto


Super Asia Room Cooler Energy Saver ECM-5000 Auto - one of the best air cooler company in pakistan


Price: Rs.25,490

ECM-5000 Auto is another superb option by Super Asia that is energy-efficient. With a 60-liter tank capacity, this air cooler is best suited for larger spaces.


  • Top-loading cooling box
  • 6-freezable ice packs for cooling
  • Power Motor with a powerful thrust
  • Energy Efficient
  • System restore function
  • Turbofan with auto swing

Super Asia room cooler prices in Pakistan are quite reasonable and affordable. Apart from these three options, you can check out several other options that might be better suited to your price range.

Boss Air Coolers


Boss is widely known in Pakistan for manufacturing the best home appliances such as air coolers, washing machines, dryers, and many more. Moreover, It manufactures high-quality air coolers that are cheap and energy-efficient because of their innovative technology.


Boss Air Coolers - one of the top air cooler companies in Pakistan


The latest Boss Air Cooler Model


Boss has several options available when it comes to air coolers. Following are their three best models.

Boss Air Cooler ECM-5200


Boss Air Cooler ECM-5200


Price: Rs.11,900

ECM-5200 is a room air cooler that fits into smaller spaces and works as a personal air cooler.


  • Manual Controller
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environment-friendly
  • Medium Cooling with 3-side Honeycomb
  • Auto-Louver Movement
  • Propeller Fan

Air Cooler ECM-6500 Ice Box


Air Cooler ECM-6500 Ice Box


Price: Rs 18,200

This is the second-best option available at Boss. ECM-6500 has a 56-liter water tank and a powerful motor that can cover a much larger area.


  • Propeller Fan
  • Auto-Louver Movement
  • Energy-efficient
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Manual Control
  • Medium Honey Comb Cooling


Best Tower Air Cooler


GABA National Air Coolers


They are famous in Pakistan for manufacturing affordable home appliances r. If you are looking for some of the best air cooler companies to purchase an air cooler for your home, then GABA National should be your best option.


GABA National Air Coolers - one of the top air cooler companies in Pakistan


 GABA National Air Cooler Model



GN-170635-Liter Water Tank Capacity, Energy-saving, Manual Controller, Propeller Fan, Shock-proof plastic body


GN-2001Castor will for mobility, Powerful motor, Overload motor protector, Energy-saving, Powerful Air Thrust


GN-1901Energy-saving, Environment-Friendly, Shock-proof plastic body, Easy Mobility, 20 Feet Air Throw


NasGas is a Pro-Pakistani home appliances’ manufacturer that has been in the market since 1952. They manufacture some of the best room air coolers, washing machines, dryers, geysers, and much more. NasGas offers some of the best quality and reasonable air coolers that are also energy-efficient and environment-friendly.


NasGas Air Coolers


Nasgas Air Coolers


 Latest NasGas Air Cooler Models 



NAC-9800 DC60-liter tank capacity, 1350 CFM Air Flow, Three Plastic Wings, Four Ways Air Deflection, 3 Bottles Ice Capacity, Highly-Efficient Motor-PKR-17100
NAC-970075-Liter Tank Capacity, 6 Bottles Ice Capacity, 4 Ways Air Deflection, Pure Copper Electric Pump, 3-sided prime honeycomb coolingPKR-22750
NAC-940060-Liter Water Tank, 3 Bottles Ice Capacity, Powerful Motor, 4 Ways Air deflection, 3-sided prime honeycomb cooling mediaPkr-20990

E-Lite Air Coolers

It is a premium home appliance selling brand in Pakistan, which provides high-grade kitchen equipment.


E-Lite Air Coolers


E-Lite Air Coolers ModelsFeaturesPrice
EAC-99A20-Liter Tank capacity, 3 Fan speeds, AC Operated, Remote Control, Honeycomb Cooling Media, Powerful Motor, Energy-efficientPKR- 26,999
EAC-50Evaporate Air Cooler, 12 Liter water tank capacity, water curtain technology, Remote Control, Easily MobilePKR-24,999
EAC-2050 CFM Air Volume, Energy-efficient, 10h endurance time, LCD, USB or DC Current Supply, Easily Mobile, Powerful FanPKR-3,888


Above-mentioned air cooler companies bring the best options in the market. For more information visit


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