5 inexpensive Eco-friendly Home Renovation Ideas that Anyone can Afford

A home is a place where our story begins.

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It is true when said that there is no place like home, as a lot of thought goes into the matter.

Currently, given the rising environmental issues, a shift has been observed in terms of building homes. The concept has been redefined by the introduction of Green and sustainable homes. And rightly so!

When this phenomenon is talked about, people think of building green homes as a long thought of being too complex, expensive or both.

In turn, people opt for something affordable and achievable.

So how do you make a green home happen?

The answer is simple – renovation.

Instead of building a home from scratch, renovation allows you to refresh your homes by replacing certain aspects. With renovations, one can easily achieve a sustainable home on a budget, to contribute to a positive impact on the world’s energy consumption.

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Eco-friendly windows

The Eco-friendly windows are frames made up of a lower transfer material such as wood, fibreglass, composite, aluminium or vinyl, resistant to extreme temperature changes and structural damages.

They are double or triple-paned windows, which allows an air gap that traps hot air and makes the window resistant to fogging up or frosting.

Finally, the finish or glazing limits the impact that UV rays have on the home.

Under this perspective, the triple glazed windows are one of the top-most sustainable window options, due to their three-pane approach to windows.


Low VOC Paints

The type of paint you select greatly adds to achieving an eco-friendly home.

Low Volatile organic compound paints are in which the VOC matter is absent. VOC is a rather dangerous toxin that is released during the drying process. This, in turn, contaminates the air’s unpleasant smell.

Low or no VOC paints are the best option to not only achieve an eco-friendly home but also have the same durability and performance of conventional paint.

Being based on water, the paint is also safer to use overall.


Sustainable lighting and fixtures

Undoubtedly, a lot of time thought and money goes into building a home. As it is a life-altering deal, buyers want the best available option while buying or renovating their properties.

Wanting the best may not be wrong, but it is imperative to change the approach to utilise the most sustainable option as well.

In case you are currently building or plan to build your own eco-friendly house, ditch the contemporary light bulbs and opt for efficient lighting e.g. LEDs, fluorescent light bulbs or natural lighting.

For natural lighting, one must strategically place walls and windows to optimize the use of natural light.

Also, ensure that all lights, when not needed, are turned off. This will only help reduce the carbon footprint, but also electric bills and the heat that escapes.


Energy-efficient appliances

From introducing heating and cooling systems to using refrigerators and deep-freezers, the washing machines and dryer, almost every home relies heavily on various numerous energy-intensive appliances.

To achieve sustainability, it is crucial to reduce energy consumption. It will not only help lower the utility bills but also create energy-efficient homes.

This may require a little research, but thankfully, technology now brings the option to research appliances online.

Some of the energy-efficient appliance include


Not only the model but the placement of a refrigerator is equally essential.


Use of water coolers

They definitely can’t replace air conditioners, however, air coolers consume less energy to cool the surrounding and result in lower electricity bills.


Whole-home air purifiers and dehumidifiers

These appliances work to remove pollutants like pollen, mould, dust mites, and pathogens from the air, keeping the indoor air quality high and energy consumption low.


Sustainable roofs

A huge population of Pakistan is still unaware of the concept of sustainable roofs and the advantages it offers.

By utilizing solar energy through diverse applications, you can intensify sustainability and promote an eco-friendliness.

There are various means through which you can incorporate the use of sustainable roofs.


Green Roofs

A green roof has a layer of vegetation planted over a waterproofing system, installed on top of a flat or slightly–sloped roof. Also known as vegetative or eco-roofs have three types; extensive, intensive, and semi-intensive.

The type depends on the intensity of the vegetation on the roof, and the personal preference.

The more the vegetation, the more is the need for maintaining a green roof.


Passive solar home design

If you are about to construct your own house, this tip is for you!

‘Passive solar home design’ allows you to use the sun to your advantage in a bid to minimize the use of energy.

You can make your house sustainable with some quick changes to the architecture as a thoughtful investment.


Installing solar panels

Installing solar panels is deemed an expensive investment, but it drastically reduces or eliminates the electric bills.

As an energy-efficient means to achieve sustainability, solar panels greatly reduce carbon emissions and add to the protection of the environment.

This investment further adds to an increase in the home value.


With these tips, achieve a sustainable home on a budget and play your part in saving the environment.


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