Mehndi Designs To Explore This Eid 

A guide to pick the best mehndi designs for Eid 2024-2025

Mehndi designs are not just the art of adorning the body but a notable aspect of many cultures and traditions. Fabricated within the core of our celebrations, these intricate patterns add a vivid, rosy tint to almost all festivities.  As Eid draws closer, preparations are in full swing.

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Amidst all, brings you a selection of the trendiest mendi designs you can use as inspiration for the season. Whether you’re an experienced Mehndi artist or a curious beginner, we’ll find your perfect design. So, grab your henna cones, and let’s get creative.  


Latest Mehndi Designs and Trends

Here is a list of the popular Henna designs 


(Geometric) Moroccan Mehndi Design


Moroccan Henna Designs

Inspired by the intricate artistry of Middle Eastern cultures, Moroccan Mehndi designs initial geometric patterns. A repetition of squares, rectangles, and triangles often characterises these designs. But Moroccan Mehndi isn’t just about sharp lines and angles.

These geometric compositions often delicately intertwine floral motifs to add depth and intrigue. Picture tiny blossoms peeking out from within squares or vines gracefully tracing the borders of triangles. This interplay between structured shapes and soft florals creates a truly mesmerising effect.

Here’s a glimpse into 12 captivating Moroccan Mehndi designs to inspire your next mehndi experience:



It’s a mesmerising display of squares of varying sizes. The design has some embellishments with delicate floral patterns. 


Grid mehndi pattern



You can create an intricate interlock of triangles with other shapes and patterns.


triangle Mehndi designs


Rectangular Composition

One of the best mehndi designs entails simple rectangles adorned with floral motifs. You can either leave some bare, creating a rhythmic and captivating design.


rectangle moroccan henna


Diamond Delight

Introducing the diamond shape to a henna design is an easy and simple way to make it more classy. A dazzling display of diamonds, some filled with intricate geometric patterns, others showcasing delicate floral blooms, creates a truly luxurious look.


Diamond mehndi

Interlocking Illusion

Squares and triangles playfully intertwine, creating an illusion of depth and dimension, adding a touch of complexity to the design.


mixed designs of henna


Floral Fancies within the Grid

Delicate floral motifs emerge within a structured grid of squares. Such mehndi patterns offer a beautiful contrast between order and nature.


florals in grid

Climbing Vines

Imagine delicate vines gracefully climbing within a geometric framework. This design blurs the lines between order and organic, creating a sense of movement and elegance. The elongated effect flatters the fingers, making them appear longer and more slender. This mehndi design is suitable for those looking to enhance their fingers. 


Vines in Moroccan designs

Half Moon Majesty

A majestic crescent moon takes centre stage in this composition. Moreover, you can add intricate geometric patterns around it to create an elegant and symbolic design.


Moon mehndi

Starry Spectacle

You can create a captivating display of stars, some filled with geometric patterns, others left bare. This moulds a design that’s both playful and sophisticated.


Starry Mehndi Designs


You can fashion an amazing mehndi pattern by drawing a sunburst motif surrounded by geometric patterns. This creates a design that’s also very symbolic and visually stunning.


sunburst and floral

Checkered Charm

A modern take on Moroccan henna, this design features a base of alternating squares. Some of these squares are embellished with floral motifs, creating a captivating checkerboard effect.


Checkered designs

Geometric Oasis

Imagine a central design featuring a captivating geometric motif, surrounded by a border of intricate geometric patterns, creating a visually stunning oasis on your skin.


Henna style in Pakistan: Moroccan design

The beauty of Moroccan Mehndi designs lies in their versatility. These patterns can adorn any body part, including arms, hands, feet, legs, shoulders, and even neck. They will turn heads and leave a lasting impression with their intricate geometric patterns and delicate floral touches.


Bangle Style Mehndi Designs


Bangled Style of henna

Bangle Style Henna is a contemporary take on traditional Mehndi designs. This style involves moulding patterns around the wrist area, resembling the look of ornate bracelets or bangles. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of design patterns, including Arabic, Indian, or fusion styles. Colourful stones can be incorporated into this composition for added glamour, making it perfect for special occasions.


The Classic Bangle

Imagine a timeless design featuring a single, intricate band encircling your wrist. Depending on your preference, this band can be adorned with delicate floral motifs, geometric patterns, or flowing paisley swirls. The classic bangle design is perfect for those who love a touch of elegance and simplicity.


Classic Bangle


Layering Bands

Elevate the classic bangle design by incorporating multiple bands. Opt for two or three concentric bands of varying widths, each featuring unique patterns or motifs. This layered approach adds depth and dimension to the design, making it ideal for those who prefer a touch of grandeur.


layered bangles


Fusion Flair

Embrace the beauty of cultural fusion with your Bangle Mehndi. Combine elements from different styles, like Arabic filigree with Indian paisley motifs, to create a truly unique and captivating design. This fusion approach allows you to celebrate your heritage or explore the vast world of Mehndi artistry.


Bangled designs


Minimalist Marvel

The minimalist Bangle Mehndi designs are perfect if you prefer a subtle and understated look. Opt for a single, thin band with delicate dots, vines, or geometric shapes. This minimalist approach adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your look without overwhelming the eye.


minimal design


Floral Fantasy

Channel your inner flower child with a Bangle Mehndi design overflowing with vibrant blooms. Create a stunning band adorned with roses, jasmine, or lotus flowers, each with intricate details. This floral fantasy design is perfect for adding a touch of femininity and cheerfulness to your look.


floral bangle


Rings Mehndi Designs


rings mehndi

Similar to bangle-style mehndi, ring mehndi designs offer a captivating way to decorate your fingers with delicate henna art. The distinguishing feature of Rings Mehndi is its ability to connect seamlessly with the design of the rest of the hand. This style is often used to complement or complete the design on the palm, adding a touch of elegance to the overall look.

Here are some inspiring ideas to show to your mehndi artist


Floral Rings


floral rings

Imagine delicate vines adorned with tiny flowers gracefully climbing up your fingers, connecting seamlessly with a larger floral design on your palm.


Geometric Grace


henna designs

Opt for geometric patterns on your fingers, like small squares or triangles, that complement the overall design of your hand. This creates a sense of balance and adds a modern touch.


Paisley Promise


rings mehndi

Incorporate tiny paisley motifs on your fingers that echo the paisley design on your palm. This creates a sense of continuity and adds a touch of cultural significance.


Sparkling Stars


mehndi designs

Create a playful and celestial look with tiny stars scattered across your fingers, connecting with a celestial design on your palm.


Minimalist Mehndi Design


minimal design

Eid is one of the most significant festivals in Pakistan, and many women look forward to getting their mehndi done on this occasion. However, some may shy away from the heavy traditional designs. To address this, minimalist mehndi designs are ideal. They are simple, elegant, and charming and still offer the same impact as traditional mehndi designs.

Here are some ideal picks for you


Delicate Vines


minial henna

Embrace nature’s beauty with a single, flowing vine that gracefully travels from your wrist to your fingertips. This design creates a lengthening effect, making your hands appear even more elegant.


Dotted Delights



Simple yet captivating, tiny dots can be arranged in geometric patterns or scattered playfully across your fingers and palm. This design is perfect for adding a touch of Mehndi magic to your everyday look.


Minimalist Mandala


mehndi designs in Pakistan

The power of the mandala doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Opt for a simplified mandala design on the back of your hand, using thin lines and small geometric shapes to symbolise balance and harmony.


Celestial Sparkles


beauty of minimalism in mehndi

Channel your inner stargazer with tiny star motifs scattered across your fingers or a single, larger star adorning the back of your hand. This design adds a touch of whimsy and a subtle celestial connection.


Fingerprint Flair


Mehndi Designs

Turn your individuality into art! Let delicate floral motifs or swirling patterns bloom within your fingerprints, creating a unique and personal Mehndi design.


Geometric Grace


mehndi inspo

Play with shapes! Simple triangles, squares, or circles arranged in a geometric pattern on your fingers or wrist create a modern and stylish look.


Half Moon Magic


minimal moon

Embrace the lunar cycle with a delicate crescent moon design on the side of your palm. This design is both elegant and symbolic, offering a touch of celestial beauty.


Wavy Wonder


wavy vines henna design

Create a sense of movement and flow with a single, wavy line that travels across your palm or fingers. This minimalist design is both elegant and eye-catching.


Henna Cuff


minimal mehndi designs

Minimalism meets jewellery with a delicate Mehndi design that mimics a bracelet or cuff. This design adds a touch of sophistication to your wrist and complements any outfit.


Cascading Chain


mehndi designs overview

Channel a touch of luxury with a minimalist chain design that gracefully cascades from your wrist to your fingertips. This design creates a lengthening effect and adds a touch of understated elegance.


Minimalist Mehndi designs are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity. With their delicate patterns and focus on negative space, these designs offer a way to embrace tradition while showcasing your modern style. So, the next time you’re looking for a touch of Mehndi magic, consider exploring the world of minimalist designs and discover the beauty in the understated.


Chandelier Mehndi Designs


mehndi designs for eid 2024

Chandelier Mehndi designs are a captivating addition to the world of henna art. Unlike traditional swirling patterns, this style embraces complex details. As the name suggests, Chandelier Mehndi features tiny dots meticulously arranged to resemble delicate chains to mirror chandelier lighting. 


The Classic Chandelier


classic design of henna

You can fabricate a central design featuring a cluster of tiny dots meticulously arranged in concentric circles. The composition must resemble the chandelier’s central body. From this cluster, “chains” of dots gracefully cascade down, creating a timeless and elegant look on your hands or arms.


Layered Luxury


suspended mehndi design

Elevate the classic chandelier by incorporating multiple layers. Start with a central cluster of dots, followed by additional “chains” cascading outwards in concentric circles. This layered approach adds depth and dimension to the design, making it perfect for those who love a touch of grandeur.


Minimalist Marvel


mehndi style for eid 2025

Chandelier Mehndi designs can beautifully complement minimalist styles. Opt for a delicate chain of dots cascading down your finger or wrist. This minimalist approach adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any Mehndi design.


Floral Fusion


art of mehndi

For a touch of whimsy, combine the elegance of chandeliers with the beauty of floral motifs. Create a central flower design using dots or incorporate tiny floral patterns within the chandelier’s “chains.” This fusion of styles creates a captivating and unique look.


Geometric Grandeur


mehndi patterns
  1. Embrace the world of geometric patterns with your chandelier design.
  2. Instead of traditional circles, create a central design featuring squares or triangles formed by meticulously placed dots.
  3. Let “chains” of dots cascade from these geometric shapes, adding a touch of modern flair to the traditional chandelier style.

Crescent Moon Chandelier


Moon and dots mehndi designs

Incorporate a crescent moon motif into your chandelier design for a touch of cultural significance. Create the moon using dots and let delicate chains cascade from its points. This design is elegant and symbolic, perfect for those seeking a meaningful Mehndi experience.


Cascading Elegance


henna art in Pakistan

 Imagine a single, central dot from which numerous “chains” of dots gracefully flow outwards and downwards. This cascading design creates a sense of movement and elegance, perfect for adorning the back of your hand or neck.

Chandelier Mehndi designs offer a unique and captivating way to elevate your Mehndi look. With their intricate details and dazzling resemblance to chandelier lighting, these designs will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


Additional Tips Upgrade Your Mehndi Designs

Here are some tips to help you create mesmerising Mehndi designs that will leave a lasting impression


Mix and Match to Find Your Style

Feel free to experiment and mix elements from various henna styles. You can incorporate shapes from the Moroccan style into chandelier henna art. Furthermore, you can use rings and bangle mehndi designs to create something new. This freedom to blend different styles can create a unique and personalised look that reflects your style. 


Practice Makes Perfect

Creating captivating Mehndi designs takes practice and patience. Keep going even if your first attempts aren’t perfect. Set aside some time to experiment with different patterns and designs on practice sheets. Numerous online tutorials and resources are available to help you hone your Mehndi art skills.


Experiment with Colored Mehndi Cones

The traditional Mehndi designs are typically created with henna paste that dries to a rich reddish-brown hue. However, the world of Mehndi offers exciting possibilities for colour exploration.  

Consider experimenting with coloured Mehndi cones to add a vibrant pop of colour to your designs. Explore a range of colours, from blues and greens to yellows and oranges, to create truly eye-catching Mehndi masterpieces.


Long-Lasting Mehndi Designs

Proper aftercare is essential to ensure longevity once you’ve created your stunning Mehndi design. Here’s how to care for your Mehndi:

  • Let it Shine: After applying the Mehndi paste, let it dry completely. This can take several hours, so be patient.
  • Gentle Removal: Once dry, gently scrape off the dried henna paste using a blunt object like the back of your fingernail. Avoid using water or scrubbing, as this can damage the design.
  • Water Wise: Avoid washing the area with water for at least 24 hours after application. This allows the henna to stain your skin for a richer, longer-lasting design.


Mastering the Space: Negative and Positive Filling

In Mehndi designs, the concept of negative and positive space plays a significant role. Negative space refers to the bare areas, while positive space features the intricate Mehndi patterns.  

Understanding how to utilise both effectively is key to creating balanced and visually appealing designs. Experiment with filling negative space with delicate dots, geometric shapes, or small floral motifs. This can add depth and dimension to your overall Mehndi design.



This exploration of Mehndi design styles is just the beginning of your artistic journey. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Mix and match elements from various styles, explore the vibrancy of coloured cones and hone your skills with practice. Remember, Mehndi is an art form that thrives on personal expression. So, let your creativity loose, transform your hands into canvases of self-expression, and celebrate the beauty of this timeless tradition.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs to address popular Mehndi design searches in Pakistan


What are some popular Pakistani bridal Mehndi designs?

Pakistani bridal Mehndi designs are known for their intricate details, often incorporating paisleys, flowers, vines, geometric patterns, and sometimes even depictions of the bride and groom. These designs typically extend from the hands up to the arms, creating a stunning and symbolic work of art that celebrates the joyous occasion.  


Where can I find easy Pakistani Mehndi designs?

Many resources are available online and offline to find easy Pakistani Mehndi designs. You can search websites, blogs, and social media platforms like Pinterest and YouTube for tutorials and inspiration. Many Mehndi artists also offer instructional books or online courses specifically focused on creating simple yet beautiful Pakistani Mehndi designs.


 What are some of the best simple Mehndi designs?

Here are some tips for finding the best simple Mehndi designs:

  • Focus on Motifs: Delicate floral designs like small roses, jasmine flowers, or lotus blooms are classic and easy to create.  
  • Embrace Vines: Flowing vines with intricate details add movement and elegance without overwhelming the design.
  • Geometric Flair: Simple geometric patterns like dots, squares, or triangles can create a modern and stylish look.
  • Less is More: Don’t feel pressured to fill every space. Allowing some negative space adds a sense of balance and lets the individual motifs shine.


Are there any special Mehndi designs for kids?

Absolutely! Mehndi designs for kids can be as beautiful and fun as for adults. Here are some ideas for creating kid-friendly Mehndi designs:

  • Animal Magic:  Kids love animals! Consider incorporating playful animal motifs like butterflies, elephants, or peacocks into their Mehndi design.
  • Cartoony Characters: If your child has a favourite cartoon character, a simple outline or small version of that character can be a fun addition to their Mehndi design.
  • Glitter and Sparkle: Kids love a little sparkle! Consider using temporary glitter after the Mehndi dries to add an extra touch of fun and festivity.
  • Keep it Simple: Children might need more patience for elaborate designs. Opt for smaller, simpler patterns and keep the application time manageable.


Can I find simple Mehndi designs that are easy to create myself?

Definitely! Many simple Mehndi designs are perfect for beginners. Here are some tips for finding easy-to-create Mehndi designs:

  • Look for Online Resources: Many websites and social media platforms offer tutorials and inspiration for simple Mehndi designs. 
  • Start Small: Begin with smaller designs focusing on basic motifs. As you gain confidence, you can gradually move on to more complex patterns.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt isn’t perfect. Use practice sheets to experiment with different designs and techniques before creating a Mehndi design on your hand.
  • Choose the Right Cone: Using a Mehndi cone with a fine tip will allow for more precise application and create cleaner lines in your design.


Can the same Mehndi designs be used for both adults and kids?

While some Mehndi designs can be adapted for both adults and kids, there are some key considerations:

  • Complexity:  Children generally need more patience for intricate designs. Opt for simpler patterns with fewer details when creating Mehndi designs for kids.
  • Size: Kids’ hands are smaller than adults’. Choose a design that fits comfortably on their hand or arm without overwhelming them.
  • Motifs: While some motifs like flowers and vines are appropriate for adults and kids, consider age-appropriate themes for children’s Mehndi designs. Opt for playful animals or cartoon characters to keep them engaged.


How can I stay updated on the latest Pakistani Mehndi designs?

Following popular Mehndi artists on social media is a great way to stay updated on the latest Pakistani Mehndi design trends. Many fashion and beauty blogs and websites also regularly feature articles showcasing the newest Pakistani Mehndi styles. 


Are there specific Mehndi designs for hands and feet?

While Mehndi designs are most commonly applied to the hands, the tradition can extend to the feet. Many Pakistani Mehndi designs incorporate elements that flow from the hands to the feet, creating a cohesive and visually stunning look. Specific Mehndi designs are meant for adorning the feet, often featuring paisleys, flowers, and geometric patterns.


Can I find simple Mehndi designs for Eid?

Absolutely! Eid is a time for celebration, and beautiful yet simple Mehndi designs are a popular way to participate in the festivities. Look for designs focusing on delicate floral motifs, flowing vines, or geometric patterns. These elements can be arranged in various ways to create elegant and manageable Mehndi designs perfect for Eid.

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