A Guide to Choosing The Right Chips Floor Design

Chips Floor Design

Imagine this: Stepping into your kitchen and being greeted by a playful mosaic of colours that mimics a fresh herb garden. Or, picture the warm glow of wood-inspired chips gracing your bedroom floor, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. With chip floors, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

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But with so many stunning options available, choosing the right chip floor design can feel overwhelming. Fear not, design enthusiasts. Graana.com has prepared this guide that is your one-stop shop for navigating the world of chip floors. We’ll delve into the key factors to consider, unveil popular design trends, and answer all your burning questions about installation, maintenance, and budget.


Factors to Consider

Choosing the right chip floor design involves considering various factors to ensure aesthetic appeal, functionality, and compatibility with the intended space. Here are different factors to consider in detail:


Overall Aesthetic of the Space

Consideration: The chosen chip floor design should align with the overall aesthetic and style of the space. Whether it’s a modern, traditional, eclectic, or minimalist setting, the design should complement the existing or planned interior design elements.


Room Functionality

Consideration: Different rooms have varied functions and traffic patterns. Consider the purpose of the space – whether it’s a high-traffic area like a hallway, a cosy space like a bedroom, or a functional area like a kitchen. The chip floor design should suit the room’s practical needs.


Colour Palette

Consideration: The colour palette of the chip floor design should harmonise with the existing or planned colour scheme of the room. Consider the wall colours, furniture, and other decor elements to create a cohesive and visually pleasing environment.


Personal Style and Preferences

Consideration: Personal taste and preferences play a significant role in choosing a chip floor design. Consider the homeowner’s or designer’s style, whether it’s a preference for bold patterns, subtle gradients, or classic checkerboard designs.


Room Size and Layout

Consideration: The size and layout of the room influence the choice of chip floor design. In smaller spaces, intricate patterns might be overwhelming, while larger rooms may benefit from more elaborate designs. Consider the scale and proportions for a balanced look.


Lighting Conditions

Consideration: Lighting affects how colours and patterns are perceived. Consider the natural and artificial lighting in the room when selecting a chip floor design. Lighter patterns may enhance brightness, while darker ones may add cosiness.


Maintenance and Durability

Consideration: Different chip floor designs may have varying maintenance requirements. Consider the level of maintenance you are willing to undertake, and choose a design that aligns with the lifestyle of the occupants. Additionally, opt for durable materials that can withstand wear and tear.


Budget Constraints

Consideration: Budget is a crucial factor in any design decision. Certain chip floor designs may involve higher material and installation costs. It’s important to find a balance between the desired aesthetic and the available budget.


Climate and Environmental Factors

Consideration: Environmental factors such as humidity and temperature can impact the choice of flooring materials. Ensure that the selected chip floor design is suitable for the specific climate of the location to prevent issues such as warping or damage.


Long-Term Trends vs. Timelessness

Consideration: Consider whether the chip floor design aligns with long-term design trends or if it is a timeless choice. Balancing contemporary elements with classic designs can ensure that the flooring remains stylish over the years.


Ease of Installation

Consideration: Some chip floor designs may be more complex to install than others. Consider the installation process, especially if it involves intricate patterns or custom designs, and whether professional installation is necessary.


Accessibility and Safety

Consideration: For spaces that need to be accessible, such as homes accommodating individuals with mobility challenges, choose a chip floor design that ensures a smooth and safe surface. Avoid designs that may pose tripping hazards.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing the right chip floor design for a specific space. This holistic approach ensures that the chosen design not only looks appealing but also meets practical and functional requirements.


Top Chips Floor Design

Following are the most famous chip floor designs:

  • Geometric Elegance
  • Random Mosaic Bliss
  • Nature-Inspired Wood Chips
  • Checkerboard Charm
  • Hexagonal Harmony
  • Gradient Glamour
  • Artistic Inlays
  • Terrazzo Inspired Splendor
  • Ombre Effect
  • Graphic Patterns


Geometric Elegance


Geometric Elegance


Geometric elegance involves arranging chips in well-defined geometric patterns, such as herringbone, chevron, or basketweave. This design is characterised by precise lines and angles, providing a sense of order and sophistication.

Application: Ideal for formal spaces like living rooms or entryways where a classic and timeless aesthetic is desired.

Approximate Cost: PKR 200 to PKR 400 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: The cost depends on the type of tiles used, the complexity of the geometric pattern, and the brand.


Random Mosaic Bliss


Mosaic Bliss floor pattern


Random mosaic bliss is a playful design that incorporates chips of different shapes and colours to create a mosaic effect. This design brings a vibrant and dynamic energy to the space, adding a touch of eclecticism.

Application: Suitable for areas with a creative and lively atmosphere, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Approximate Cost: PKR 150 to PKR 300 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: Material quality, variety of mosaic chips, and intricacy of the design.


Nature-Inspired Wood Chips


Natural Wood Chips


You can never go wrong with wood flooring in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. This design mimics the warmth of natural wood by incorporating wood-patterned chips. It offers the aesthetic appeal of wood flooring while providing the durability and easy maintenance of chip flooring.

Application: Ideal for spaces where a natural and cosy ambience is desired, such as bedrooms or home offices.

Approximate Cost: PKR 250 to PKR 500 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: Quality of wood-patterned tiles, durability, and brand reputation.


Checkerboard Charm


Checkerboard Charm flooring in a house


Description: Checkerboard charm involves alternating between two contrasting chip colours to create a classic checkerboard pattern. This design choice is timeless and can adapt to various interior styles.

Application: Suitable for both traditional and modern settings, such as dining rooms or commercial spaces.

Approximate Cost: PKR 180 to PKR 350 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: Type of tiles used, contrast in colours, and brand.


Hexagonal Harmony


Hexagonal Harmony chips flooring in a kitchen


Hexagonal harmony uses hexagonal-shaped chips to create a honeycomb pattern. This design adds a modern and trendy touch to the interiors, providing a visually interesting and dynamic floor.

Application: Well-suited for contemporary spaces like urban apartments or offices with a modern aesthetic.

Approximate Cost: PKR 220 to PKR 400 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: Material quality, size of hexagonal tiles, and complexity of the pattern.


Gradient Glamour


Chips flooring


Gradient glamour involves arranging chips in varying shades of the same colour family to create a subtle and sophisticated transition. This design adds depth and visual interest to the floor.

Application: Suitable for spaces where a subtle and elegant look is desired, such as bedrooms or formal dining areas.

Approximate Cost: PKR 200 to PKR 350 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: Type of tiles, colour gradient intricacy, and brand reputation. Many other factors might add up to the overall cost of the chip floor design and overall.


Artistic Inlays

Artistic inlays involve incorporating custom designs or patterns within the chip flooring. This allows for personalisation with logos, symbols, or intricate designs, making the floor a unique focal point.

Application: Ideal for spaces where a personalised and artistic touch is desired, such as boutique shops or creative studios.

Approximate Cost: PKR 300 to PKR 600 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: Customization, intricacy of the inlays, and the type of materials used.


Terrazzo Inspired Splendor

Terrazzo-inspired splendour incorporates a mix of chips in different sizes and colours, resembling the classic terrazzo look. This design choice adds a touch of luxury and character to floors.

Application: Suitable for upscale environments like hotel lobbies or high-end residential spaces.

Approximate Cost: PKR 250 to PKR 500 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: Quality of terrazzo chips, complexity of the design, and brand.


Ombre Effect

The ombre effect involves arranging chips in a gradual transition from one colour to another. This design adds a contemporary and chic flair to interior spaces, creating a visually appealing gradient.

Application: Well-suited for modern and trendy spaces like fashion boutiques or art galleries.

Approximate Cost: PKR 200 to PKR 380 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: Type of tiles, colour transition intricacy, and brand reputation.


Graphic Patterns

Graphic patterns involve using chips to create bold and intricate designs on the floor. This can include floral motifs, abstract patterns, or custom graphics, allowing for creative expression.

Application: Suitable for spaces where a bold and artistic statement is desired, such as entertainment venues or modern office spaces.

Approximate Cost: PKR 280 to PKR 550 per square foot

Factors Influencing Cost: Complexity of the graphic patterns, customization, and material quality.

When selecting a chip floor design, it’s essential to consider the overall theme of the space, the intended atmosphere, and the functional requirements of the room. Each design option offers a unique aesthetic, allowing for a tailored approach to interior design.


Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the most common questions about chip floor design in Pakistan


What factors should I consider when choosing a chip floor design?

Consider the overall aesthetic of the space, room functionality, colour palette, personal style, room size, lighting conditions, maintenance needs, budget constraints, climate, and long-term trends.


How do I ensure the chip floor design complements the room’s style?

Align the design with the existing or planned interior style. For example, choose a classic checkerboard for traditional spaces or hexagonal patterns for modern aesthetics.


Can I use the same chip floor design throughout my home?

Yes, you can use a consistent design for continuity, but consider adapting patterns to suit different room functionalities and sizes.


Are there specific colour guidelines for chip floor designs?

Harmonise with the room’s colour scheme. Lighter colours can enhance brightness, while darker hues add cosiness. Consider personal preferences and trends.


How important is the durability of chip flooring materials?

Very important. Choose durable materials based on the room’s traffic and lifestyle to ensure longevity and easy maintenance.


Can I mix different chip designs in one space?

Yes, but carefully. Mixing designs can add interest, but ensure they complement each other and contribute to the overall cohesive look of the space.


Is it necessary to hire professionals for chip floor installation?

It depends on the complexity of the design. Elaborate patterns may require professional installation to ensure precision and longevity.

How does room size affect chip floor design choices?

Consider the scale and proportions of the design in relation to the room size. Elaborate patterns may overwhelm smaller spaces, while larger rooms can accommodate intricate designs.


Can chip floor designs be adapted for different climates?

Yes, choose materials that suit the local climate to prevent issues like warping or damage. Consult with flooring experts for climate-specific recommendations.


What is the balance between following trends and choosing timeless chip floor designs?

Strive for a balance. Consider timeless designs for long-term appeal and incorporate trendy elements with easily replaceable items like rugs or decor.

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