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Nestled in the heart of Pakistan’s cultural capital, Lahore lies a city renowned for its lush greenery. The vibrant transformation can be attributed to the ceaseless efforts of the Parks & Horticulture Authority Lahore (PHA).

Established in September 1998 under the Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976, PHA Lahore has emerged as a paramount institution responsible for shaping Lahore into a thriving haven of natural beauty. 


The History of PHA Lahore 

The origins of PHA Lahore can be traced back to the Government of the Punjab’s Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department’s Notification No. SO(P)-3-4/98, dated 21-09-1998. This pivotal moment marked the inception of PHA Lahore as a pioneering entity.

Subsequently, “THE PARKS & HORTICULTURE AUTHORITY ACT 2012” (Act XL VII of 2012), passed by the Provincial Assembly in accordance with clause (3) of Article 116 of the constitution, elevated PHA Lahore to the esteemed status of an Authority, solidifying its role in shaping the city. 


A Verdant Transformation 

At the core of PHA Lahore’s mission is the ambitious goal of transforming Lahore into a city brimming with verdant beauty. Through a close partnership with the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), PHA Lahore has tirelessly worked towards this objective.

Given Lahore’s distinction as home to some of Pakistan’s most celebrated parks and gardens, the role of PHA Lahore in the city’s development cannot be overstated. 


A Glimpse into PHA’s Offerings


PHA Lahore Projects


  • Enhancing Green Spaces: Equipped with cutting-edge tools and a committed team, PHA Lahore strives to enhance the city’s green areas, making them more vibrant and appealing for residents and visitors alike. 
  • Ensuring Order in Outdoor Advertising: PHA Lahore goes beyond aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in maintaining the city’s visual appeal by overseeing and regulating outdoor advertising, ensuring that it harmonises with the urban environment. 
  • Enriching City Culture with Festivals and Exhibitions: PHA Lahore actively contributes to the city’s cultural tapestry by orchestrating a diverse range of public festivals and exhibitions, fostering community engagement and celebration. 

The Multifaceted Roles of PHA Lahore 

PHA Lahore’s multifaceted responsibilities encompass: 

Development and Maintenance 

Public open spaces, green areas, playgrounds, and parks are under the control of PHA Lahore. The painstaking landscaping, planting, and revitalisation efforts give scenic locations throughout Lahore new life. 

Cultural Promotion 

Through horticulture programmes, cultural festivals, flower exhibits, public exhibitions, and several other activities, the authority is instrumental in fostering a love of gardening and cultural awareness among Lahore’s residents. 

Advertisement Regulation 

In addition to aesthetics, PHA Lahore controls external advertising activities, such as billboards, streamers, shop boards, and ads on public transport services. 

Green Projects 

To make Lahore a clean, green, and healthy city, PHA Lahore manages a staggering 34 major projects aimed at boosting the city’s natural beauty. 

Services Extended by PHA Lahore 


Project by PHA Lahore


  • Expanding Green Spaces through Land Acquisition: PHA Lahore takes proactive measures to acquire land for the purpose of establishing new parks in Lahore and green belts, thereby enhancing the city’s verdant landscapes for the benefit of its residents. 
  • Upkeep through Maintenance Contracts: The authority enters service contracts with public and private entities to ensure the continuous maintenance and care of green belts and public parks, preserving their appeal and functionality. 
  • Educational Botanical Gardens: As part of their commitment to enriching Lahore’s natural beauty, PHA Lahore dedicates efforts to the creation of botanical gardens. These serve as educational hubs, providing citizens with valuable opportunities to learn about various plant species and trees. 
  • Horticultural Awareness Throughout the Year: By holding a variety of public exhibitions, festivals, events, and shows. PHA Lahore plays a vital role in the community. These gatherings act as platforms for raising public knowledge of horticulture. 
  • Aesthetic Harmony through Advertisement Regulation: The authority takes on the responsibility of overseeing and regulating all outdoor advertisement activities within the city. This ensures that advertising efforts align with the city’s aesthetic standards, promoting visual uniformity. 
  • Efficient Operations through Infrastructure Procurement: To effectively fulfil their responsibilities, PHA Lahore acquires the necessary machinery and equipment crucial for their daily operations. This proactive approach enables them to maintain and enhance the city’s green infrastructure efficiently. 
  • Dedication to Green Projects: PHA Lahore actively engages in projects aimed at elevating the city’s natural beauty while safeguarding essential natural resources. These projects reflect the authority’s unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and urban enhancement. 

Outdoor Advertising in Lahore 


Outdoor Advertising in Lahore 


For those interested in setting up outdoor advertisements in Lahore, PHA Lahore has streamlined the process: 

Setting Up Outdoor Advertisements 

When it comes to setting up outdoor advertisements in Lahore, PHA Lahore has made the process straightforward and accessible. Depending on the area where you intend to place your outdoor ads, you have designated contacts to assist you. 

For Faisal Town, Johar Town, Township, Garden Town, and More: 

  • If you’re looking to set up outdoor advertisements in the vibrant areas of Faisal Town, Johar Town, Township, Garden Town, or any other location within Lahore, your point of contact is the Deputy Director Marketing II. Feel free to reach out to them on 042-99204949. They will guide you through the process and ensure your advertising needs are met efficiently. 

For Allama Iqbal Town, Thokar Niaz Baig, Canal Bank Road, and More: 

  • If your advertising plans extend to areas such as, Thokar Niaz Baig, Allama Iqbal Town, Canal Bank Road, or other neighbourhoods in Lahore, you should get in touch with the Assistant Director Marketing I. You can reach them at 042-99204949. They will provide you with the necessary information and support to facilitate your outdoor advertising endeavours. 

For Davis Road, Jail Road, Gulberg, Railway Station, and near by areas: 

  • For advertising on prominent thoroughfares like Davis Road, Gulberg, Jail Road, Railway Station, and their adjacent areas, Deputy Director Marketing I is your key contact. You can reach out to them at either 042-99204949 or 042-99204950. They are equipped to assist you in setting up outdoor advertisements in these bustling parts of Lahore, ensuring your message reaches the desired audience effectively. 

Register Your Outdoor Ad Company with PHA Lahore 

To officially establish your outdoor advertising company, you can initiate the registration process by contacting the Marketing Officer at the Parks & Horticulture Authority Lahore (PHA Lahore). Simply dial 042-99204949 to get started. 

Combatting Unauthorized Advertisements 

If you come across illegal banners, signboards, or streamers, don’t hesitate to report them. Reach out to the Assistant Director of Marketing II on 042-99204949. 


Major Parks and Green Belts 


Major Parks and Green Belts by PHA in Lahore


PHA Lahore manages a wealth of green spaces, including some of the city’s most cherished parks: 

  • Jilani Park 
  • Greater Iqbal Park 
  • Botanical Garden Jallo and Butterfly House 
  • The Gulshan Iqbal Park 
  • Bagh-e-Jinnah 
  • Dai Angha Tomb 

Prominent green belts under PHA Lahore’s care include: 

  • Babu Sabu Interchange 
  • Khayaban-e-Jinnah Johar Town 
  • Mall Road Lahore 
  • China Chowk Lahore 
  • Lorry Adda 
  • Jail Road 


PHA Lahore stands as a testament to Lahore’s green transformation. From parks to green belts, cultural festivals to the regulation of outdoor advertising, it plays a pivotal role in shaping the City of Gardens. By embracing their services and supporting their initiatives, the citizens of Lahore contribute to the city’s ongoing transformation into a green, beautiful, and vibrant metropolis. 

FAQs about PHA Lahore

How did PHA Lahore come into existence, and what is its legal status?

It was established in September 1998 under the Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976, initially operating under a government notification. Later, it attained the status of an Authority through “THE PARKS & HORTICULTURE AUTHORITY ACT 2012” (Act XL VII of 2012), passed by the Provincial Assembly. This act solidified its role in shaping Lahore.

What specific services does PHA Lahore offer to enhance the city’s greenery?

It offers a wide spectrum of services, including the establishment and maintenance of public parks, playgrounds, green zones, and open areas. They are also instrumental in urban landscaping, tree planting, and revitalisation efforts across the city. Moreover, they coordinate cultural festivals, horticultural programs, flower showcases, and public exhibitions throughout the year to encourage and promote greenery and gardening.

How does PHA Lahore contribute to maintaining the visual appeal of Lahore through advertisement regulation?

PHA Lahore actively regulates outdoor advertisements in the city. This includes overseeing billboards, shop signs, streamers, and advertisements on public transport. Their efforts ensure that advertising activities align with the city’s aesthetics and maintain its visual appeal.

What are some notable parks and green belts managed by PHA Lahore, and how do they contribute to the city’s charm?

It oversees numerous parks and green belts, including well-known locations like Jilani Park, Greater Iqbal Park, and Bagh-e-Jinnah. These green spaces serve as recreational hubs and contribute significantly to Lahore’s charm, offering residents and visitors serene environments to enjoy.

How can businesses and advertisers set up outdoor advertisements in different areas of Lahore, and what’s the process involved?

Setting up outdoor advertisements in Lahore is area-specific, and PHA Lahore has streamlined the process. Depending on your target area, you can contact designated officials, such as Deputy Director Marketing II, Assistant Director Marketing I, or Deputy Director Marketing I, who will guide you through the process and help accordingly. 

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