All About Baqai Hospital Nazimabad 

The Baqai Hospital provides several easy ways to book your consultation or appointment.

One of Karachi’s top hospitals, Baqai Hospital, is in Nazimabad. By using the most up-to-date medical equipment for both treatment and diagnosis, together with the services of highly qualified medical professionals, they are dedicated to providing patients with the finest possible experience. Baqai Hospital has established a stellar reputation throughout the Karachi region for delivering exceptional care.

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Apart from providing extensive services, Baqai Hospital provides patients with easy methods to obtain high-quality medical care. The doctor who best meets your needs can be consulted online or by appointment. In this blog, brings you a comprehensive guide to the Baqai Hospital Nazimabad.

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Best Doctors at Baqai Hospital, Nazimabad 

The best doctors available at Baqai Hospital, Nazimabad, are as follows: 

  • Dr. Syed Zohaib Raza 
  • Dr. Syed Aziz Uddin 
  • Dr. Muhammad Murtaza Ali Siddiqui 


Appointment at Baqai Hospital Nazimabad 

The Baqai Hospital provides several easy ways to book your consultation or appointment. A summary of your choices is as follows:  


Information Details 
Department Timings Operational timings vary – Call at 0311-1222398 for details 
Address Block 3, Nazimabad, Karachi 
Contact Number 0311-1222398 


Baqai Hospital: A Leader in Karachi’s Healthcare Landscape


baqai hospital building


Located in the centre of Karachi, Baqai Hospital is a renowned private healthcare facility committed to offering top-notch patient care. Baqai Hospital has established a stellar reputation for quality care within the Karachi medical community due to its high patient satisfaction ratings.  

The success of Baqai Hospital can be attributed to several aspects. Renowned for their proficiency, highly skilled physicians serve as the core of the healthcare team. A group of highly skilled paramedical personnel supports these physicians, guaranteeing a thorough and well-coordinated approach to patient care.

In addition, Baqai Hospital continues to be a leader in medical technology, investing in state-of-the-art machinery to deliver the best treatments possible. This dedication to state-of-the-art technology is reinforced by Baqai Hospital’s physicians being all PMC-verified. 

Offering a broad range of treatments, Baqai Hospital serves both inpatients and outpatients. The hospital has departments dedicated to orthopaedics, gynaecology, paediatrics, general surgery, nephrology, cardiology, and neurosurgery, so you can receive routine examinations or specialised care as needed.

A group of elite physicians and advisors oversees each department, guaranteeing that patients receive the best care in their area of need. 

Apart from its group of outstanding physicians, Baqai Hospital has a modern, fully-stocked infirmary. Patients are guaranteed timely and efficient care whenever they need it, thanks to state-of-the-art delivery rooms, cosy inpatient and outpatient facilities, and a dedicated emergency department that is open around the clock.

In addition, the hospital offers a wide range of auxiliary services, such as well-stocked operating rooms, a pharmacy with complete services, a diagnostic lab, a nursery, and X-ray facilities. This dedication to offering all required facilities in one location makes it possible for patients to receive seamless and effective care. 


Departments at in Baqai Hospital Nazimabad 

hospital departments animation

The following are the specialists available in Baqai Hospital Nazimabad. 

  • Internal Medicine 
  • Paediatrician 
  • General Surgeon 
  • Anaesthetist 
  • Psychiatrist 
  • Gynecologist 
  • Neurologist 
  • Orthopedic Surgeon 
  • Pulmonologist 
  • Ophthalmologist 
  • ENT Specialist 
  • Radiologist 
  • Plastic Surgeon 
  • Dermatologist 
  • Diabetologist 
  • Nephrologist 
  • Rheumatologist 
  • General Physician

Contact Information

Information Details 
Address 111-B, 1/8, Nazimabad, Karachi
Phone 021-36618396 
More Numbers 021-36618396, 021-36618943 
City Karachi 

List of Specialists at Baqai Hospital Nazimabad

Specialisation Doctor Name 
Neurologist Dr. Jamshaid Alam Butt 
General Surgeon Dr. Waqar Ahmed 
Rheumatologist Dr. Syed Mahfooz Alam 
General Physician Dr. Nida Sajid 
Internal Medicine Dr. Karim Kammeruddin 
Dermatologist Dr. Ramesh Kumar 
ENT Specialist Dr. Munazza Shabnum 
ENT Specialist Dr. Abdul Qayyum 
Gynecologist Dr. Musharraf Jehan 
Gynecologist Dr. Rahila Valliani 
Gynecologist Dr. Shazia Kanwal 
Gynecologist Dr. Perveen Hussain 
Gynecologist Dr. Humera Mushtaq 
Neurologist Dr. Syed Wasim Akhtar 
Neurologist Dr. Abdul Latif 
Neurologist Dr. Arif Dawood Herekar 
Ophthalmologist Dr. Muhammad Qamar Khan 
Ophthalmologist Dr. Abdul Khaliq 
Pulmonologist Dr. Akbar Ali Shaikh 
Pulmonologist Dr. Zeeshan Mehfooz 
Pulmonologist Dr. Tariq Ahmed Sami 
General Surgeon Dr. Arshadullah Khan 
General Surgeon Dr. Kirshan 
General Surgeon Dr. Major Abdul Ghani 
General Surgeon Dr. Syeda Bushra Fatima 
General Surgeon Dr. Arsalan Ghazi 
General Surgeon Dr. Farrukh Alim Ansari 
Radiologist Dr. Javed Mehboob 
Radiologist Dr. Rizwan-Ul-Hasan 
Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shafatullah Qudratullah 
Anaesthetist Dr. Tariq Nazir Ul Hasan 
Anaesthetist Dr. Syed Jamil Hassan 
Anaesthetist Dr. Tariq Mahmood 
Anaesthetist Dr. Anwar Ali 
Anaesthetist Dr. Asfareen Navaid 
Anaesthetist Dr. Jalaluddin M. Shaikh 
Anaesthetist Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar 
Psychiatrist Dr. Anwar Abdul Qadir 
Psychiatrist Dr. Jetha Nand 
Psychiatrist Dr. Haresh Kumar 
Psychiatrist Dr. Fakharuddin Hatim 
Psychiatrist Dr. Mahira Shafi 
Psychiatrist Dr. Inam Rasool 
Pediatrician Dr. Nasreen Shahid 
Pediatrician Dr. Muhammad Aslam Rana 
Pediatrician Dr. Salma Imam 
Pediatrician Dr. Shujauddin 
Pediatrician Dr. Sana Yaseen 
Pediatrician Dr. Noman Khan 
Pediatrician Dr. Sheeraz Ahmed 
Pediatrician Dr. Hammad Shahid 
Pediatrician Dr. Sumaira Mahmood 
Pediatrician Dr. Abdul Salam 
Pediatrician Dr. M. Abu Talib 
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ahmed Ali 
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Capt. Dean Harris 
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Shahid Ilyas 
Diabetologist Dr Atif Ashraf 
Nephrologist Dr. Moin Ahmed Qureshi 
Internal Medicine Dr. Rajish Kumar 
Internal Medicine Dr. Sumaira Abbas 
Internal Medicine Dr. M. Saeed Talib 
Internal Medicine Dr. S. Shabeer Hussain 
Internal Medicine Dr. M. Iqbal Quresh 
Internal Medicine Dr. Rashid Jamal 
Internal Medicine Dr. Shehla Ilyas Khan 
Internal Medicine Dr. Muhammad Hashim 
Internal Medicine Dr. Ruquia Malik 
Internal Medicine Dr. Iram Nadia Khan 
Internal Medicine Dr. Aisha Sultan 
Internal Medicine Dr. Farheen Ahmed 


Here are the FAQs on Baqai hospital Nazimabad.


What is the doctors’ consultation fee at Baqai Hospital, Nazimabad Karachi?

The consultation fee ranges between PKR 500 and PKR 5,000, depending on the doctor’s experience and speciality.


What are the times for Baqai Hospital, Nazimabad Karachi?

Baqai Hospital’s emergency department operates 24/7. However, individual specialists have their own consultation times. It is recommended that you call the hospital or check online for available doctors. 


Is the Emergency Service available at Baqai Hospital, Nazimabad Karachi?

Yes, Baqai Hospital offers 24/7 emergency services. 


What is the address of Baqai Hospital, Karachi?

Baqai Hospital is located at Block 3, Nazimabad, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. 

This was all about Baqai hospital Nazimabad. For more details on Karachi hospitals, visit

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