Best Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

Chinese Restaurants in Islamabad

Over the last several years, Chinese restaurants have become very popular in Pakistan. They have established their presence in most of the major cities and offer a variety of cuisines. While they may be present in all the major cities across Pakistan, their presence is most felt in the Capital, which has attracted some of the best Chinese restaurants.

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Chinese cuisine is unique, and you will discover that different regions of China offer different recipes and food choices. It passes over into the restaurant world, where in Pakistan, you can visit a Chinese restaurant that specialises in dishes traditional in the Shanghai region, for example. Other Chinese restaurants offer a cross-section of dishes from all parts of China, with multiple choices.

While there might be some similarities on the menu to other Asian cultures, Chinese food has its own distinct flavours and appearance. Many things on the menu at most Chinese restaurants are considered to be healthy food options. Besides beef and chicken, many Chinese recipes use a variety of fish.

One of the main reasons people flock to Chinese restaurants is the price. A few Chinese restaurants have top-notch menus, but most are very budget-friendly and affordable for a casual family outing. Some Chinese restaurants offer all-you-can-eat for a fixed price, making it even cheaper. Sometimes, take-out menus are offered at slightly lower prices than the dinner menu. If you’re on a tight budget, want to enjoy good food, and eat out occasionally, Chinese restaurants are one of your best options.

Here is a list of some of the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad. has curated this list so you can enjoy a delicious Chinese meal with your friends and family.




Dining area of Chinatown in Islamabad


This restaurant has been a long favourite of city dwellers. Located in F8 Markaz, it attracts a large number of customers. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating available. On a chilly winter evening, you can order some of Chinatown’s Szechuan Soup, which is prepared using authentic and traditional ingredients. Their menu includes soups, appetisers, Thai cuisines, poultry, fish prawns, and noodles. They have special dishes such as Kung Pao chicken and beef chilli dry. The restaurant offers dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery. If you are living or visiting Islamabad, you should try this restaurant.

  • Timing: 12 PM till 12 AM
  • Location: F8/4, Islamabad
  • Contact: (051) 2855650


Golden Dragon


Dining area of Golden Dragon in Islamabad


Golden Dragon is another one of the long favourites. With a traditional Chinese touch, the restaurant promises to give you an authentic Chinese feel. Golden Dragon is in the F7 sector and is most popular for its special bowls, which can be quite fulfilling.

You have the option to create your own bowl by choosing the meat and the ingredients. Like most Chinese restaurants, it offers chicken, beef, fish, and prawns. The bowls are served with either fried rice or Chow Mein. The restaurant has both outdoor and indoor seating. It offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.

  • Timing: 12 PM till 12 AM
  • Location: F7/3 Islamabad
  • Contact: (051) 2610916


Ha Pi Chinese Restaurant

Located in the F11 sector, HaPi Chinese Cuisine is a relatively new entrant in the market. However, it has a variety of offerings, making it a good choice, especially if you want to try out different cuisines. The restaurant offers a variety of soups, which are available in half and full sizes. It has one of the best-tasting chicken corn soups, which is reasonably priced.

HaPi offers multiple price options, including egg-fried rice, which is popular among the locals. Their main dishes include chow mein and chop suey, kung pao chicken, beef chilli dry, kung pao fish, and kung pao prawn. The restaurant only has indoor seating and offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery.

  • Timing: 12 PM till 11.30 PM
  • Location: F11, Islamabad
  • Contact: (051) 2100350


Dragon City Chinese Restaurant


Outdoor view of Dragon city chinese restaurant in Islamabad


Located in the centre of the Blue Area, Dragon City restaurant has quickly become a go-to place for many people who live and work there. Its proximity to the market and to many other surrounding restaurants make it an attractive option for many. Given its location and customer profile, the restaurant is designed to be casual and very relaxed rather than stuffy and formal. Most locals tend to prefer a casual dining experience when they go out to dinner, which is exactly what this restaurant offers.

Unlike other Chinese restaurants, this restaurant has an extensive seafood menu with popular cuisines such as spicy peppers, fish and prawns in garlic sauce. It also offers special seafood platters at a reasonable price. The platters are popular among families and friends looking to get the best the restaurant offers. Dragon City offers dine-in, curbside pickup, and contactless delivery.


Kim Mun


Outdoor view of Kim Mun chinese restaurant in Islamabad


Kim Mun has two branches in Islamabad; one is in F-7 and the other in the Centaurus Mall. The F-7 branch is the most popular one between the two branches. This is the best restaurant for families with children, as they always have a menu that kids will love. It is also popular for celebrations such as birthday parties or anniversaries. Kim Mun offers full table service and has some authentic cuisines, such as chilly with black duck’s egg. Unlike regular Chinese restaurants, Kim Mun offers some traditional fish cuisines, such as pickle fish and steamed chilli fish with bean curd. If you are looking for an authentic experience, then this is one of the best Chinese restaurants that will not disappoint you.

  • Timing: 12 PM till 12 AM
  • Location: F7, Islamabad
  • Contact: (051) 2651489


Chop Chop Wok


Chop Chop Wok outdoor dining area


This restaurant has a prominent presence in the city and is popular among young individuals and working-class professionals. Located in the F6 sector, the restaurant has quickly become a go-to place for many. It has an intriguing three-step menu that allows you to create your own custom bowl. You can choose rice or noodles, flavour, and meat type. Unlike other Chinese restaurants, Chop Wok also offers tofu and sushi rolls.

Some of its platters are very popular if you are looking to try out many different flavours. Besides Chinese cuisine, the restaurant also offers soft drinks, mocktails, coffee, frappes, green tea, and desserts. The restaurant regularly offers discounts so stop by and check it out!

  • Timing⋅ 12 PM – 12 AM
  • Location: F6, Islamabad
  • Contact +92 333 4446897


Asian Wok


asian wok beverly center


Asian Wok is a close competitor to Chop Chop Wok. Located in the popular Beverly Center of the F6 sector, the restaurant has many of the same features as other popular Chinese restaurants. However, its ideal location gives it a slight edge over other similar restaurants. The restaurant offers some of the most popular Chinese cuisines. For starters, customers can choose from a variety of appetisers ranging from dynamite chicken to fried wonton.

Their main menu has several popular Chinese cuisines, including hot and sour soup and sesame-sliced chicken. The restaurant is reasonably priced, considering its ambience and location. It has a more premium feel and offers some rare cuisines, such as crabs and lobsters, which most other Chinese restaurants do not offer.

  • Timing: 12 PM – 12 AM
  • Location: F6, Islamabad
  • Contact +92 51 2206988


PF Chang’s


PF Chang's Exterior


Located in the more expensive sector E7, PF Chang’s has quickly solidified its position among Chinese restaurants. Despite its late arrival into the restaurant market, it has secured a prime location that is popular among young individuals, businesspeople, and working professionals. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating with full table service. The restaurant is popular for soups and noodles.

  • Timing: 12 PM – 12 AM
  • Location:  E7, Islamabad
  • Contact +92 51 111 732 333


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are some of the most commonly asked questions about Chinese restaurants in Islamabad.


Q: Are there authentic Chinese restaurants in Islamabad?

A: Yes, Islamabad offers a variety of authentic Chinese restaurants that cater to different tastes and preferences.


Q: What popular Chinese dishes are available in Islamabad restaurants?

A: Popular Chinese dishes in Islamabad include favourites like Sweet and Sour Chicken, Peking Duck, Chow Mein, and a variety of delicious dim sum options.


Q: Do Chinese restaurants in Islamabad offer vegetarian or vegan options?

A: Many Chinese restaurants in Islamabad offer diverse vegetarian and vegan dishes to cater to different dietary preferences.


Q: Are there halal options available in Chinese restaurants in Islamabad?

A: Yes, most Chinese restaurants in Islamabad provide halal options, ensuring that their menu aligns with the dietary preferences of the local community.


Q: How can I find the best Chinese restaurant in Islamabad?

A: Online review platforms, recommendations from locals, and exploring social media reviews are effective ways to discover the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad.


Q: Can Chinese restaurants in Islamabad accommodate large groups or events?

A: Many Chinese restaurants in Islamabad offer spacious seating arrangements and can accommodate large groups. It’s advisable to make reservations for special events.


Q: Do Chinese restaurants in Islamabad provide delivery services?

A: Several Chinese restaurants in Islamabad offer delivery services, allowing customers to enjoy their favourite dishes in the comfort of their homes.


Q: What is the average price range for a meal at a Chinese restaurant in Islamabad?

A: The price range varies, but on average, a meal at a Chinese restaurant in Islamabad may cost anywhere from PKR 800 to PKR 2500 per person, depending on the restaurant’s ambience and menu offerings.


Q: Are there buffets available at Chinese restaurants in Islamabad?

A: Yes, some Chinese restaurants in Islamabad offer buffet options, allowing customers to enjoy a variety of dishes at a fixed price during specific times.


Q: Can I find traditional Chinese tea in Islamabad’s Chinese restaurants?

A: Yes, many Chinese restaurants in Islamabad offer traditional Chinese teas, enhancing the dining experience with authentic flavours. Tea options may include green tea, jasmine tea, and oolong tea.

We really hope that this list will be helpful to you if you are looking for real Chinese food in Islamabad.

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