A Complete Guide to China Market Rawalpindi (Updated 2023)

Rawalpindi offers a number of iconic bazaars, with China Market being one of these popular shopping areas. It has a variety of stores, including those for clothing, shoes, crockery, decorations, gifts, toys, furniture, stationery, and electronics. It is renowned for offering a wide selection of accessories for brides and grooms, making it quite popular among wedding shoppers.

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In this blog, Graana.com will bring you a comprehensive guide to the famous China market of Rawalpindi.


Location of China Market Rawalpindi


street view of china market rawalpindi


China Market is situated beside Urdu Bazar on College Road in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The location is ideal for visitors from all across Rawalpindi. 

Many other benefits come with this market’s location in Rawalpindi. It’s easy to shop for several hours because of the area’s beauty.

Timings of China Market

China Market is a popular destination for shoppers. Open daily, it offers flexibility for those with busy schedules to visit at their convenience.

Whether you have a hectic work schedule or other commitments, the market’s daily hours make it an accessible option. You can use the metro bus service for an easy commute to the market as it is located along the metro bus route.


Types of Shops and Stores Located in China Market


decorative pieces shop in china market rawalpindi

China Market Rawalpindi is well known for the variety of services it offers. So let’s discuss the types of stores that are available there.

Clothing Stores

China market is one of the popular wholesale markets in twin cities. The apparel shops in China Market Rawalpindi are some of the most well-known establishments. Their extensive wardrobe is exclusive to this location. They provide a variety of sizes in men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing.

You can purchase basic, elegant, conventional, and current attire here. The market offers a wide variety of bridal attire options for those planning their wedding. From traditional styles to more modern designs, there is something for every taste.

Additionally, the market also provides the service of customising wedding attire to your specific preferences. Whether you want to add a personal touch to your bridal dress or tailor the groom’s outfit to perfection, the market’s skilled tailors can make it happen.


With their extensive selection of shoes, China Market is packed to the gills. Shoes with a wide range of hues, styles, dimensions, and materials are easily available everywhere. You can purchase whatever style of shoes you like, from contemporary sneakers to classic footwear. 


Toys Shops

Young children often lose interest in their toys quickly, as they may find them uninteresting or prone to breaking. China Market offers a wide range of toy options to choose from.


Office Supply Stores

Having high-quality stationery is very beneficial to students as well as offices. Additionally, they are quite useful for organising tasks and notes. China Market offers these supplies in heaps, ensuring you never run out of stationary.


Gift and Decor Stores

You can purchase high-quality gifts from China market for your friends and family. You can buy budget-friendly kitchen decor items at affordable prices at China market.


Furnishings Stores

The secret to living comfortably is having comfortable furniture. You can find best furniture shops in China Market Rawalpindi. It is the best place for you to shop for furniture, whether it’s for you or a particular someone.


Electronics Retailers

Electronics can be expensive, but investing in a high-quality product can ensure it lasts for many years. China Market offers a variety of high-quality electronics at affordable prices, making sure they last for several years.

This was all about the famous China Market college road Rawalpindi. For more information, visit Graana Blog.

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