A Guide to the Domicile Management System in Punjab

A domicile is used to ensure that an individual is an inhabitant of a city. Graana.com gives an overview of the domicile management system.

A domicile certificate can be used to ensure that an individual is an inhabitant of a specified city. It can only be obtained in one city, as required by the law. You may be asked to provide a domicile certificate for various purposes, such as when applying for a job or to a university.

With the rise in technological advancements, the government has digitised the domicile certification process under the e-governance program and you can apply for a domicile certificate. There are different online government portals and mobile applications that can provide further information on obtaining a domicile certificate.

Graana.com gives a detailed overview of the domicile management system in Punjab below.


An Overview of Domicile Management System in Punjab


An Overview of Domicile Management System in Punjab


The manual data entry method in Punjab has been replaced with an online management system, which eliminates the need for what was previously a laborious and time-consuming process.

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PTB) was responsible for implementing the domicile management system in the state in 2007. In order to better manage domicile applications in Punjab, the PITB implemented state-of-the-art internet portals that are also entirely automated. It is operational in more than 34 districts.


Documents Required for Domicile

The following documents need to be presented when applying for a domicile certificate.

  • Applicants who are less than 18 years old are required to attach a copy of their birth certificate, while all other candidates are required to give copies of their CNIC.
  • Copy of CINC of either the father/guardian/husband
  • Certificate of birth
  • Copy of secondary school certificate (sometimes known as an SSC) or matric certificate
  • Bank receipt for the fee that was deposited
  • 3 pictures in the required passport format
  • Original copy of a property document or utility bill


Fee for Domicile Certificate

The charges for a domicile certificate are Rs. 200. You can get in touch with the office of the Assistant Commissioner that is located closest to you if you have any related questions.


How to Apply for a Domicile Through Domicile Management System


How to Apply for a Domicile Through Domicile Management System


The following is a step-step guide for applying for a domicile certificate in Punjab.

  • The applicant first needs to obtain the challan form from the court and fill it out.
  • Along with the application for a domicile certificate, the applicant is required to include all necessary documents that were listed above.
  • The applicant has to make the payment of the fee in accordance with the instructions provided on the challan form, obtain a receipt for the payment of the fee, and then apply.
  • The applicant will be notified of the date on which they can pick up the domicile certificate.


Online Verification Process

The government has implemented a mechanism for domicile verification in order to make the process more transparent and accessible. If you want to verify your domicile online, you can follow these guidelines below.

  • Open the official website for the domicile management system operated by the PITB. Insert your CNIC number or domicile number in the given space.
  • Click the verification button.
  • You will be provided with all the information related to the domicile, including its current status.

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