A Guide to the ePay Punjab App

With ePay app, people are able to make payments to the government easily. Explore Graana.com to explore more.

Online payments are disrupting traditional payment methods. Who could forget the yearly levies, taxes, and fees submitted at predetermined intervals? The lines were getting more lengthy and uncomfortable to wait in. The ePay Punjab app is here to provide a solution for every one of these issues.

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Using the ePay Punjab app, the government of Punjab has launched a project to speed up business-to-business and person-to-person transactions and payment systems. 

Through the use of the ePay app, individuals and businesses can make payments to the government in a way that is both secure and straightforward. The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and the Punjab Finance Department collaborated in 2019 to develop this smartphone application and make it accessible to the general public. 

The ease with which this software enabled the Punjab government to collect taxes and revenues contributed to its popularity. It is reasonable to infer that this software is a trailblazer for Pakistan. It is the country’s first digital tax aggregator, allowing users to pay their taxes to more than six different agencies at once. 


Overview of the ePay Punjab App


ePay Punjab is the first ever government-sponsored payment aggregator


ePay Punjab is the first ever government-sponsored payment aggregator, and it was launched to accelerate the rate at which residents of Punjab may become financially included. It results from a joint effort by the Punjab Finance Department and the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).  

It makes it possible to handle payments made by businesses to governments and payments made by individuals to governments. Through the 1-Link network, this system is connected to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and all other banks. 

 Since its inception in the fiscal year 19-20, ePay Punjab has made it possible for citizens to pay their taxes through various electronic payment channels. This has increased the overall number of levies around 11 different departments in the Punjab area to 24. 


What Makes ePay Important?

This application is digitally equipped, and it is both quick and effective. Additionally, it is risk-free and saves time. The following is a list of some of its more notable characteristics: 

  • Reduced number of people going to government offices 
  • Intelligent search capabilities 
  • Paying with a single click 
  • Three different payment channels 
  • Payment procedures that are simple, safe, and secure 
  • Payment processing that is both business-to-business and person-to-person 
  • It is simple to download. 
  • Valid throughout Punjab
  • Payment of fourteen different levies to six departments 


A Way of Securing Payments


epay is a A Way of Securing Payments


The removal of all of the intermediaries and agents is the key to understanding the relevance of this clever application. Speeding up the procedure requires additional payment as well as commissions. Because there is so much to do in our fast-paced world, we don’t like wasting time standing in line and waiting for our turn.  

Others are looking for a chance to make a financial profit from regular people and are not alone. When it comes down to it, most of us end up throwing away a significant amount of money to fulfill our civic duty as a citizen. 

Electronic payment comes to the fore as a kind of compensation. Because it offers the same services as our mobile phones, it is accessible to everyone. There is no longer a requirement to wait in extremely long lines. ePay is available and ready to use. 


Payment methods

The government of Punjab is exerting extraordinary efforts to make it possible for its people to lead hassle-free lives enhanced by modern technological advancements. You may pay for purchases made with this app using any one of the following methods: 


The current phase of the ePay Punjab App


The current version of ePay Punjab allows customers to pay their taxes and deposit fees


The current version of ePay Punjab allows customers to pay their taxes and deposit fees. This is for Punjab’s Board of Revenue, Industry, and Excise department. It is for the Punjab Land Record Authority. There is no reason to be startled by this.  

You may now pay the fee for your vehicle’s registration and the associated vehicle token tax through the application. The same holds for the fee required to transfer a motor vehicle. Making these payments used to be rather laborious and time-consuming; however, you may now complete the process using ePay Punjab. 

This is only the beginning of things. Using this application, you can pay property tax, cotton fees, e-stamping fees, Fard fees, mutation fees, and company registration expenses. It may seem quite complicated, but all you need to do is produce a seventeen-digit PSID number that can be used to complete your transactions and pay your taxes.

On the other hand, a centralized system will integrate all of the banks in Pakistan with the State Bank of Pakistan via a single link. 


How to Use the ePay App?

The operation of this app will be broken down into easily digestible steps and detailed below for your convenience.

Launch Application

Launching the application will give you vital tabs, including the Punjab Revenue Authority, the Board of Revenue, and the Excise and Taxation Department.

Suppose we continue with the Excise and Taxation Department; in that case, the pull-down menu will give us different alternatives for paying taxes, including Cotton Fee, Professional Tax, Token Tax, Property Tax, and Motor Vehicle Registration.


Explore Options

Moving forward, the Board of Revenue also offers a drop-down menu with alternatives like “Fard charge,” “E Stamping,” and “Mutation fee.” ePay Punjab provides an option for business registration under the main bar of the Industries Department if you would like to register a business that you have recently begun.  

The procedure has thus become significantly quicker, and the amount of time you are required to wait has decreased dramatically. The Department of School Education gives you some different deposit options so you may pay your school and college registration fees.

Obtain Challan

  • To obtain a challan, picture yourself waiting in line outside your institution. That issue is now resolved due to the app implementing a wise solution.
  • The option on the app marked “Transport Department” is available if you need to get a fee challan for a route permit. When you do so, a drop-down menu will appear, and from there, you may select the route permit option, after which you can give the required information and obtain your challan.
  • Suppose you have broken the traffic regulations and are required to pay the challan. In that case, you can generate a traffic challan using ePay by selecting Punjab Police as the service provider.
  • Choose the appropriate traffic challan, then fill out the required information to obtain a copy of your challan. When it comes down to it, ePay also gives users the option of getting a challan to pay Abiana.
  • Launch the program, then select irrigation from the menu. The eAbiana option will be presented when the drop-down menu is opened. Click on it and fill out the form.  
  • The culmination of every step is almost the same. At the very conclusion of the process, the application will produce a challan. This comes with a PSID number that is seventeen digits long. After you have obtained the challan, you are free to pay using any of the available methods. 


How to Get Receipts for Paid Taxes?

By completing these procedures, you will be able to obtain a receipt that details all of your payments: 

Mobile Application 

1) Open the ePay Punjab app and sign in. 

2) From the menu on the sidebar, select the History tab. 

3) After that, pick the tab labeled Paid Tax. 

4) Select the Paid Tax PSID by clicking on it. 

5) Select the option labeled “Receive Receipt.” 

6) A detailed receipt will be emailed to the address you provided when you enrolled for the service. 



1) Go to the ePay Punjab website and sign in. 

2) Select the “My Stats” tab from the main menu in the center of the screen. 

3) If the tax has been paid, go to the Receipt Column and click on the icon that says “View Receipt.” 

4) A receipt that is detailed in its whole will be displayed. Simply selecting the print button will result in the document being printed. 

We hope our information helped ease your mind so you feel comfortable exploring this technology. Those willing to embrace technological advancements will fare well in the coming ages. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you also transition to these electronic procedures. Anyone can do it without much effort.

You must have an understanding of a few stages before you can proceed. It will make things much easier for you to handle, including your day-to-day business dealings. 

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