Top Dietitian In Lahore: Cracking the Calorie Code

Worry not—it’s time to unlock the power of personalised nutrition with Lahore’s top-notch dietitians. Whether you’re battling bulging bellies and sugar demons or want to fuel your body like a champion, these experts hold the key to a healthier, happier you. So, ditch the guesswork and dive into a world of delicious, achievable food plans that fit your lifestyle and goals.

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Let’s navigate Lahore’s vibrant food scene together, one bite at a time, and discover the transformative power of a well-nourished you. has prepared a list of the best Dietitians in Lahore below.


Who is a Dietitian?

A dietitian is a health professional who specialises in providing expert advice on nutrition and dietary choices. These individuals are trained to assess and analyse a person’s eating habits, health goals, and medical conditions to create personalised plans that promote overall well-being.

Dietitians help individuals make informed decisions about their food intake, considering factors such as age, lifestyle, and specific health needs. By offering practical guidance and support, dietitians play a crucial role in helping people achieve their nutritional goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Types of Dietitians in Lahore


Dietitian In Lahore

Dietitians are like doctors but for your food! They help you eat healthy and reach your health goals. But just like doctors, different types of dietitians focus on different things:


Weight Management Dietitians

These are the pros at helping you lose, gain, or healthily maintain your weight. They create personalised plans with delicious meals and exercise tips, and their weight loss plans are the most popular ones.


Medical Dietitian In Lahore

They work in hospitals and clinics with people with health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or digestive problems. They help manage their diet to support their health and treatment.


Sports Dietitians

Athletes rely on these experts to fuel their training and recover faster. They create workout-friendly meals and snacks to keep you energised and at peak performance.


Pediatric Dietitians

They specialize in helping kids and teenagers eat healthily and develop good relationships with food. They work with families to create nutritious meals that kids will actually enjoy.


Public Health Dietitian In Lahore

These dietitians work on a bigger scale, educating communities and groups about healthy eating habits. They might design programs to improve food access or teach people how to read food labels.


Gerontological Dietitians

They focus on the nutritional needs of older adults, helping them stay healthy and independent as they age. They might create meals for people with special needs or offer advice on healthy aging.


Food Service Dietitians

They manage the food in hospitals, schools, or workplaces, making sure everyone gets delicious, nutritious meals. They also follow safety regulations and work with chefs to create healthy menus.


Corporate Wellness Dietitians

These dietitians work with companies to promote healthy eating habits among employees. They might offer workshops, create healthy lunch programs, or provide individual consultations.


Research Dietitian In Lahore

These are the science-minded dietitians who study how food affects health. They might conduct research on new diets or test the effectiveness of nutrition programs.


Private Practice Dietitian In Lahore

They work in their own offices, offering personalised consultations to clients who want help with their diet and health. Depending on their expertise, they can focus on a variety of areas.

So, there are many different dietitians, each with their special skills and areas of focus. No matter what your health goals are, there’s a dietitian out there who can help you reach them!


List Of the Best Dietitians in Lahore

food platter
NameSpecialisationQualificationsExperienceFee (Rs.)Hospital
Dr. Asif M. KadriDiabetologist, Male Sexual Health Specialist, NutritionistMBBS, MCPS, Dip. Diabetes, Ph.D(Nutrition)36 Years2,500 (Online)Online Consultation
Dr. Uzma ImranAesthetic Physician, General Physician, NutritionistM.B.B.S, MSc. (Nutrition & Community Health), Certified LifeStyle Medicine Coach, Diploma in Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine30 Years2,000 (Online)Online Consultation
Dr. Shehla Javed AkramGeneral Physician, Nutritionist, DietitianMBBS, DCH30 Years3,000Akram Medical Complex
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hina AhmadDietitian, NutritionistMBBS, MPhil (Community Medicine), PGD Nutrition, Certification in Diet Management15 Years4,000 (Online), 4,000 (In-person)Arthritis Care Centre (Gulberg III)
Ms. Rebecca TariqDietitian, NutritionistM.Sc (Food and Nutritionist), P.G.D (Dietetics)15 Years3,500 (Online), 3,500 (In-person)Omar Hospital & Cardiac Centre (Jail Road) (Jail Road)
Ms. Maria Nadeem KhanDietitian, Paediatric Nutritionist, NutritionistM.Sc. Nutrition, PGD (Dietetics)12 Years2,500 (Online), 2,500 (In-person)Rainbow Obesity & Eating Disorder Centre (Shadman), Muhammad Hospital (Johar Town)
Dr. Kamran KhanDietitian, Nutritionist, Naturopathic DoctorDDNS, Fazil Ut Tib Wal Jarahat (FTJ)12 Years2,000 (Online), 2,500 (In-person)ALL CARE Dental & Medical Complex (DHA)
Ms. Fatima MuslimNutritionist, DietitianMPhil (Food & Nutrition), MSc (Food & Nutrition)12 Years2,000 (Online), 3,500 (In-person)Nutri Advise (Township)
Mr. Imran Nawaz BhattiNutritionist, DietitianMPhil (Clinical Nutrition), MPhil (Genetics), MSc (Public Nutrition)11 Years1,000 (Online), 3,500 (In-person)Ghiza The Diet Clinic (Multan Road)
Ms. Safeena AmjadNutritionist, DietitianM.Sc (Food & Nutrition), PGDD (Hospital Dietetics), M. Phill ( Community health & Nutrition), Ph.D Scholar11 Years1,800 (Online)



Fatima Memorial Hospital
Dr. Asem JawaidNutritionist, Paediatric Nutritionist, DietitianM.B.B.S., MSC (HUMAN NUTRITION & DIETETICS)10 Years4,000 (Online)IRONBOX (ASKRI-11) (Askari 11)
Mr. Azhar HussainPsychologist, Nutritionist, DietitianM.Sc(Gender Studies), Diplomas in Clinical Psychology & Diet & Nutrition, PGD in Health Care Management10 Years2,000 (Online)Nafsiyati Center (Mughalpura)
Dr. Ibraheem NaeemAesthetic Physician, Cosmetologist, Nutritionist, DietitianMBBS, MD, DipHM, PgCert (USA & UK)10 Years2,000 (In-person)Rejuvenate Clinic (Wapda Town) (Wapda Town)
Ms. Sidra ImtiazDietitian, NutritionistMPhil (Food & Nutrition), Postgraduate Diploma (Dietetics)9 Years2,500 (Online), 2,500 (In-person)Healthy Eating with Sidra (Allama Iqbal Town), MZK Aesthetic & Stem Cell Clinic (Main Bosan Road)
Ms. Saba Gul HasanNutritionist, DietitianBS (Food Science & Human Nutrition), MPhil (Food Sciences & Human Nutrition)9 Years3,000 (Online), 3,000 (In-person)SGH Clinic (Askari 11)


Female Keto Dietitian In Lahore


Keto Diet


NameSpecialisationQualificationsExperienceFee (Rs.)Hospital 
Dr. Fakeeha MaryamNutritionist, DietitianM.Phil (Food and Nutrition)6 Years2,500 (Online), 2,000 (In-person)Health Plus Speciality Clinics (Bahria Town)
Ms. PalwashaDietitian, NutritionistDoctor of Human Nutrition and Dietetics6 Years1,000 (Online), 2,000 (In-person)NutriNuskha (Township)
Dr. Sara MazharDietitian, Paediatric Nutritionist, NutritionistDDNS (Doctor of Diet and Nutritional Sciences)6 Years700 (Online), 2,000 (In-person)Assaf Hospital Lahore (Johar Town)
Ms. Sarah FarooqiNutritionist, DietitianBS (Food Sc. & Human Nutrition), Training in Clinical Nutrition, Certification: Sports Nutrition from ISSA6 Years3,000 (In-person)Shapes (Active Lifestyle) (Gulberg)
Ms. Mehak ZafarDietitian, NutritionistDoctor of Nutrition Sciences (DNS)5 Years1,000 (Online), 1,000 (In-person)Musarrat Razzaq Hospital (Baghbanpura)
Ms. Hirmen Shah NawazDietitian, NutritionistDDNS (Doctor Of Diet & Nutritional Sciences)5 Years2,000 (Online), 2,000 (In-person)Dr. Huma Aslam Clinic (DHA)


How to Find a Dietitian In Lahore?

Finding a dietitian in Lahore can be exciting, but navigating the options can feel overwhelming. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the perfect match:

  • Explore your options
  • Hospital affiliations
  • Qualifications
  • Specialisation
  • Communication style
  • Location and schedule
  • Cost
  • Virtual consultations
  • Ask the right questions
  • Trust your gut

When To Visit a Dietitian?

Life is a journey, and our nutritional needs evolve along the way. Whether you’re navigating weight goals, managing health conditions, or simply seeking optimal well-being, a dietitian can be your compass, guiding you towards a healthier, happier you.

  • Weight Goals
  • Health Concerns
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • Sporty Spice
  • Digestive Issues
  • Eating Challenges
  • Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle
  • Embarking on a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle
  • Allergy Alert
  • General Nutrition Education


FAQs on Dietitians in Lahore

Here are some FAQs about Dietitians in Lahore:


What does a dietitian do?

A dietitian in Lahore is a nutrition expert who creates personalised meal plans and provides guidance on healthy eating to help you reach your health goals, whether it’s weight management, managing a specific condition, or simply improving your overall well-being.


Do I need a dietitian?

If you’re struggling with your weight, have a health condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or just want to learn how to eat healthier, a dietitian can provide valuable support and expertise.


How much does it cost to see a dietitian in Lahore?

Fees vary depending on the dietitian’s experience and location. Expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 5,000 per consultation. Some clinics offer packages or discounts for multiple sessions.


How do I find a qualified dietitian in Lahore?

There are several ways to find a dietitian in Lahore:

  • Check the Pakistan Dietetic Association (PDA) website for a list of registered dietitians in your area.
  • Online platforms like Marham and oladoc list dietitians with patient reviews and appointment booking options.
  • Ask your doctor, friends, or family for recommendations.


What should I expect at my first appointment with a dietitian?

Your first appointment will be a discussion about your health history, lifestyle, and dietary goals. The dietitian will assess your overall health and then create a personalised plan for you.


Do I need a referral to see a Dietitian In Lahore?

No, you don’t need a referral to see a dietitian. However, some insurance plans may require a referral.


What languages do dietitians in Lahore speak?

Most dietitians in Lahore speak Urdu and English, but some may speak other languages as well. Be sure to check before making an appointment if you have specific language needs.


What areas do dietitians in Lahore specialise in?

Some dietitians in Lahore specialise in specific areas such as weight management, diabetes, sports nutrition, paediatrics, or gerontology. Choose a dietitian who specialises in your area of concern.


Can I see a dietitian online?

Yes, many dietitians in Lahore offer online consultations, which can be a convenient option if you live outside of Lahore or have difficulty travelling.


What types of diets do dietitians recommend?

Dietitians don’t recommend fad diets or one-size-fits-all plans. They work with you to create a personalised plan that fits your individual needs and preferences.


What can I expect from working with a Dietitian In Lahore?

Working with a dietitian can be a rewarding experience. With the support of a qualified professional, you can expect to learn about healthy eating habits, develop sustainable diet practices, and reach your health goals.


Is it okay to eat my favourite foods while working with a dietitian?

Absolutely! A good dietitian will help you incorporate your favourite foods into your plan in a healthy way.


What do I do if I’m not motivated to stick to my plan?

Dietitians understand that staying motivated can be challenging. They will provide you with tools and support to help you stay on track and reach your goals.


How often should I see a dietitian?

The frequency of your appointments will depend on your individual needs. Some people may only need to see a dietitian once or twice, while others may need to see them more regularly.


Can I stop seeing a dietitian once I reach my goals?

You can certainly stop seeing a dietitian once you reach your goals, but it can be helpful to check in with them periodically to maintain your progress and address any new challenges that may arise.


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