Latest Curtain Designs in Pakistan: A Guide

Overivew of curtain designs in Pakistan

From overlooked essential to interior design powerhouse, curtains hold the power to transform your space. While often underestimated, the style and design of the curtain you use can impact the overall aesthetic and ambience of your room. With a wide range of curtain designs in Pakistan available, you can find the perfect match to complement any style. 

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In today’s piece, mulls over the top trendy curtain designs in Pakistan to help you make the right choice! 


Curtain Design In Pakistan


Overview of curtain designs in Pakistan

Curtrains serve multiple purposes within a space; from framing the view outside, to controlling natural light, and creating a specific ambience. More than just a functional window cover, they transform a dull space into a beautiful and inviting one. 

In the following section, we will dive into different types of curtain designs and how they impact interior design trends. Furthermore, by following our tips and suggestions, you can create a visually stunning and sophisticated window display.


Luxury Velvet Curtains


Velvet curtains and their designs trending in Pakistan

Velvet curtains have always been synonymous with royalty, grandeur, or luxury. However, in recent years they’re undergone a stylish change, becoming more versatile with a range of designs that transcends traditional settings. While velvet exudes luxury, its versatility extends beyond formal living rooms.

Here’s where velvet curtains truly shine:

  • Living Rooms: Floor-length velvet curtains in jewel tones like emerald green or deep sapphire add instant drama and sophistication to entertaining areas.
  • Bedrooms: For a luxurious sleep sanctuary, consider plush velvet curtains in rich colors like burgundy or plum. They provide excellent light control, perfect for creating a restful environment.
  • Home Theaters: Blackout velvet curtains are a must-have! Their thick fabric completely blocks light, creating a cinema-like experience for movie nights.


Choosing the Right Velvet Curtains

While trends offer inspiration, consider these factors when selecting velvet curtains:


  • Color: Match the color scheme of your room. Bold hues make a statement, while neutral tones like gray or silver offer a more versatile option.
  • Light Control: Do you need complete blackout, or is light filtering sufficient? Opt for blackout velvet for bedrooms and home theaters.
  • Maintenance: Velvet requires more delicate care than some fabrics. Consider dry-cleaning options if this aligns with your lifestyle.


Minimalist Chic


Overview of the curtain designs in Pakistan

For those who favour clean lines and understated elegance, minimalist curtains reign supreme. Picture sheer fabrics in calming neutrals like white, beige, or grey, allowing natural light to bathe the space in a serene glow. Their simplicity creates a sense of tranquillity, perfect for contemporary settings or those seeking a respite from the vibrancy of Pakistani life.


 The Function of Minimalism

Minimalist chic curtain designs aren’t just about looks; they offer practical benefits too:

  • Light Control: Sheer fabrics allow natural light to filter through, maintaining a bright and airy feel while offering some privacy. For additional light control, layer sheer curtains with blackout liners.
  • Airy and Spacious: Neutral colors and clean lines create a sense of visual openness, making even smaller rooms feel airy and uncluttered.
  • Easy Maintenance: Natural fabrics often require minimal upkeep, making them perfect for busy lifestyles. Opt for machine-washable options for added convenience.


Ideal Spaces

The beauty of minimalist chic curtains lies in their versatility. They seamlessly integrate into various rooms, offering a touch of understated elegance:

  • Living Rooms: Light and airy sheer curtains in neutral tones create a sense of openness, perfect for contemporary living spaces.
  • Bedrooms: Embrace a peaceful sleep sanctuary with linen or cotton curtains in calming neutrals. Roman shades offer a minimalist alternative, ideal for smaller bedrooms.
  • Kitchens: Functionality meets style with short, washable cotton or linen curtains in light colors. Opt for Roman shades or bistro curtains for adjustable light control and ease of movement.


Printed Paradise


Fancy pattern and colourful curtains

Pakistani textiles are a vibrant tapestry of intricate prints and bold colours. Embrace this heritage with curtains featuring paisleys, floral motifs, or geometric patterns. Choose a symphony of colours for a statement piece that draws the eye and infuses the room with cultural flair. Or, opt for muted tones for a subtler touch that still whispers of Pakistan’s rich textile tradition.


Textural Delights


textured curtain designs for dawning room

Elevate your curtains with layers of texture. Combine a sheer overlay with a heavier fabric underneath, or play with different textures like linen, silk, or jute for a visually captivating effect. Think of them as artistic compositions, adding depth and dimension to your space. Imagine the way sunlight dances across the different textures, creating a captivating play of light and shadow.


Types of Curtain Designs By Space

Curtain selection goes beyond aesthetics! Different rooms have varying needs. Explore our guide to discover how curtain types can optimize light control, privacy, and functionality in each space of your home.




Kitchen curtain designs
  • Roman Shades:  These offer a clean, tailored look and easy operation, perfect for windows above sinks or areas with limited space. 
  • Bistro Curtains:  Short and practical, bistro curtains add a touch of style while allowing light and easy access to windows. Opt for washable fabrics like cotton or linen for easy maintenance. 




Styling blackout curtains in a unique way
  • Blackout Curtains:  For a haven of restful sleep, prioritize blackout curtains. Choose from luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk for a touch of opulence, or opt for linen or cotton for a more relaxed feel.
  • Layering: Layer sheer curtains with blackout options for adjustable light control. Sheer curtains offer daytime privacy while allowing natural light to filter through.


Drawing Room


Curtains for drawing room designs
  • Floor-Length Curtains: Make a grand statement with floor-length curtains in luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk. Opt for jewel tones like emerald green or deep sapphire for a dramatic effect, or choose lighter neutrals for a more versatile look.
  • Tassels and Trims: Elevate the formality with tassel tiebacks or decorative trims that complement the curtain fabric and overall décor.


Living Room


Curtain styling methods
  • Sheer Curtains: Create a sense of openness and allow natural light to flow freely with sheer curtains in calming neutrals like white, beige, or grey. 
  • Panel Curtains: For a touch of texture and privacy, consider panel curtains in linen or cotton. Opt for subtle patterns or prints to add a touch of visual interest without overwhelming the space.

By considering both aesthetics and functionality, you can choose curtains that enhance your space and meet its specific needs.


Curtain Designs: Beyond the Fabric

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories! Tassel trims add a touch of traditional elegance, while valances above the window frame introduce formality or whimsy. Mix and match textures, patterns, and colours to create a space that reflects your unique personality and tells your own story. Think of your curtains as the final brushstrokes on your home’s artistic canvas.


Modern Curtain Designs


modern curtain designs

Curtains are more than just window blockers – they’re the silent storytellers of your space, setting the mood, enhancing privacy, and adding a touch of personality. But let’s face it, traditional curtains can sometimes feel, well, traditional.

If you’re craving a fresh look for your windows, then dive into the world of modern curtain design. Modern curtain design isn’t about one-size-fits-all. It’s about embracing bold choices, innovative materials, and clean lines. Ditch the heavy drapes and floral prints of yesteryear and explore these trendy options:


Geometric Drama


Geometrical curtains types

Play with geometric shapes and patterns for a modern twist. Triangles, squares, and circles can add a dynamic element to any space. Imagine bold black and white stripes against a stark white wall for a striking statement, or subtle triangles woven into a sheer fabric for a more playful touch.


Monochrome Magic


Black-out curtains guide

Who says modern has to be colourful? Embrace the sophistication of a bold monochromatic palette. Black, white, or even a rich navy blue can create a striking statement and can be easily adapted to different decor styles. Picture sleek black curtains framing a minimalist living room, or crisp white drapes adding airiness to a bedroom.


Metallic Accents


Overview of Metallic Curtains

Add a touch of glamour with metallic threads woven into your curtains. Gold, silver, or copper accents can elevate even the simplest designs. Imagine sunlight catching on subtle metallic threads, adding a touch of shimmer and luxury to your space.


Mix and Match

Modern design is all about experimentation. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures, lengths, and styles to create a unique look. Here are some ideas:


Layering Love

Combine a sheer overlay with a heavier fabric underneath for added depth and dimension. Think of it as creating a mini-curtain masterpiece!


Short and Sweet

Ditch the floor-length drapes and opt for shorter curtains for a more contemporary feel. Roman shades or bistro curtains are perfect for kitchens or bathrooms, adding functionality and a touch of style.


Unexpected Materials

Move beyond the usual suspects like cotton and linen. Explore natural materials like jute or bamboo for a touch of organic texture, or embrace the sleekness of metallic threads or even recycled plastic for a sustainable statement.


New Curtain Designs in Pakistan


Curtain designs in Pakistan

Curtains are no longer just window guards; they’re artistic tapestries, mood-setters, and personality-whisperers. And the world of curtain design is constantly evolving, brimming with fresh ideas to weave into your home. So, let’s ditch the predictable and dive into some new trends that’ll add a touch of the extraordinary to your windows!


Textural Symphony

Move beyond the usual suspects like cotton and linen! Embrace the beauty of textures with curtains woven from natural materials like jute, bamboo, or even cork for a touch of earthy elegance. Imagine the sunlight catching on the rough-and-smooth textures, creating a captivating play of light and shadow.


Ombre Enchantment


Shifting colours in curtain designs

Create a mesmerising effect with ombre curtains that gradually transition from one colour to another. This is a perfect way to add depth and dimension to your space. Imagine a living room bathed in the gentle transition of sky blue to deep indigo, or a bedroom lulled to sleep by the calming shift from lavender to soft grey.


Sustainable Statement

Go green with eco-friendly curtain options! Fabrics made from recycled materials like plastic bottles or organic cotton offer a stylish and sustainable choice. Picture sleek, silver curtains woven from recycled plastic adding a touch of modern glam, or earthy brown organic cotton drapes whispering of environmental consciousness.


Smarter Shades

Technology meets textiles with smart curtains that adjust to light and temperature. Imagine waking up to curtains that gently open with the sunrise, or bedrooms that automatically blackout for undisturbed sleep. Furthermore, smart curtains add a touch of futuristic convenience to your everyday life.


Unexpected Accents

Don’t underestimate the power of unexpected details! Embellish your curtains with fringes, metallic threads, or even beads for a touch of whimsical charm. Imagine playful fringes dancing in the breeze, or delicate beads catching the sunlight, adding a touch of sparkle to your space.


Factors to Consider While Choosing  Curtain Designs



Choosing the right curtain design for your space involves considering several factors to ensure that the curtains not only enhance the aesthetics of the room but also meet functional requirements. Here are key factors to consider before buying curtain designs:


Purpose of the Room

Start by identifying the room’s primary function. Living rooms may require decorative and elegant curtains, while bedrooms often need curtains that prioritise privacy and light control. Kitchens may benefit from curtains that are practical and easy to clean.


Light Control


light control with curtains in bedroom

Consider how much natural light you want in the room. For bedrooms, blackout curtains may be ideal for promoting restful sleep. In living areas, sheer curtains can allow more light while maintaining privacy.


Privacy Needs

Furthermore, you can assess the level of privacy required in each room. Bedrooms and bathrooms usually need higher privacy levels compared to living rooms.


Curtain Length

Determine the appropriate curtain length based on the size of the room. Floor-length curtains can create a sense of height and drama, while shorter curtains may be suitable for smaller spaces or rooms with lower ceilings.


Decor Style


Curtain coordination with style of decor

Consider the overall decor style of the room. Traditional, modern, or eclectic styles will influence the choice of curtain design, colour, and pattern.


Fabric Type

Choose the right fabric based on the desired functionality. Heavy fabrics like velvet provide insulation and a luxurious look, while sheer fabrics allow light to filter through.




Cleaning curtains for drawing room

Consider the maintenance requirements of the fabric. Some materials are machine-washable, while others may require dry cleaning.


Room Colour Scheme

Select curtain colours that complement the existing colour scheme of the room. Matching or contrasting colours can significantly impact the overall look.



Decide whether you want plain, patterned, or textured curtains. Patterns can add visual interest, but they should not overwhelm the space.


Curtain Rods and Tracks


bathroom shower curtains

Choose appropriate curtain rods or tracks that complement the style of the curtains. Consider the weight of the curtains and the type of hardware required for easy installation.


Curtain Accessories

Moreover, you can explore options like tiebacks, valances, or decorative trims to enhance the overall look.



Set a budget for your curtain purchase. Different fabrics, designs, and brands can vary in price, so having a budget in mind will help narrow down options.




Curtain style

In colder climates, consider blind curtains with thermal insulation properties to keep the room warmer. In warmer climates, lightweight and breathable fabrics can help maintain a comfortable temperature.


Personal Preferences

Your personal style and preferences matter. Consider curtains as an opportunity to express your individual taste and enhance the overall ambience of your space.


Samples and Swatches

Before making a final decision, obtain fabric samples or swatches to visualise how the curtains will look in your space. This can help you assess colours, patterns, and textures in the context of your room. Taking the time to carefully consider these factors will ensure that the curtain design you choose not only enhances the beauty of your space but also aligns with the practical needs and functionality of each room in your home.


Frequently Asked Question

Here are some FAQs on Curtain Designs:


What are the different types of curtains?

There are many types of curtains, each with its own style and function. Popular options include

  • Panel curtains: Two separate panels hung on either side of the window.
  • Rod pocket curtains: Slide onto a rod through a sewn pocket at the top.
  • Grommet curtains: Hang on a rod through metal rings sewn into the fabric.
  • Pinch pleat curtains: Create soft folds at the top for a classic look.
  • Roman shades: Fold up and down like a blind, ideal for windows above sinks or doors.
  • Blackout curtains: Block out light completely, perfect for bedrooms.


What are the best curtain materials for light control?

For maximum light control, blackout curtains made from thick, tightly woven fabrics like polyester or velvet are ideal. Linen and cotton offer light filtering, while sheer fabrics offer minimal light control but allow for a view.


What length should my curtains be?

Floor-length curtains create a formal look, while shorter curtains are more casual and practical. Consider the window size and room style to choose the right length. Ideally, curtains should graze the floor or hang slightly above the windowsill.


What colour curtains should I choose?

Light colours like white or cream can make a room feel larger and brighter, while dark colours like black or navy blue can add drama and sophistication. Consider the overall colour scheme of your room and the mood you want to create.


What are some trending curtain design styles?

  • Minimalist: Clean lines, neutral colours, and sheer fabrics.
  • Textural: Natural materials like jute, bamboo, or linen.
  • Ombre: Gradual colour transitions for a unique effect.
  • Sustainable: Eco-friendly fabrics like recycled materials or organic cotton.
  • Bold patterns: Playful prints and geometric shapes for a statement look.


How can I decorate my curtains?

Tassels, trims, and beads can add a touch of personality. Consider using curtain rods in unique materials like wood or metal to elevate the look.


Can I mix and match different curtain styles?

Yes! Layering different types of curtains, like sheer and heavier fabrics, can create a visually interesting effect. You can also mix and match colours and patterns to create a unique look.


How can I clean my curtains?

Follow the care instructions on the curtain label. Some fabrics can be machine-washed, while others need dry cleaning. Regular dusting and vacuuming can help prevent dust buildup.


What are some budget-friendly curtain options?

Ready-made curtains offer a variety of styles and colours at affordable prices. You can also consider DIY options, like sewing your own curtains or using fabric remnants.


Where can I find inspiration for curtain designs?

Browse online home decor magazines, websites, and social media platforms like Pinterest. Visit home decor stores and showrooms to see curtains in person.


How can I measure my windows for curtains?

Measure the width and height of your window opening, including any trim. Add 6-8 inches to the width and 4-8 inches to the height for a full and flowing look.


What are some tips for hanging curtains?

Use a level to ensure the curtain rod is straight. Hang the curtains slightly higher than the window opening for a more polished look. Consider using curtain liners to protect your curtains from fading and dust.


Can I use curtains in unconventional ways?

Yes! Curtains can be used to create privacy screens, divide rooms, or even add a touch of drama to a doorway.


What are some common curtain design mistakes?

  • Choosing the wrong size or length for your windows.
  • Selecting a fabric that is too heavy or light for the space.
  • Not considering the room’s function and light needs.
  • Matching curtains too closely to other elements in the room, creating a monotone look.


How can I make my curtains last longer?

Rotate your curtains regularly to prevent uneven fading. Wash them according to the care instructions and avoid using harsh chemicals. Store them properly when not in use to prevent wrinkles and dust buildup.

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