Working From Home in Quarantine? Here’s how to keep yourself productive.

As extroverts fight the daily urge to run outside to their freedom, self-isolation is more enjoyable for the introverts.

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Not only is every social gathering cancelled, but businesses have also adopted a ‘Work From Home’ policy (#WFH) to curb the spread of COVID-19 all over the world.

WFH/ #WFH- the latest acronym trending. But is it as easy as it sounds?

No! As the extroverts fight the daily urge to run outside to their freedom, Quarantine is being rejoiced by the introverts. With every social gathering cancelled, businesses have also adopted ‘Work From Home’ (#WFH) to curb the spread of COVID-19 all over the world.

WFH/ #WFH– the latest acronym trending.

But is #WFH as easy as it sounds?


Home. What once was an escape from every worldly problem is now where you battle the worldly problems from. It takes great dedication and focus, especially in these anything but ordinary times to work from home.

With, learn a few simple tips and tricks to work from home with the same integrity and focus.


1.  Plan it out

For all the rebels, rocking your PJs to work, work in bed or from the couch while binge-watching your favourite season and eating all the snacks you can is a dream come true.

But is it professional?

Considering you’re still on the payroll, you need to work with the same integrity, whether you’re at the office or your home.

To make this easier, try to answer these three questions:

  • What works best the best for me?
  • Under which circumstances am I calm, energetic, and productive?
  • What are my daily official tasks?


Once you know the answer to these question you can create the most favourable circumstances for yourself and your team by accommodating the needs of other people accordingly.


2. Set a routine

Setting a routine and sticking to the dedicated schedule is essential. With many factors like travelling time, settling in, physical meetings, and lunch/tea/cigarette break cancelled, it should be relatively easy to complete your work easily.

For this, you need to

–          Wake up on time

–          Take a shower to fully open those eyes and dress up in semi-casual to look professional.

–          Eat your breakfast and gulp down a glass of juice or cup of tea/ coffee because who can operate without a hit of caffeine?

–          Once done, get to work.


3. A dedicated workspace

You may think it is fun to work from your bed or couch in the TV room with access to television, kitchen nearby to eat a snack after short intervals.

This will ultimately result in being too comfortable to work, slipping at work by relaxing in terrible posture, being easily distracted or even taking untimely naps.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you must set up a dedicated workspace to drive your daily productivity.


To focus better, you must wisely select a place to set up your work station. Keep in mind two tips:

–          Don’t share your office space with family members or you will end up being distracted.

–          And, somewhere closer to a window, to catch a glimpse of the world outside. Just because you can’t go out, doesn’t mean you can’t look.

It may be in front of your window bedroom, or the study if there is one, or in the upper portion closer to the terrace to stay fresh.

An open, secluded space will allow you to set the mood as you wish. You can attend meetings and official calls without distraction, play music, store snacks nearby, and decorate your work station with infusers, planters or aromatic candles to destress. This will help you be productive by focusing entirely on your work

At the end of the day, when you walk away from your desk, out of the temporary office, it is going to be satisfactory!


4. Dedicated lunch break

With everything affected by the pandemic, eating food at home is maybe one of the few benefits we’ve earned, along with learning to maintain physical distance and the improvement in the environment as a result of lower industrial activity.

This is your chance to maintain a balanced and healthy diet to not only stay fit but strengthen your immune system.

*Protip* citric diet includes lemonade, grapefruit, orange juice, fresh fruit and vegetables and properly cooked meals are advised.


While you are at it, it is equally essential to take care of your mental health and growth.

During times of stress, taking care of ourselves becomes more important than ever.

Remember, self-care isn’t solely about eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, or getting daily exercise.

Even though they are vital components, you must:


  •  Take a Walk or Exercise

Working from home during this pandemic has forced people to take up a sedentary lifestyle. By staying at home, it has limited the options to relax and let off the steam. However, you can still practice or choose to exercise to stay healthy and meditate to achieve peace of mind.


  • Get Plenty of Sleep

Remember to get a goodnight’s sleep to wake up early, fresh, happy and be more productive.


  • Meditate:

During these challenging times, one of the most essential things to do is have a positive mindset!

Undoubtedly, meditation has many mental and physical health benefits.

Mediation helps you destress, enhance concentration, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and stay positive.

So ditch the social media and adopt this habit.

Set your alarms clocks half an hour early than your usual time to wake up early and meditate. What fun will it be to clear your mind, absorb freshness and radiate positivity…

You can meditate throughout the day, whenever the going gets tougher to relive that pressure and calm your mind.

With unlimited sites and apps teaching mediation, achieving some peace of mind during this crisis is exactly what every one needs!


Working from home with the same integrity is undoubtedly a tough task. However, if you schedule some rules that you sincerely follow you will help you be productive, calm and achieve more.

It is an opportunity to show your dedication and what you strive for.

You can only achieve this if you plan your day to be optimized for work.


We must be patient with our teams and co-workers, as we’re all in this together.

By supporting each other and fighting this battle against COVID-19, we can overcome this as a nation, and rise stronger than before!

#ResilinentPakistan #StayHome #StayApart #SaveLives

Graana at your service! :)

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