A Run-Through Gaddafi Stadium Restaurants

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Food dominates all arenas of life, and Gaddafi Stadium is no exception. Scattered around the biggest field stadiums in Lahore, the Gaddafi Stadium Restaurants are some of the main attractions of Gulberg III. In this blog, Graana.com will take you through this vibrant culinary scene so you can plan a bombshell get-together with your friends and family. 

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List of Gaddafi Stadium Restaurants

Here is a list of most famous restaurants near Gaddafi Stadium Lahore 


Restaurant Names Contact Number 
Dera Restaurant 0322 4305059
Bundu Khan Restaurant (Balochi Sajji)(042) 35711945
Jugni Restaurant 0321 7044449
Bashir Dar-Ul-Mahi 0321 4586246
Nadeem’s Buffet(042) 35716872
Butt Karahi 0329 1155522
Le Meilleur Lahore0300 1008001


DERA Restaurant


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Just a stone’s throw away from Gaddafi Stadium, DERA Restaurant draws visitors with its unique blend of delicious meals and a captivating open-air sitting. The outdoors setting has a desi aesthetic embellished with antique Punjabi cultural chairs and charpais. 

At Dera’s, diners can enjoy rich food surrounded by the lush greenery. Additionally, people get to cherish the lively atmosphere often charged with Pakistanis’ enthusiasm and love for cricket. 

The restaurant offers a diverse menu, featuring both local and international cuisines. From traditional Lahori delights to sizzling barbecues, there’s something to satisfy every craving. 

Moreover, DERA restaurant has a separate stall for tandoori chaaye (tea) so you’re never too far from the perfect celebration of a victory or the calming uplift after a rout. The eatery also offers a small garden with swings for children and a namaz area. 


Nadeem’s Buffet


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Anyone even slightly familiar with the Gaddafi Stadium area knows about the splendour that is Nadeem’s Buffet. Imagine enjoying your favourite meals in a serene, botanic-themed setting enveloped with two lush green lawns. 

The restaurant offers buffets for all meals (breakfasts, lunch, and dinner). Besides, Nadeem’s Buffet can host events including birthdays, engagements, retirements, and anniversary parties. 

As one of the most popular Gaddafi stadium restaurants, this buffet offers a range of cuisine including Chinese, Mediterranean, American, Japanese, Italian, and French. Regulars at Nadeem’s relish their courteous staff, uplifting environment, and authentic recipes. 


Jugni Restaurant


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It’s impossible to talk about restaurants near Gaddafi stadium Lahore without mentioning Jugni restaurant. Shining fairy lights, manicured lawn, barbecue smoke, crimson gastro umbrellas, the constant rhythm of “tak a tak” and brick pavements —Jugni screams LAHORE in every possible way. 

Reflecting the true colours of Lahore, the diner is a blend of desi and western setting. The restaurant offers a wholesome desi menu with a hint of Chinese cuisines. Visitors thoroughly enjoy the flavourful dishes coupled with the amazing live music and A+ service. All in all, Jugni Restaurant provides a unique dining experience that embraces the soul of Lahore’s culinary heritage.


Bundu Khan Restaurant (Balochi Sajji)


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Among the popular commercial properties in Gaddafi stadium is an iconic restaurant that blends various aspects of desi culinary heritages. Bundu Khan takes pride in serving a specialty that holds a unique place in the hearts and taste buds of Lahoris – Balochi Sajji.

The restaurant’s ambiance exudes an elegant and timeless charm. The soft colour palette, featuring olive green and light, creamy browns, creates an inviting and warm atmosphere. With gold decor contrasting the chequered floor maintains an air of old money and luxury. 

Beyond the sense of comfort and refined taste, the patrons applaud the staff for their stellar service. Whether you’re catching a cricket match at Gaddafi Stadium, celebrating with friends and family, or simply seeking a delicious meal, Bundu Khan’s spacious and welcoming interior provides an ideal setting for all occasions.


Bashir Darul Mahi Restaurant


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Bashir Darul Mahi is one of the few Gaddafi stadium restaurants that offer fresh seafood. This family owned establishment has been serving batter-fried fish for over three decades in the city of gardens. 

The perfectly crisp coating over tender Mahi magnetises locals and tourists alike. Darul Mahi has grown nationwide and is the go-to seafood option for most Pakistanis. The ambiance at Bashir Darul Mahi is inviting and unpretentious. It’s a place where the focus is on the food, and the decor reflects the maritime theme. 

The restaurant’s friendly staff welcomes guests with warmth and attentiveness, ensuring that the dining experience is as memorable as the food itself. 


Butt Karahi


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The day isn’t far when Butt Karahi will be declared the national restaurant of Pakistan. Here is why it’s one of the most famous restaurants in Gaddafi stadium. Butt Karahi is not just a restaurant; it’s a culinary log that reflects desi culture. 

Even though the restaurant offers a blend of traditional and western cuisine, the real star of the show here is undoubtedly the “karahi”. Karahi is a traditional wok-like cooking vessel used to prepare an array of mouthwatering dishes. This iconic method of cooking lends a distinct and irresistible flavour to the food. 

Butt Karahi provides an ambiance that weaves tradition with modern comfort. The rustic charm of Lahore’s old streets is evident in the decor, which seamlessly blends with contemporary seating arrangements.


Le Meilleur Lahore


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If you’re seeking a touch of elegance, head to the “influencer favourite” Le Meilleur. This hidden gem of a restaurant near Gaddafi Stadium Lahore is renowned for its enchanting ambiance and mouthwatering dishes. 

As you step into Le Meilleur Lahore, you’ll be greeted by a world of artistic aesthetics and a culinary experience that surpasses expectations. Many regulars swear by Le Meilleur’s carefully crafted menu, featuring a fusion of international flavours that will leaves your taste buds dancing with joy. 



Wrapping our refined list of Gaddafi stadium restaurants, here are a few things we’d like to suggest for your enhanced experience. This blog only talks about the most popular eat out spot near Gaddafi stadium, however there are many restaurants in Gulberg that you can explore. 

To have the best dining experience, you can reserve your spot at the busy eatery and have things planned accordingly. Lastly, make sure to enjoy whichever diner you pick to spend a perfect and memorable evening at. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions people often wonder about Gaddafi Stadium restaurants.


Why is Gaddafi Stadium Called Lahore Stadium?

The Pakistan government decided to pay homage to the Libyan leader Muhammar Gaddafi in the early 1970. This honorary act was done to show appreciation for Libyan assistance during a challenging time. Renaming the cricket field solidified the diplomatic relations among the two countries. 


What are the most popular restaurants near Gaddafi stadium Lahore?

Here is a list of popular restaurants near Gaddafi stadium Lahore.

  • Bundu Khan Restaurant
  • Dera Restaurant 
  • Jugni Restaurant 
  • Butt Karahi
  • Salt Bae Restaurant
  • X2 Lahore
  • Bashir Dar-Ul-Mahi 
  • Nadeem’s Buffet
  • Le Meilleur Lahore
  • Café Aylanto
  • Freddy’s Café
  • Cooco’s Den
  • Nando’s

Why is Buffet better?

Buffets offer several advantages that make them a preferred dining option for many. They provide a wide variety of food choices, allowing diners to select what they like. Buffets are often all-you-can-eat, providing good value for money. They also promote social interaction and eliminate the wait time for individual orders, making them a convenient choice for group dining.


What is a buffet dinner?

A buffet dinner is a dining arrangement where a variety of dishes, both hot and cold, are laid out on tables for diners to serve themselves. It typically includes appetisers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. Diners can choose their preferred items and serve themselves in the quantities they desire, making buffet dinners a versatile and interactive dining experience.


What is a good menu for a buffet?

From appetisers, to main course, to sides and beverages A good menu for a buffet should offer a well-balanced selection of dishes to cater to various tastes and dietary preferences.

This menu covers a range of flavours and dietary needs, making it suitable for a diverse group of diners. Adjust the menu based on the theme, occasion, and guest preferences for your buffet.


Is the Dera Gaddafi stadium menu versatile?

Dera Restaurant predominantly offers desi cuisines. However, they also serve authentic Chinese, Italian and American dishes.


Which is the starting Gaddafi stadium buffet price?

Nadeem’s buffet prices near Gaddafi Stadium Lahore start from around Rs 2000/- However, this popular restaurant also offers a bunch of discounts on different occasions. In 2023, Nadeem’s buffet came out with a hot offer of a whopping 50% off on International Women’s Day. 

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