Visit Winterland to Experience Snow in Karachi

Snow in Karachi: All You Need to Know About Visiting Winterland

The summers in Karachi are often humid, and the winters only last about two to three months. To experience snowfall, residents must travel to the northern areas of Pakistan. It appears, though, that this is no longer the case, as a realistic indoor snowfall arrangement is now available at the PAF Museum’s Winterland.

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If you want to take a fun-filled trip with your family or friends, consider Winterland Karachi, where you can experience real snow.


About Winterland Karachi

Winterland Karachi is considered one of the best amusement parks in Karachi. Besides its abundance of exquisitely sculpted ice structures and magnificent animal figures, the most exciting aspect of this winter paradise is its live snowfall.

According to their website, the park features almost 7,000 tonnes of solid ice produced by applying high pressure and a thin air mist. It implies that the snow will not be artificial but entirely real.

Moreover, guests can participate in all of Winterland’s activities after purchasing a ticket, and the park is open seven days a week. A single ticket will only last one session of about 60 minutes.


Location of Winterland Karachi

Winterland is located in PAF Museum (near Gate number 4), Sharah e Faisal – Faisal Cantonment, Karachi.


Overview of Features at Winterland Karachi


You can now experience snow in Karachi with Winterland Karachi


  • 10-degree Celsius ice play area
  • Ice models of Godzilla and King Kong
  • Ice sculptures, structures, and slides
  • Brake cars
  • Space world and the Penguin World
  • Ice figurines
  • Ice replica of the Great Wall of China
  • Ice-based Marvel characters
  • Igloos


Timings of Winterland Karachi:

Monday to Friday: 03:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Saturday & Sunday: 1:00 PM to 1:00 AM


How to Get Tickets For Winterland Karachi

You must keep in mind that you cannot purchase tickets on-site, like in traditional parks in Karachi. Tickets must be bought in advance. Additionally, you can visit this location for bookings or order your tickets by phone or online.

Here is how to purchase tickets online.

  1. Visit Website:
  2. Select “book now.”
  3. Then click on the ticket you want.
  4. Pick the time, day, time slot, and number of tickets.
  5. Go to “checkout” after clicking “add to cart.”
  6. Now enter your billing information.
  7. Select “Place Order”
  8. Choose the online payment option with IBFT and ATM cards
  9. Pay and proceed.

Ticket Price for Winterland Karachi


Pass Type

No. of tickets you get

Total Price

Single Pass


Family pass



Family Pass



Group Pass9




Activities at Winterland Karachi

Following are some activities you can enjoy with your friends and family.


Live Snowfall

Prepare yourself to be amazed by live snowfall. Now is the moment to experience snowfall in Karachi. The Live Snowfall Play Area is designed with high air pressure and a thin mist of air so that you and your friends may feel actual snowfall.

Ice slides

Rubber seats are provided for you on ice slides. You are free to repeatedly slide down the stunning slopes and curves of our assortment of Ice Slides.

Snow sculptures

During your visit to Winterland, Santa Claus, Mickey and Minie, Mr Snowman, and your other favourite Disney characters will be present in the form of snow sculptures. After going down the icy slides, relax on the benches in the igloo.

Merry Snow Round

Experience one of the best swings in town in Winterland. If you are fond of swings and merry-go-rounds, you should check out this ride.

Ice Air Hockey

A plastic disc is used to play on an ice air hockey board. Experience Air Hockey with a chilling twist. Enjoy your Winterland by smoothly shooting the plastic disc into the opposing team’s goal across the ice surface.

Photo Bump

In addition to the activities, there are many locations where you may take pictures that would be suitable for Instagram and post them to your social media accounts. You can even fit a poster and take a seat on the ice wall.


WinterLand Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to Winterland ticket holders:

  • Each admission ticket is valid for a single person alone.
  • Children under two are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult.
  • 10 minutes before the session, report to the booking office.
  • With the purchase of tickets, jackets with hoods and gloves are included.
  • All accessories come in varying sizes and are dependent on availability.
  • Tickets bought in advance cannot be exchanged, cancelled, or refunded.
  • The following items are categorically forbidden: food, cigarettes, knives, lighters, matchboxes, firearms, and other items that can catch fire.
  • Winterland is not liable for any damage to, loss, or theft of your valuables.
  • The snow room lasts for a total of 60 minutes.
  • The Winterland management has reserved its management rights.
  • Any visitor may be photographed or recorded by Winterland without their consent or payment.
  • If the session specified on the ticket is not attended, management will not be liable for any compensation or return.
  • You must keep the ticket with you the entire time. If you cannot present a legitimate ticket for the performance, management maintains the right to refuse admission.
  • If the session is not presented on the specified day and time on the ticket for whatever reason, you are entitled to a refund or exchange, depending on availability.


Safety Measures

The following Safety Rules apply to WinterLand ticket holders:

  • To stay warm in subzero temperatures, long pants and socks are required.
  • It is suggested against entering a snow chamber if you are pregnant, has any health issues, have a cold or an allergy, feels queasy, or are unwell.
  • If necessary, first aid services are offered. (While every effort has been taken to assure your safety and comfort, management will not be held responsible for any injuries that may result.)


Contact Information

  • Mobile Number: 0305-9916555, 0306-9691444
  • Phone Number: (021)-111-946-837
  • Email:



Visitors to Karachi’s unique winter wonderland will have the chance to experience natural snowfall at a low temperature and other winter-themed attractions. The location welcomes people of all ages. Therefore, it offers a variety of activities to keep people interested. Bumper cars, ice slides, a snow play area, ice hockey, and various other games are available.
The snowfall is Winterland’s most thrilling element, making it authentic and a must-visit place in Karachi.

For more informational content, visit the Graana blog.

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