5 proven tips to increase the resale value of your house

Tricks to increase home value

Landlords might be happy to know that housing prices in Pakistan have increased by as much as 130% since 2011. Given the steady response of the real estate market, the trend doesn’t seem to change anytime soon.

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A homeowner, in addition to relying only on positive market trends, can use some cost effective techniques and personal care to increase the resale value of their house.

So even if you don’t have any plans to sell your house, you should follow the given tips to raise the potential worth of your house and set some new market trends.


Proper Landscaping

Nothing adds more value than giving a positive first impression.

You may have observed a nicely built and artistically painted house with all relevant chattels, and a professionally trimmed lawn; with only some disorderly things around ruining everything. It could be some junk in the backyard, unfinished plumbing work, some unnecessary fixtures in the lawn, or improper choice or positioning of the plants, which may seem normal to you being a homeowner, but might not be very appealing to an outsider.

So girdle up yourself and get rid of these things in the first attempt: broken gutter, lawn clippings, old sports debris, kids’ torn out stuff, and casual garbage like cans, bottles, shopping bags etc.

Secondly, it’s always good that your house gives an eco-friendly look, which is only possible if you consider planting some trees – preferably outside your home (if area allows), or maybe in the lawn. I am sure you would not be relying on creepers only, which I believe should be your last option.

For small houses, placing some planters (seasonal or evergreen) in the strategic spots of your house i.e. entrance, corridor, or wall-hanging will also add to the positive aura. Lastly, tidying up your driveways, walkways, fountains, and fences (if you have them in your house) need your critical attention.

In a nutshell, the objective is to get a grand, green and clean landscape.


Sophisticated Interior

I know we hardly bother spending money on interior designers, and try to replicate other ‘homegrown’ or popular ideas. Although it’s not a bad approach, it’s always worth the cost to hire an actual expert to help you with interior designing.

A professional could not only guide you on how to place things and where, but also suggest some useful tips on how to do de-cluttering (removing unnecessary stuff from your house), energy saving and overall cleanliness.

While doing interior, your kitchen and bathrooms should grab your attention first. For kitchen, you can replace or improve the cabinetry and install a small water filter; while for the bathroom you may replace or improve the taps and commodes and ensure leakage proof water supply.

Secondly, a few brushes to the spotty roof and murky walls may seem a lot, but definitely bring dramatic increase in the visual beauty. If your budget allows, you may want to consider painting the walls as well.


An Illusion of Space

Area doesn’t have to be necessarily the only thing showing the square footage of your house. You can also visually enhance the area for an illusion of space.

Instead of using heavy draperies, use stylish and thin visual blinds or shutters for your windows. Use a big mirror to reflect light in the room. You will see the reflection increasing the wall to wall area of your room. However, always remember that the less clutter and furniture in the room, the more spacious your room will look.

Some random stuff in your TV lounge, dining area and drawing room (thanks to children) may disrupt tidiness. You should lock these things down in a plain and nice shelf or box them in an orderly way.

One of my friends’ TV lounge would always be littered with his daughter’s belongings. I suggested him to shelf everything – that he readily needs for his daughter – in a small shelf to be placed in the TV lounge. It cost him only three thousand rupees to buy it and clear the

space. Lastly, get sufficient and cost effective lighting for your rooms that are surely to beautify the entire ambiance.


Replacing Worn out Stuff

Are any rugs, carpets, ceiling or shutters worn out in your home? They shouldn’t be, because they not only adversely impact the air quality of your home and radiate odour and dust, but also become an eyesore for the buyer in particular and visitors in general.

So prepare a to-do list and start with any of the rooms and replace the worst stuff with something budget-friendly and cool. I am sure you’ll love it!


Amenities, Amenities, Amenities

Is your house really worth a good offer? That’s something the efficacy of your home will decide. In Islamabad, only 54% of the people have access to piped water, which implies that the rest of the people have to arrange it through boring or tankers. Even the piped water is at the mercy of municipality or location of your home. For example, in G-11/1 you may find acute shortage and sometimes non-availability of piped water.

In such a situation, it is wise for the homeowners to timely try alternative options for water supply, preferably boring; and if it is coupled with a functional water filter, it is to swing the buyers quite in your favor.

One of the first questions the prospective buyer or any renter asks is whether the house has sufficient water supply.

You should also ensure that there are separate meters for water and gas supply (in case of two or more portions), as may be not you but the potential buyer has plans to let the house on rent. Property agents opine that houses with separate utility bills for the portions tend to draw considerable profit margins.


After everything, it’s time to be patient

Good offers may take a while as brokers play upon nerves. If you have done all the listed things, nothing can stop a handsome offer coming at your doorstep.

As said earlier, I have seen elegant houses getting sold on higher prices than the market trends, as the owners were confident and patient and waited for a right bid.

I agree the list isn’t exhaustive but I am sure your valuable additions could do it. Why not to prepare a detailed checklist or reference guide? If you have anything to add or suggestions to give, please talk to us in the comments section below.

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