Zamzama Park Karachi: An Overview 

An overview of Zamzama Park Karachi

Spread out over 26 acres, Zamzama Park is a recreational centre in the heart of DHA Phase 5, Karachi. A unique landmark, standing out from the city’s concrete jungle, this park offers a refreshing view for the residents. This blog by walks you through this breath-taking park and explore how it’s helping the community. 

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Location of Zamzama Park

  • Location : Khayaban-e-Shujaat, DHA Phase 5 Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500
  • Contact: 021-34372543


Opening Time

Like the other top parks in Karachi, Zamzama park opens from 6 PM till 10 PM


Attractions Near Zamzama Park


DHA Karachi

Aside from the top restaurants in DHA Karachi, there are many landmarks around this park that you can visit. 


Recreational Activities and Amenities


Parks in DHA, Karachi

Recreational Activities and Amenities at Zamzama Park


Diverse Recreational Activities

Zamzama Park offers a wide range of recreational activities for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an active outing, the park has something for everyone. Some of the popular activities at this park include:


Playground Areas

The park features playgrounds equipped with swings, slides, and other play equipment, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children to play and explore.


Sports Fields

This park boasts sports fields where visitors can engage in friendly matches of cricket, football, or other sports. These fields are ideal for sports enthusiasts looking to stay active and enjoy a game with friends or family.


Walking Paths

For those seeking a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk, the park offers well-maintained walking paths that wind through the lush greenery. These paths provide a tranquil setting for visitors to enjoy nature and get some exercise.


Picnic Spots

Zamzama Park features designated picnic spots where visitors can relax and enjoy a meal amidst the natural beauty of the park. These spots are perfect for families and groups looking to spend quality time together outdoors.


Fitness Stations

The park includes fitness stations with exercise equipment, allowing visitors to incorporate a workout into their park visit. These stations offer a convenient way to stay fit and active while enjoying the park’s surroundings.


Comfortable Amenities


sports section at zamzama park

In addition to its recreational activities, this park offers a range of amenities to enhance visitors’ experience and ensure their comfort. Some of the amenities available at the park include:


Seating Areas

The park provides plenty of seating areas where visitors can rest and relax while taking in the scenic views. These seating areas are strategically placed throughout the park, allowing visitors to find a quiet spot to unwind.


Food Stalls

Zamzama Park features food stalls offering a variety of snacks and refreshments for visitors to enjoy. These stalls provide a convenient option for those looking to grab a quick bite while exploring the park.


Restroom Facilities

The park is equipped with restroom facilities, ensuring that visitors have access to clean and convenient facilities during their visit. These facilities are well-maintained and easily accessible throughout the park.

Overall, this park’s recreational activities and amenities make it a popular destination. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a peaceful walk, engage in a friendly game, or simply unwind, this is the place to go.


A Refreshing Green Space: Making of Zamzama Park


The lush green trees in Karachi Parks

The transformation of Zamzama Park from barren land to a verdant oasis was a gradual process. It involved meticulous planning and landscaping efforts to create a park that would cater to the recreational needs of the city’s residents. Moreover, the addition of lush trees, intricate paths, and fun amenities, enhance the park’s appeal.


Evolution into a Recreational Spot

Over time, this park evolved into a popular recreational spot, attracting visitors from all walks of life. Its scenic beauty, serene ambiance, and well-maintained facilities made it a preferred destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and fitness enthusiasts alike. The park became synonymous with leisure and relaxation in Karachi.


Becoming the go-to spot for Residents

Zamzama Park holds historical significance due to its role in Karachi’s urban development. As one of the city’s earliest green spaces, it has witnessed Karachi’s transformation from a small port city to a bustling metropolis. The park’s history is intertwined with the city’s growth, making it a cherished landmark among Karachi’s residents.


Cultural Value

Beyond its historical significance, Zamzama Park also holds cultural value for the people of Karachi. It has become a part of the city’s cultural fabric, serving as a venue for various events, festivals, and gatherings. The park has played host to art exhibitions, musical performances, and community celebrations, further enhancing its cultural relevance.


Cherished Landmark in Karachi

Today, Zamzama Park stands as a cherished landmark in Karachi. It symbolises the city’s commitment to green spaces and recreational amenities. Its  role as a community hub makes it a beloved destination for both locals and tourists. As Karachi continues to grow and evolve, this park remains a testament to the city’s enduring charm and vitality.


Community Engagement and Events at Zamzama Park


people exercising in Karachi parks

Zamzama Park plays a pivotal role in fostering community engagement and bringing people together. It serves as a central gathering place where residents from various backgrounds can interact, socialise, and celebrate together. The park’s welcoming atmosphere and diverse range of activities make it a popular destination for community events and social gatherings.


Variety of Events

Throughout the year, this park hosts a variety of events that cater to different interests and age groups. These events include:

  • Festivals: The park hosts festivals celebrating cultural heritage, music, food, and art. These festivals often feature live performances, food stalls, and activities for attendees to enjoy.
  • Concerts: Zamzama Park is a popular venue for concerts and musical performances. Local musicians and bands often perform at the park, drawing large crowds of music enthusiasts.
  • Art Exhibitions: The park occasionally hosts art exhibitions showcasing the work of local artists. These exhibitions provide a platform for artists to display their work and engage with the community.
  • Community Workshops: Zamzama Park hosts workshops and educational events on various topics, including gardening, sustainability, and wellness. These workshops aim to educate and empower community members to lead healthier and more sustainable lives.


The Multifaceted Impact of Zamzama Park: Karachi’s Urban Oasis


Zamzama park parking

Nestled amidst the bustling metropolis of Karachi, this park serves as a verdant escape, offering a sanctuary for residents and a glimpse of Karachi’s natural beauty. But the park’s significance extends far beyond recreation, playing a vital role in the city’s ecology, community, and even its potential for tourism growth.


A Haven for Nature and Fresh Air

Zamzama Park boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna. Lush greenery, including towering trees and vibrant flowering plants, provides a habitat for various bird species and small animals. Visitors can spot sparrows, pigeons, and mynas flitting amongst the trees, adding to the park’s tranquil charm. More importantly, these green spaces act as Karachi’s “lungs,” filtering pollutants and releasing oxygen, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for all.


A Hub for Community and Social Interaction

The park fosters a strong sense of community. Events like picnics, cricket matches, or even casual conversations on a park bench weave a social fabric where residents connect and build lasting bonds. 

This inclusivity extends to tourists as well. The park’s welcoming atmosphere allows visitors to experience a slice of Karachi’s everyday life, fostering cultural exchange and creating a memorable travel experience.


Potential for Tourism Growth

Karachi’s bustling cityscape can be overwhelming for visitors. Zamzama Park offers a tranquil respite, showcasing the city’s commitment to green spaces and sustainability. Promoting the park alongside other historical and cultural attractions could position Karachi as a destination offering a unique blend of urban energy and natural beauty.

Imagine tourists strolling through the park, capturing photos amidst the greenery, and enjoying a picnic lunch beneath the shade of a tree. This not only enhances Karachi’s image but also stimulates the local economy through increased foot traffic at nearby cafes, shops, and stalls.


Conservation Efforts


Maintaining parks

Here is a reminder, why a collective effort of the community is necessary to keep this place alive 


Tree Planting Drives

One of the key conservation efforts aimed at preserving Zamzama Park is tree planting drives. Planting new trees helps replenish the park’s greenery and contributes to its biodiversity. These drives also raise awareness about the importance of trees in urban environments.


Clean-Up Campaigns

Regular clean-up campaigns are essential for maintaining Zamzama Park’s cleanliness and beauty. These campaigns involve volunteers and community members who come together to remove litter and debris from the park’s grounds. By keeping the park clean, these efforts help ensure a pleasant environment for visitors.


Community Engagement Programs

Community engagement programs are crucial for raising awareness about the importance of preserving Zamzama Park. These programs involve educational workshops, guided tours. Moreover, interactive events that help educate the public about the park’s history, ecology, and significance. By engaging the community, these programs foster a sense of ownership and responsibility for the park’s conservation.

Despite the challenges it faces, Zamzama Park remains a valuable asset for Karachi’s community. Conservation efforts are essential for preserving the park’s natural beauty and historical significance. By addressing issues such as pollution, encroachment, and funding, the community can ensure that this park remains a cherished green space for generations to come.



In conclusion, Zamzama Park stands as a testament to the positive impact green spaces can have on urban communities. Its rich history, geographical features, recreational activities, community engagement, and significant benefits make it a valuable asset to Karachi’s community. As we look to the future, it is essential that we continue to support and protect this park, ensuring that it remains a green oasis for generations to come.


Frequently Asked Question

Here are 10 FAQs about Zamzama Park:


What are the opening hours of Zamzama Park?

 Zamzama Park is open to the public from 6PM to 10PM every day.


Is there an entry fee for Zamzama Park?

No, entry to Zamzama Park is free for all visitors.


Are pets allowed in Zamzama Park?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring their pets to Zamzama Park as long as they are kept on a leash.


Does Zamzama Park have parking facilities?

Yes, this park has parking facilities available for visitors.


Are there food and drink options available in Zamzama Park?

Yes, Zamzama Park has food stalls and vendors offering a variety of snacks and beverages.


Can I host events or parties in Zamzama Park?

Yes, this park can be rented for private events and parties. Contact the park management for more information.


Is Zamzama Park accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, this park is wheelchair accessible, with paved pathways and ramps for easy access.


Are there guided tours available for Zamzama Park?

Yes, guided tours of this park can be arranged. Contact the park administration for details.


What recreational activities are available in Zamzama Park?

 Zamzama Park offers a range of recreational activities, including playgrounds, sports fields, and walking paths.


How can I contribute to the conservation of Zamzama Park?

You can contribute to the conservation of this park by participating in clean-up campaigns, tree planting drives, and other community engagement programs organised by the park authorities.

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