Best Amusement Parks in Karachi

Pakistan’s biggest metropolitan city— Karachi, is a hub for some of the best entertainment facilities in the country, including some of the best amusement parks in Karachi. The city is famous for its nightlife, its fast-paced routine, and busy roads that are paved with lights.

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With a diverse range of malls, restaurants, cinemas, parks, gaming arenas, and so much more, this never-ending range of entertainment gives Karachi an energy such that it never sleeps. – Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a list of the best amusement parks in Karachi.


What is an Amusement Park

An amusement park is a type of recreational facility or entertainment venue where guests can enjoy a range of attractions and activities that are meant to make them laugh and have fun. All ages are meant to be entertained by the variety of rides, games, performances, and themed sections that these parks usually offer.

Attractions and features that are frequently seen in amusement parks include:

  • Amusement Rides: These include gentler attractions like carousels and Ferris wheels as well as more exhilarating rides like water rides and roller coasters. Particularly roller coasters, which provide thrilling sensations, are frequently the highlights of many amusement parks.
  • Activities & Midway Attractions: Guests can take part in skill-based games with a chance to win prizes. Shooting galleries, ring toss, and other carnival-style games are a few examples of them.
  • Live Entertainment: Live shows, parades, and performances showcasing dancers, actors, musicians, and costumed characters are frequently held in amusement parks.
  • Themed Areas: A lot of theme parks feature areas or portions that take guests to other planets or eras. These spaces can have themes like fantasy, adventure, or fairy tales and are made to offer entirely immersive experiences.
  • Food & Dining: From classic carnival fare like cotton candy and funnel cakes to full-service restaurants with a variety of menu items, amusement parks have a lot to offer in terms of food options.
  • Shopping: Guests can buy apparel, souvenirs, and goods associated with the park and its features.
  • Water Parks: For those who want to relax and enjoy the water, several amusement parks feature dedicated water parks or areas with wave pools, lazy rivers, and water slides.


Best Amusement Parks in Karachi

There is a vast variety of amusement parks and attractions in Karachi that are an excellent source of entertainment not only for children but also for adults. Karachi’s grand theme parks feature grand rollercoasters, electronic rides, games, chairlifts, and so many other exciting options.

Following is a list of some of the most popular amusement parks where you can spend an enjoyable day with your friends and family.

  1. Bahria Adventure Land
  2. Super Space Karachi
  3. Onderland
  4. KMC Amusement Park (Former Askari Park)
  5. Chunky Monkey
  6. Aladin Amusement Park
  7. WinterLand
  8. PAF Museum
  9. Safari Park
  10. Sindbad Wonderland
  11. Clifton Park Karachi


Bahria Adventure Land


Night View of Bahria Adventure Land in Karachi


Bahria Adventure Land is one of the most spectacular amusement parks not only in Karachi but all across Pakistan. This grand theme park is a unique addition to the city’s tourist attractions, where people specifically plan to spend a day.

The park features a massive roller coaster ride built on international standards and provides a safe and adventurous ride. Besides this, other popular rides such as Drop Ride and Discovery. are also major attractions in this park. Bahria Adventure Land is not only limited to these rides but also offers spectacular water activities and water slides ideal for swimmers.

The park is known for its quality rides and enjoyable experiences. When it comes to cost, it falls a little on the expensive side. However, the price justifies the activities and qualities that it gives. You can buy a band that gives you access to all rides just for Rs 2000. For children, it costs Rs 1500.

Location: Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park is located at Jinnah Ave, Gadap Town, Karachi City, Pakistan.


Super Space Karachi


Neon Lit Dark Theme View of Super Space Karachi


Super Space has launched only a few years ago, and it is an excellent addition to Karachi’s theme park scene. As per its name, this is a space-themed indoor amusement park and was inaugurated in 2018.  This place is dark-themed and is neon-lit which gives it an immaculate cool and trendy vibe and fits true to its space theme.

In addition to the kids’ play area, adventure rides, and haunted house, there are also dodgem cars, high-tech VR games and other attractions that make up the vibe of this place. Besides entertainment, Super Space Karachi also has an in-house cafeteria that serves a variety of snacks to facilitate the people coming in.

Location: Super Space Karachi is located on Main Rashid Minhas Road, in the vicinity of Pavilion End Club.




Colourful and Vibrant rides in Onderland Karachi


Lucky One’s Onderland is a one-stop family entertainment, which offers a fun-filled experience in a thrilling environment for people of all ages. Wandering with world-class adventure rides for that pump of adrenaline and designated playing areas and rides for children are what make this theme park an ideal place for families.

In Karachi, if you’re looking for nearby options, Onderland is an excellent choice to go for. This is especially a great spot as it serves both a great shopping destination as well as rides for your children.

Location: Onederland is situated at LA-2/B, Block 21، Main Rashid Minhas Rd, opp. UBL Sports Complex Karachi.


KMC Amusement Park (Former Askari Park)


The famous Ferris Wheel in Askari Park Karachi


Whilst driving along Stadium Rd, you can witness the magnificent trademark Ferris wheel of KMC park, which gets lit up at night, becoming a sight to behold. In the footsteps of London, this massive Ferris wheel in Karachi is popularly referred to as the Karachi Eye, given that it provides a full view of Karachi from the top.

Even though this park is old, new rides were installed a couple of years back. This park is located in the ‘Old Sabzi Mandi’ area, a vegetable market which has now been shifted elsewhere. This park is a famous outing spot for families and friends who are looking for a fun-filled and adventurous day out.

KMC Amusement Park Karachi has some of the most thrilling rides in the city, packed with adventure. Along with this, the park also offers exciting arcade games. The park offers free entry. However, there is a fixed fare for each of the rides.

Location: KMC Amusement Park is situated in Old Sabzi Mandi, Main Main University Road, near Faizan e Madina.


Chunky Monkey Amusement Park


Octopus Ride in Chunky Monkey Amusement Park Karachi


As opposed to its name, Chunky Monkey does not have actual monkeys nor is it a zoo. Rather it caters to your need of experiencing the best rides. Chunky Monkey is located at two locations: a mini branch with a lesser area and a sea view. The other one is a more prominent theme park located on DHA 4, Karachi.

This amusement park is a fun place for all children and adults who want to let their inner child roam free. Chunky Monkey has a vibrant theme of bright colors that catch the attention. Moreover, the inclusion of quality rides in the park is what makes it an attraction for people of all ages.

Location: Adjacent to Nisar Shaheed Park Rd, Phase 4 Defence Housing Authority.


Aladin Amusement Park

Aladin Amusement Park is one of the most visited and largest amusement parks in Karachi. This attraction is a popular go-to place for all, whether it’s summers, winters, eid, or just a regular day.
The best thing about this park is its rides are accessible throughout the day. However, it is important to take note of the ages for each ride if you have children. This is because not all rides are suitable for all children.

Aladdin Park also offers the convenient facility of wristbands, which are a one time buy for one visit and are accessible for all daily rides. The wristband is available in two options that offer different packages as per its price.

Location: Aladdin Amusement Park is located on Rashid Minhas Rd, Block 11 Gulshan-e-Iqbal.




Snow Slide in Winterland Karachi


Karachi may never experience snowfall, but they can experience snow at Winterland. This unique amusement park is dedicated to winter lovers who want to experience a chilly adventure with snow at a temperature of nearly -10 Degree Celsius.

At Winterland, you can get the full snow experience with frozen slides, bumper cars, ice sculptures, and other fun activities. These activities might come around as heavy on the pocket, costing around 1050/- per person for a one-hour session. However, if you’re on board for a fun-filled chilling experience, this is the place for you.

Location: PAF Museum, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Faisal Cantonment.


PAF Museum Amusement Park


Children Amusement Park in PAF Museum


PAF Museum is built to pay homage to the Pakistan Airforce, with their aircraft and weapons on display. Along with a lesson on the historical and defense aspects of Pakistan, the museum also offers exciting rides in the park.

The park along has several rides that are ideal for children and teenagers. Even though these rides may not be suitable for adults, they add a fun element for families planning to visit PAF Museum.

Location: This Children’s Amusement Park is in PAF Museum, Faisal Cantonment, Karachi.


Safari Park

Safari Park is one of the oldest Parks in Karachi, dating back to its establishment in the 1970s. This spot in Karachi is a family-only place, making it safe and secure for children to enjoy.

The park extends across a vast area of over 148 acres and is home to multiple species of animals. This Safari Park is a privately owned venture and also goes by the name Go Aish. Due to its large size, it caters perfectly to the habitat of the animals in it and has beautiful views that you can witness with chairlifts.
The park also has a natural lake that adds to the scenic view of this location.

Location: Main University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal


Sindbad Wonderland

Established in 1965, Sindbad is a very popular park that has made its way into the childhood memories of so many people. This amazing park is open-air and is spread over a vast area which makes it a fresh and lively place to walk around.

You can find almost all kinds of rides there; from Dodgem Cars to Dragon Rides to Freefall, everything is available. You can utilise the wristband option for availing these rides. However, if you are in for just one or two rides, then buying separate tickets is a better option.

Moreover, the park is beautifully adorned with a fountain and gives a spectacular night view with twinkling lights of the rides and park at night.

Location: Sindbad Amusement Park is located at Block 10 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

Clifton Park in Karachi

Clifton Park in Karachi is a popular recreational area located in the Clifton neighborhood of Karachi, Pakistan. It is a well-known public park that provides a green space for residents and visitors to relax and enjoy outdoor activities. Clifton Park is known for its well-maintained gardens, walking paths, and play areas for children.

Location: Block 3 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600


If you’re looking for more tourist attractions and places to visit in Karachi, visit Graana Blog.



Here are some FAQs related to amusement parks in Karachi


How are tickets for amusement parks in Karachi purchased?

Tickets for amusement parks in Karachi can be purchased online, at the park’s ticket counters, or through authorized ticketing agents.


Are there age restrictions for entering amusement parks in Karachi?

Yes, certain amusement parks in Karachi may have age restrictions for certain rides or attractions. Visitors are advised to check the park’s guidelines for age restrictions.


Can food and beverages be brought from outside into amusement parks?

No, outside food and beverages are generally not allowed inside amusement parks. However, most parks have a variety of dining options available within the premises.


What types of rides and attractions are available at amusement parks in Karachi?

Amusement parks in Karachi offer a wide range of rides and attractions, including roller coasters, water slides, carousels, Ferris wheels, bumper cars, and more.


Are there any height or weight restrictions for rides in amusement parks?

Yes, some rides in amusement parks have height or weight restrictions for safety reasons. These restrictions are put in place to ensure the well-being of visitors.


Can birthday parties or special events be organized at amusement parks?

Yes, many amusement parks in Karachi offer facilities for organizing birthday parties and special events. They may provide party packages with access to rides, food, and entertainment.


Is there parking available at amusement parks in Karachi?

Yes, most amusement parks in Karachi have designated parking areas for visitors. Parking fees may apply, and availability may vary during peak hours.


Are there special discounts or promotions available for group bookings?

Yes, some amusement parks in Karachi offer special discounts or promotions for group bookings, such as school trips, corporate outings, or family gatherings. Contact the park’s management for more details.


Can tickets for amusement parks be refunded or transferred?

Ticket refund and transfer policies vary among amusement parks. It is recommended to review the park’s terms and conditions regarding ticket refunds and transfers.


Are there safety measures in place at amusement parks in Karachi?

Yes, amusement parks prioritize visitor safety and have safety measures in place, including trained staff, ride inspections, emergency protocols, and first aid facilities.

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