A Guide to Wash Basin: Factors, Types and Price in Pakistan 

Wash Basin

These days, you spend a lot more time in the restroom than you did in the past. Today’s designers and builders work very hard to provide you with the best contemporary bathroom. One of the most prominent additions is the bath wash basin, which functions as a focal point and is aesthetically pleasing, so it is important to go through important factors before making a decision.

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When selecting the correct wash basin for the toilet, a number of things are taken into consideration to guarantee a proper fit. When designing a bathroom space, considerations including size, form, material, installation method, and design style are important.

Graana.com has prepared this guide that will explore these important factors and give you some best wash basins and prices in Pakistan. Whether you are searching for a little or large bathroom wash basin, this blog will assist you in making an informed decision that improves your daily routines and adds style and elegance to your toilet area.


Factors That Affect Choice of Wash Basin

Before you start searching for a wash basin, keep the following points in mind.


Bathroom Size

The washbasins are available in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Considering the size of the bathroom, you ought to purchase one. Maintaining a harmonious appearance requires balance and proportion; an out-of-place basin in a huge bathroom or a little basin in a tiny bathroom can have a startling effect.

If you find yourself in this dilemma when choosing between a washbasin and a sink. More so than bathroom size, the distinction between a sink and a wash basin is in how they are used. A wash basin is larger and made especially for bathrooms, while a sink is usually smaller and found in spaces like kitchens.

But even if you choose the wash basin based on the size of the bathroom, choosing the appropriate size guarantees a well-thought-out, useful, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.


Shower Location and Toilet Seat

The best location for a bathroom sink does not get in the way of taking a shower or even the toilet. For practical reasons, it is imperative that the wash basin be placed close to the toilet seat. This is crucial as you do not want your bathroom to appear disorganised and messy. It is convenient to wash your hands after using the restroom when the wash basin is close to the toilet, which encourages good hygiene.

The best place for the wash basin is also influenced by where the shower is located. Users can rinse their hands or face more quickly after taking a shower when the wash basin is placed close to the shower area, which increases user convenience.



Basin-to-basin variations exist in mounting. To select the ideal bathroom, you also need to be aware of the types of basins that are accessible. There are several different types of basins available, including integrated and half-pedestal basins, semi-recessed basins, under-counter basins, and pedestal basins. Additionally, if you choose a toilet and basin combination, you can be confident that their measurements and installation specifications match, which makes mounting easier and guarantees a smooth and effective installation in the bathroom.


Right Choice of Faucets

There will be a large selection of faucets for you to pick from. You will have a number of options to choose from when it comes to wash basin faucets. Selecting faucets for your sink is crucial since they should blend in with the design of both the sink and the bathroom.



Ceramic is the most commonly used material for bathroom sinks. Due to their many different styles, these basins are very popular. They are affordable, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. The shiny and smooth surface of the basin adds a modern and elegant touch to a variety of bathroom themes.


Stone/ Marble

The lovely, wrinkle-free design of thick marble or stone basins makes them easy to identify. They also have a sleek, modern appearance and are simple to maintain. They thus greatly improved the bathroom’s appearance.



Glass washbasins are very popular, but they require special upkeep. These sinks for toilets should only be placed in restrooms where people take care not to drop objects into the basin. Its transparency gives the impression of openness, which enlarges even little restrooms. Glass wash basins are a practical and fashionable option for modern bathrooms because, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, glass is a sturdy material that is also simple to clean and maintain.


Different Types of Wash Basins in Pakistan

The following are the most common types of wash basins in Pakistan:

  • Pedestal Wash Basin
  • Vanity Sinks
  • Rimmed Wash Basin
  • Rimmed Wash Basin
  • Hanging Wash Basin
  • Vessel Sinks


Pedestal Wash Basin


Pedestal Wash Basin


In Pakistan, pedestal wash basins are the most widely used kind of bathroom sink. This type of freestanding sink is elevated and supported by a little column that sits beneath it. Although they may seem a little outdated to some, they are robust and come in a variety of patterns and hues to meet your needs. Furthermore, they are ideal for small bathrooms because they can be installed without a countertop or vanity. The most common material used to make pedestal sinks is ceramic.

Pedestal Wash Basin price in Pakistan: PKR 3000/- to PKR 7000/-


Vanity Sink


Vanity Sink


Vanity sinks are another well-liked option when it comes to sink styles that are offered on the market. These sinks are typically located in opulent, roomy bathrooms and take up a lot of space. These bathroom sinks are integrated into granite, marble, wood, or tile countertops and typically provide cabinets or shelves for extra storage behind the sink. Because they are put from below into a space that was created for the sink during construction, sinks fitted in vanity countertops are also known as under-mount sinks.

Vanity Wash Basin price in Pakistan: PKR 15,000/-


Rimmed Wash Basin


Rimmed Wash Basin


This bathroom sink, in contrast to the previous one, is installed into the countertop from above, which is also the reason it is referred to as a top-mount or drop-in sink. These sinks get their name from the rim that usually sits above the counter because they are installed into an opening in the countertop from above. Additionally, the sink’s lip or rim keeps it in place and keeps it from slipping below the countertop’s height. In order to prevent damage, the rim is often smooth and rounded. When it comes to replacement, this kind of bathroom sink is simpler than under-mount or vanity sinks.


Hanging Wash Basin


Hanging Wash Basin


In Pakistan, wall-hung or wall-mounted sinks are the most contemporary type of bathroom sinks that are offered. Installed flush against the wall at an ergonomic height for the user, these sinks are perfect for a sleek and elegant bathroom where minimalism is necessary. Because a hanging sink does not need a countertop or pedestal for support, it saves space on the wall and the floor. One drawback of these sinks is that if the sink is put after the wall has been tiled, supply and drainage pipes may be seen underneath the sink. Additionally, this sink has very little to no storage space. Nonetheless, rather than pedestal sinks, this option should be taken into account by homeowners with small bathrooms.

Hanging Wash Basin price in Pakistan: PKR 7500/- to PKR 30,000/-


Vessel Sinks


Vessel Sinks


Vessel sinks are countertop sinks with a separate bowl or vessel that is used to mount your faucets. This style of bathroom sink, also known as above-counter installation, is more frequently used in commercial environments, such as eateries and other public spaces. For user convenience, it is typically preferred to place two or three vessel sinks above a single countertop. Although they are not as common as the bathroom sink types previously discussed, vessel sinks are nevertheless utilised in homes. Glass, ceramic, stone, mosaic, crystal, marble, and a variety of other robust and long-lasting building materials can all be used to create the vessel in this sink.

That was all about different factors and types of washbasin. This blog also provided wash basin price in Pakistan.

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