An Overview of Gwadar Development Authority (GDA)


Gwadar, located on the Arabian Sea coastline of Pakistan, is a city with enormous potential. It is at the heart of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which will provide opportunities for economic growth and development.

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With the Gwadar Port becoming operational, the city has become a focal point for investment, and the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) plays a significant role in regulating and managing it. discusses the history, directorates, wings, and services of GDA in detail below.


History of Gwadar Development Authority


Gwadar Port


They began the construction of the Gwadar Port in March 2002 and anticipated that the city would undergo massive growth in the coming years. The introduction of the Gwadar Master Plan recommended land use in Gwadar to regulate its growth.

The establishment of the GDA took place in October 2003 to enhance, improve, implement, and regulate the Master Plan. This paved the way for the development of internal road networks, residential and commercial land zoning, and the vision and mission for the future of the city.


Directorates and Wings of Gwadar Development Authority

Developing Gwadar into a modern city and a first-class residential and commercial area in Pakistan is the commitment of the GDA.

  • Planning Wing: responsible for developing, reviewing, and approving land use plans
  • Registration Wing: responsible for registering land transactions
  • GIS Wing: deals with geographical information systems
  • Survey Wing: conducts surveys of land and prepares maps
  • Agricultural Wing: responsible for promoting agricultural activities in the region
  • Air Quality Wing: monitors air pollution levels.
  • Municipal Wing: provides basic municipal services, including water supply, sanitation, and solid waste management
  • IT Wing: deals with the development of computer-based systems and networks
  • HRM Wing: manages the human resources of the authority
  • Legal Wing: provides legal support to the GDA
  • Transport Wing: manages the transportation system
  • Staff Welfare Wing: deals with the welfare of GDA employees
  • Building Wing: responsible for building construction
  • Electrical Wing: provides electrical services
  • Design Section Wing and Road Section Wing: deal with the design and construction of roads
  • Land Revenue Wing: responsible for the collection of land revenue
  • Land Management Wing: manages land records
  • Auditing Wing: conducts audits of GDA accounts
  • Record Section Wing: maintains records


Services and Incentives Provided by Gwadar Development Authority

The Gwadar Development Authority – GDA is committed to developing Gwadar into a modern city and a first-class residential and commercial area in Pakistan. As the GDA does not own any land, it does not provide any direct incentives to investors. However, it provides several services that promote investment and development in the region.

It approves and regulates building plans and land use, ensuring that all development activities comply with the Gwadar Master Plan. It also provides basic municipal services, such as water supply, sanitation, and solid waste management, to ensure that the city provides quality living and is attractive to investors.

Additionally, the GDA is responsible for the construction of roads and other infrastructure projects in the region.


Projects Undertaken by Gwadar Development Authority


Animation of New Gwadar International Airport


As Gwadar seeks to establish itself as a major hub of economic activity in the region, the role of GDA becomes increasingly important. One of its key responsibilities is to undertake projects that are crucial for the development of Gwadar.

GDA is involved in these ongoing and completed projects, and here’s an overview of them:

  • New Gwadar International Airport
  • Gwadar Free Zone


New Gwadar International Airport

The New Gwadar International Airport will play a key role in facilitating trade and investment in the region. It will also serve as an important gateway for international visitors and businesses, making it easier for them to travel to Gwadar and the surrounding areas.


Gwadar Free Zone

Gwadar Free Zone is another important project of GDA. This zone is intended to attract investment and facilitate business activities by providing a range of incentives to businesses that operate within it. The Free Zone covers an area of around 2,282 acres and is divided into different sections, including an industrial zone, a commercial zone, and a residential zone.

The Gwadar Free Zone is also expected to create jobs, which could help drive economic growth in the region and provide opportunities to the local population. 


Long-Term Development Plans for Gwadar

Following are the future development plans of the city of Gwadar.


Gwadar Smart City


Gwadar Smart City alongside Arabian sea


GDA has envisioned Gwadar as a smart city with modern infrastructure and advanced technology. We can expect the Gwadar Smart City to be built in several phases and will include features such as smart energy systems, digital communication networks, and eco-friendly transportation.

The objective is to create a sustainable and livable city that is attractive to residents, investors, and tourists alike.


Gwadar East Bay Expressway

Another key project is the Gwadar East Bay Expressway. This will connect Gwadar Port with the Makran Coastal Highway and will provide a faster and more efficient transportation route for goods and people. The objective is to improve connectivity and access to Gwadar, which could help attract more investors.



GDA plays a significant role in regulating and managing the growth of Gwadar. Its various directorates and wings provide essential services, including town planning, land registration, municipal services, infrastructure development, and legal support.

As Gwadar continues to attract investors, GDA’s role will become even more critical in ensuring that development is sustainable and benefits both the city’s residents and its investors.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who is the current DG of Gwadar Development Authority?

As of March 2023, the current Director General of GDA is Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, who also serves as the Chief Minister of Balochistan.


What is the Gwadar master plan?

The authorities authorized a Port Master Plan for Gwadar Port in 2006 with a 50-year timeline to govern its administration, handling, and expansion. In 2007, the authorities appointed a Port Operator (PSAI) through an international competitive bidding (ICB) process and granted them a concession agreement to manage the port’s activities for 40 years in accordance with the Master Plan.


What are the vision and guiding strategic objectives that are developed for Gwadar City?

The envisioned future of Gwadar is that it will transform into a smart port city, characterised by safety, prosperity, environmental sustainability, and liveability.


Is Gwadar on lease to China?

Gwadar Port Authority currently owns the Gwadar Port, whereas China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) is handling its operations. Before the involvement of COPHC, the Port of Singapore Authority had been responsible for managing the port’s operations.


Which is the largest housing project in Gwadar?

Rafi Group, a distinguished real estate organization in Pakistan, initiated the Green Palms Housing Project, which is a significant real estate venture. As part of the ambitious Gwadar project under CPEC, a few pioneering housing schemes have been developed, and the Green Palms Housing Project is one of them.

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