A List of NADRA Offices in Karachi

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To cater to Pakistan’s biggest metropolitan city, NADRA mega centers have been set up throughout Karachi to meet the documentation requirements of the citizens.

If you need a National Identity Card (NIC), a passport, a birth certificate, or a digital ID card, you can visit any NADRA mega center from this list by Graana.com.  


What Is NADRA?


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The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is a government agency run under the supervision of the Interior Secretary of Pakistan. The agency regulates government databases and is responsible for statistically managing the count and registration of the national citizens of Pakistan. 

NADRA was founded in 1998, and was created under the merger of the National Database Organisation and Directorate General of Registration in March 2010.

In addition to its role in maintaining numerous sensitive databases containing personal information of Pakistani citizens, NADRA also issues computerised national identity cards, child registration certificates, and other identity documents. 

Furthermore, it is in charge of protecting Pakistanis by preventing identity theft. With more than 16,670 staff members, NADRA Pakistan has produced more than 100 million identity cards up to date.


NADRA Mega Centers and Offices in Karachi

Over 560 NADRA mega centers are located all over Pakistan, according to NADRA’s official website. Additionally, it maintains around 13 offices overseas, serving Pakistanis living abroad.

The addresses of NADRA mega centres in Karachi have been listed below.


No.  Branch  Address Contact
1 NADRA Provincial Headquarters 29-E, Miran Muhammad Shah Road, MACHS (021) 111 786 100
2 NADRA Mega Center DHA Service Road, 18th East Street, Phase 1, DHA (021) 111 786 100
3 NADRA Mega Center North Nazimabad Plot No. D15/1, Euro Twin Tower, Block L, North Nazimabad Town (021) 111 786 100
4 NADRA Mega Center Siemens Siemens Chowrangi, SITE Area (021) 111 786 100
5 NADRA Executive Office Shahrah-e-Quaideen Plot No. 85-C, Saleem Tower, Khudadad Colony 021-34555585
6 NADRA Executive Office Clifton B-7, Quality Arcade near Shawn Circle, Clifton 021-35308063
7 NADRA Executive Office Saddar Near Saddar Passport Office 021-99206352
8 NADRA Executive Office KCCI Karachi Chamber of Commerce Building, Saddar Town 0300-2546004
9 NADRA Mega Centre Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 15, near Income Building, Gulistan-e-Johar 021-34023995
10 NADRA Office Safoora Goth Plot 5 Block B, Race Course Club, Safoora Goth 021-32066719
11 NADRA Office Awami Markaz  Awami Markaz, Shahrah-e-Faisal 021-99240546
12 NADRA Office Lyari UC-10, Mullah Fazal Hall, Chakiwara Road, near Al-Jameel Hotel, Lyari 021-32546688
13 NADRA Centre Orangi Town Town Administrator Office, Orangi Town No. 5 021-36699980
14 NADRA Centre Surjani Town  KDA Building, Sector 4-A, Surjani Town 021-36910771
15 NADRA Centre Soldier Bazar UC-13, Garden West 021-99215558
16 NADRA Mega Center Liaquatabad Liaquatabad Town Office, KMC Building, Nazimabad-3 021-36600096-97
17 NADRA Centre Landhi UC-07 Office Building, 37/C, near Babar Market, Landhi 021-35023645
18 NADRA Mega Center Malir Rafi Mall Building, National Highway, near Malir Court, Malir 021-34114261
19 NADRA Centre Korangi UC Office, Old KDA Building, near Sultan Clinic, Korangi No. 4 021-35074166
20 NADRA Centre Gulshan-e-Hadeed  UC-6 Building, Gulshan-e-Hadeed Phase-1, Near Bank Al-Habib, Bin Qasim Town 021-34717652
21 NADRA Centre Shah Faisal Colony KMC Office, Water Board Shah Faisal Colony, Shah Faisal Town 021-34599569
22 NADRA Centre Memon Goth  UC-01, Murad Memon Goth, Gadap Town 021-34602300
23 NADRA Centre Saudabad UC-03 Building, Saudabad near Student Bakery, Malir 021-34507800


NADRA Office Timings in Karachi

It is convenient for citizens to apply for necessary identification documents whenever they can according to their personal schedules, because NADRA mega centers are open round-the-clock. 

For other branches, however, the offices are open at specific timings. You can visit the NADRA executive offices and registration centres in Karachi during the following hours.

Days: Monday to Saturday
Timings: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM


NADRA Helpline Number

Overseas Pakistanis and Fixed Lines 051-111-786-100

Users of Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong 7000 


Services Provided by NADRA

Pakistani citizens can obtain the following identification documents from NADRA:

  1. Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC)
  2. NADRA Smart Card
  3. National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)
  4. Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
  5. Cancellation Certificate
  6. National Passport 
  7. Pakistan Origin Card (POC)
  8. Child Registration Certificate (CRC)
  9. Juvenile Card (JV)


NADRA Fee Schedule

If you have any concerns regarding the cost of different services, the following table breaks down all the fee payments below.


Type Normal Urgent Executive
Smart NICOP Renewal USD 20 – 39 USD 30 – 57 USD 40 – 75
Smart NICOP Modification USD 20 – 39 USD 30 – 57 USD 40 – 75
Smart NICOP Duplicate USD 20 – 39 USD 30 – 57 USD 40 – 75
Smart NIC Renewal PKR 750 PKR 1,500 PKR 2,500
Smart NIC Modification PKR 750 PKR 1,500 PKR 2,500
Smart NIC Duplicate PKR 750 PKR 1,500 PKR 2,500
NICOP Renewal USD 17 – 36  USD 27 – 54 USD 37 – 72
NICOP Modification USD 17 – 36  USD 27 – 54 USD 37 – 72
NICOP Duplicate USD 17 – 36  USD 27 – 54 USD 37 – 72
New Smart NICOP USD 20 – 39 USD 30 – 57 USD 40 – 75
New Smart NIC PKR 750 PKR 1,500 PKR 2,500
New NICOP USD 17 – 36  USD 27 – 54 USD 37 – 72
New CNIC PKR 1,150 PKR 2,150
FRC PKR 1,000 PKR 1,000
CRC New/Duplicate/Modification PKR 50 PKR 500
CNIC Renewal PKR 400 PKR 1,150 PKR 2,150
CNIC Modification PKR 400 PKR 1,150 PKR 2,150
CNIC Duplicate PKR 400 PKR 1,150 PKR 2,150
CNIC Cancellation (Due to death) PKR 50


Since it holds such importance due to its vast range of services, many Nadra mega centres have been set up in Karachi, as well as in other cities of Pakistan, to facilitate the people.

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