Bahria Town: A getaway not too far away

Talking about the Federal Capital- Islamabad, with the twin city Rawalpindi, undoubtedly is a world it’s own. Offering anything and everything one may desire. With entertainment facilities of all kinds scattered all across the town… Do you ever wonder how it is like to have all the amenities in one place? Is there a single place that could offer everything one desires?

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When I think about this question, one place comes to my mind. Bahria Town, a getaway not far away.

With all the amenities offered in 8 different phases, Bahria Town Islamabad is sure to tick every box of entertainment facilities one can offer. One will surely enjoy their time there, all the while seeing an amalgamation of a modern lifestyle, while it stays true to its roots, and different monuments you otherwise wouldn’t see.

Without further ado, here is a guide on how one can plan their day in Bahria Town Islamabad.

Bahria Town, Islamabad

Proving to be a perfect blend of various sized residential plots, the amenities offered are scattered all along the meandering valley strip of Phases 1-3 and the lake-like layout of the Phases 4-7. Bahria Town Islamabad is a representation of a diverse landscape that not only brings out the beauty but offers every need that fulfills.

Bahria Town allows families to enjoy an extraordinary day out by traveling on the wide metaled roads to access the entertainment facilities offered.


Since Bahria Town is spread on a massive area, the blog will cover phase-by-phase entertainment facilities offered as they are scattered all over Bahria Town, so, *brace yourself* for the *Monsoon is coming* and plan your day, night or weekend accordingly.


Phase 4:

Civic Center

For the majority, this may be the heart of Bahria Town. Why though?

A quick fun fact, phases 1-5 of Bahria Town have been strategically placed around this location. The lights shining bright at night as it is visible from all the different phases, the roads of all phases leading up to this commercial hub. An attraction for the public, as it is the converging point of the whole Bahria Town.

As not only the main 4 boulevards lead up to this, Civic center also connects easily to the G.T Road, which makes other places accessible.

If you’re a foodie, this is your food heaven. With major food brands residing here, many local food shops also operate from this phase.

With a whole block dedicated to food brands, some of the few being KFC, Coffee Planet, The Potato Factory, Chaaye Khana, Khiva civic center now is the home to Crema (my personal favorite, go-to place from the office,) China Town (one of the most popular Chinese restaurant) and Pizza Originale. You think the beauty ends here? Nope… for everyone out there with a sweet tooth, behold, Bahria Town has its very own outlet of Funky Bakes. (YES)

Anyhow, moving on to another important topic, Breakfast. With Rasheed sweets in Bahria town, this place is jammed pack on those Sunday mornings. And with the monsoon season approaching, who wouldn’t crave the typical desi ‘Halwa Puri Nashta’ with a cuppa tea? Better yet, with the pouring down hard, that ‘garam samosay or pakoras.’

Known as the commercial hub, civic center also provides gym facilities, along with clothing brands.

Want a visual confirmation? Click on and have a look at the amenities offered. Get to know about Capital Smart City


Commercial Avenue

Phase 4 undoubtedly offers every kind of amenity one can think about. From hospitals to shopping, everything.

Commonly known as Arena (because of the famous Cinema Hall) that area of Bahria Town is known as ‘Commercial Avenue.)

In the mood to watch a movie and have dinner? Don’t worry, Bahria Town covers that as well.

Even though it’s not in Civic Center (wise choice because you’ve got to keep that traffic moving) their very Arena, which is a literal architectural masterpiece and a site to be seen at nights when the lights shine is all glory, is Bahria Town’s lavish cinema hall. Surrounded by restaurants like One Potato Two Potato, Street Burger and Hotspots (their hot molten lava with vanilla ice cream… enough said.)

Again, does it end here? The commercial avenue just recently expanded and developed and increased the attraction because now it houses food brands like Burger King and Pizza Hut just at a walking distance of 2 minutes from the arena.

Want to explore the area from your home? Don’t worry, has you covered.


Corniche Road

As phase 4 has been strategically divided, why not the amenities as well?

The next stop is Corniche Road… which is also covered by phase 4 of Bahria Town, Islamabad.

If you enter Bahria town from the G.T Road end, the first thing to cross your path would be Second Cup, on the right side of the road. With a sitting arrangement outside, an iced latte is everything a person like can dream of.

Right opposite this is the Mini Golf Club. If you’ve got kids, this is the place to be. With a park right next to it, Mini Golf Club (aka Mini G) also neighbors with a zoo. So, let’s make that trip somewhat educational and while you’re at it, don’t forget to eat heartily at the club. Their Desi food is to die for.

But if your kids are in a mood for some racing and you crave steaks? Well, move a little forward to Bull Steak House, right next to the Mini Formula one racing track.


The Riveria:

Next stop… the end of Bahria Town.
This place might be a little hard to find as it is located inwardly. Right before the commercial area at the end of phase 4, you take a left, inside. And behold, glory unveiled.

As it is an enclosed location, not many know or can find this but this is an equally posh area to be. With different restaurants like Silk Roulette, Meseta coffee shop and Waffle house add to the leisure of this locality.

Worried you’ll not be able to find it? Simply click on as your destination awaits.


Phase 7-8

Different than phase 1-6, Bahria Town phase 7-8 offers equally lush amenities as the former. Let’s take a verbal drive through this area to list down the places one can visit on their off days.

For me, to differentiate both the phases is different.

Starting off by listing the first and foremost things to do in these phases.

Shopping, as soon as you enter phase 7, one is welcomed by the sky-high building of Bahria town. For the wedding season, as the go-to place in Bahria Town is the Rabi Center. With numerous variety to be offered, this is the place to go if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind fancy clothing for weddings.

Moving forward, as you drive straight, one is further lost between the vast majority of treats and restaurants available in these places. My personal favorite start from CGC located in Phase 7 (the craving I have for their chicken overdrive…) right next to that, if you’re in the mood for something desi, don’t forget to try either the Chilman biryani from Hot and spicy, or their roll parathas which they offer in 80 different flavors (quick experience: our marketing team ordered the Roll today and to say the least, none of us were disappointed.) As we drive along, few favorite hangout spots to sit down and relax would be either Coffee planet or Gloria jeans in phase & and 8.

If you’re hanging out with your family, Bahria town phase 7-8 has loads of family places to offer.
Starting off with the food hub, Mcdonald’s, KFC, Hardees, Pizza Hut and Burger… all at one place, confusing where to go. Roasters come next in line, with the best chicken tarragon to offer.

Alongside this food heaven, rests the gigantic Greenvalley Hypermart. Opening its doors for everyone, if you’re to buy groceries or other things, this is the place one needs to be. Don’t worry if you have kids with you. There is a separate playing area for your children.

But if it’s not shopping that you want to do, don’t worry. Head towards the one-of-a-kind cinema hall of Bahria Town phase 8. Cinegold plex… a legit representation of a found treasure, with posh golden and black interior and luxury everywhere, one wouldn’t want to miss the chance of watching a movie with their loved ones.


Talking about the never-ending amenities in Bahria town phase 7-8, with wide roads, the drive there on rainy days is everything for the crazy rain-lovers out there. Leading to the renowned monuments phase 8 offers. Firstly, for me the statue of liberty. A strong believer of everything that shines is gold, the view from this monuments is to die for. With the Lady liberty standing high at the center of the roundabout, try parking your car there and just take in the view… miles and miles of land, illuminated by lights, like a million fireflies lighting up the world. (Philosophical much)

The next monument that Bahria Phase 8 offers is the Eifel tower. Different than the statute but equally mesmerizing, as the platform gives an overview of Bahria Town phase 9 and my favorite… lights at night. Sitting here and contemplating life or taking a trip down the memory lane won’t be that bad, as the peace and serenity have a lot of peace to offer.


If I’ve missed out on places, please mention in the comments below.

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