A Detailed Overview of Jhelum Cantt 

Jhelum Cantt is a renowned military town located in the province of Punjab. With a rich history and a vibrant community, Jhelum Cantt holds a significant place in the region. Graana.com will explore the history, geography, infrastructure, economic significance, tourist attractions, community life, and future developments of Jhelum Cantt. 

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Overview of Jhelum Cantt 


Jhelum Cantt map


Jhelum Cantt, often referred to as Jhelum Cantonment is a military town located in the Jhelum District. It is a hub for military operations and training, while also providing a home to military personnel and their families. The cantonment holds great importance due to its strategic location and historical significance. 


History of Jhelum Cantt 

The establishment of Jhelum Cantt dates to the British colonial era. It is a vital military garrison during the British Raj, ensuring control over the region. Jhelum Cantt played a significant role during World Wars, providing support, training facilities, and personnel to the British forces. 


Geographical Location 

Situated on the eastern bank of the Jhelum River, Jhelum Cantt boasts picturesque landscapes and natural beauty. The town is surrounded by lush green fields and scenic mountains, offering a tranquil environment for residents and visitors alike. It is well-connected to other cities in the region, including Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Gujrat. 


Infrastructure and Facilities 


shandar chowk in jhekum cantt


Jhelum Cantt is equipped with state-of-the-art military infrastructure, including various military establishments and units. These facilities cater to the training, operational, and administrative needs of the armed forces.

The cantonment also provides well-planned residential areas, accommodations, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities for military personnel and their families. 


Sports Facilities 


river view golf club


Jhelum Cantonment offers a wide range of sports facilities for enthusiasts of various disciplines. Cricket fields, hockey fields, football fields, tennis courts, squash courts, and swimming pools are among the many amenities available within the cantonment.

The River-View Golf Club, an eighteen-hole golf course, hosts national golf tournaments regularly, providing a recreational outlet for golf enthusiasts and promoting the sport within the region. Additionally, the Zamir Jaffri Cricket Stadium, adjacent to Gul Afshan Colony in Jhelum Cantt., serves as a venue for cricket matches and events. 


Parks and Recreational Spaces 

Jhelum Cantonment features numerous beautiful parks that offer thrilling rides and activities for children. The central park serves as a gathering place for residents and visitors, providing a serene environment for leisure and relaxation. These parks contribute to the overall liveliness and recreational opportunities available in the cantonment. 


Health Facilities 

The cantonment has a 500-bed teaching hospital known as (CMH Jhelum) Combined Military Hospital. CMH Jhelum plays a vital role in providing healthcare services to military personnel and civilians residing in the area.

Furthermore, there are plans to establish a medical college near the hospital, contributing to the advancement of medical education and healthcare in the region. 


Tourist Attractions 

Jhelum Cantt offers a plethora of tourist attractions for history enthusiasts and nature lovers. The town is adorned with historical sites and monuments that depict the region’s rich heritage, such as the Rohtas Fort and Khewra Salt Mine. 


Rohtas Fort 


Rohtas Fort  jhelum cantt


Rohtas Fort, constructed in the 16th century by General Sher Shah Suri, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest fortresses in South Asia. Known for its impressive military architecture, it is considered one of the most impenetrable fortresses in the region. A local guide is recommended for an enriching experience and to learn about the fascinating tales associated with the fort. 


Khewra Salt Mine 


Khewra Salt Mine 


Khewra Salt Mine, located in Jhelum District, is the second largest and oldest salt mine globally. Discovered by the troops of Alexander the Great in 320 BC, it is popular for its production of pink Himalayan salt.

Visitors can admire stunning salt carvings depicting popular landmarks such as Minar-e-Pakistan, the Great Wall of China, Badshahi Mosque, and few more. The mine also features pools of salty water, making it a popular educational and tourist destination. 


CMH Mosque


CMH mosque Jhelum


The CMH (Combined Military Hospitals) Mosque, located in the Cantt area, is a majestic, white-marbled mosque popular for its beauty. Designed in the 1950s, it can accommodate up to 25,000 people at a time. The mosque’s tall minarets and lush front garden with palm trees create a picturesque setting, making it one of the scenic mosques in the area. 


Mangla Dam


Mangla Dam


Mangla Dam, situated on the Jhelum River in district Mirpur District, Kashmir, is a multi-purpose dam surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy a tranquil boat ride or go jet skiing on the reservoir.

The journey to the dam offers cultural experiences as you pass through small settlements along the river. Relaxing by the waterfront and savouring a cup of tea from the nearby stalls is also a delightful way to enjoy the serenity of the area. 


Rasul Barrage


rasul barrage jhelum Cantt


A visit to Jhelum is incomplete without exploring Rasul Barrage, a 3,000 feet long barrage situated between Jhelum and Mandi Bahauddin. Constructed in 1968, this engineering marvel helps regulate the flow of the Jhelum River. While the British-built barrage is no longer functional, Rasul Barrage remains an important landmark and offers scenic views of the river. 


Tilla Jogian


Tilla Jogian jhelum cantt

Tilla Jogian, approximately 25 kilometres from Jhelum, holds great historical and religious significance. This abandoned monastic complex was once a pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs.

It dates to the 1st century BC and was a place of meditation for Hindu jogis and ascetics. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, is believed to have meditated here as well. Visitors can explore the remnants of old Hindu temples, bathhouses, and two minor dams while enjoying the natural beauty of the Salt Range. 


Security and Safety 

Jhelum Cantt boasts a robust security apparatus, owing to its military presence. The military plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order, ensuring the safety of both the military community and the civilians residing in the vicinity. Strict security measures and precautions are implemented to safeguard the town from potential threats. 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 


Q: When was Jhelum Cantonment established? 

A: Jhelum Cantonment was established in 1849 during British rule. 


Q: Who commands the 23rd Infantry Division in Jhelum Cantonment? 

A: The 23rd Infantry Division in Jhelum Cantonment is commanded by a Major General. 


Q: How far is Jhelum Cantonment from Islamabad and Lahore? 

A: Jhelum Cantonment is approximately 121 km away from Islamabad and 167 km from Lahore. 


Q: What educational institutes are present in Jhelum Cantt.? 

A: Jhelum Cantt. is home to various institutes, including FG College, Army Public School and College, Fauji Foundation Model School & College, and several others. 


Q: What are the prominent nearby cities and towns near Jhelum Cantonment? 

A: Prominent nearby cities and towns include Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Kharian Cantonment, Sarai Alamgir, and Gujrat. 


Q: Does Jhelum Cantonment have sports facilities? 

A: Yes, Jhelum Cantonment offers a range of sports facilities, including cricket fields, hockey fields, football fields, tennis courts, squash courts, and swimming pools. 


Q: What is the significance of St. John’s Church in Jhelum Cantonment? 

A: St. John’s Church, built in 1860, stands as a landmark of Jhelum Cantonment. It commemorates the sacrifice of 35 British soldiers who lost their lives during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. 


Q: Which healthcare facility serves the cantonment and its residents? 

A: Combined Military Hospital (CMH Jhelum), a 500-bed teaching hospital, provides healthcare services to military personnel and civilians in Jhelum Cantonment. 


Q: Are there any plans for a medical college in Jhelum Cantonment? 

A: Yes, there are plans to establish a medical college near CMH Jhelum to enhance medical education and healthcare in the region. 


Q: What recreational opportunities are available in Jhelum Cantonment? 

A: Jhelum Cantonment offers numerous parks with exciting rides and activities for children. Additionally, the River-View Golf Club provides a venue for golf tournaments, and the Zamir Jaffri Cricket Stadium hosts cricket matches and events. 


For more information on area guides like Dina and i, visit Graana.com. 

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