Best Housing Societies in Lahore: Complete Guide

The second-largest city of Pakistan – Lahore, is known for its vibrant colours and immense commercial activity. Over the years, people from all over the country have moved here due to the city’s myriad economic opportunities. With a booming population and exalted infrastructure throughout the city, it comes with no surprise that Lahore has become the country’s largest real estate hub.

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Offering one of the best real estate options, the city caters to sellers and renters alike. If you are looking for the areas with the best rental returns in Lahore, this article is for you. We will provide an in-depth analysis of some of the best housing societies in Lahore that offer the best rental returns the city has to offer.


Best Housing Societies in Lahore


Housing Societies in LahoreMain Transit RoadsFor more information, visit:
Johar Town Thokar Niaz Baig
Bahria Town Multan Road
Bahria Orchard Raiwind Road
DHA Lahore Ring Road
Valencia Raiwind Road, Lahore Ring Road


Johar Town


Johar town- one of the best housing societies in lahore


Johar Town is one of the best housing societies in Lahore that offers some of the highest rental returns in the city. Being in the centre of extensively developed areas, property values in society have increased at staggering rates. For renters, this means getting better returns for their property.

Situated on Main Canal Road, near Badshahi Mosque, Johar Town consists of two phases and almost 17 blocks ranging from A to R. Phase 1 is between Khayaban-e-Firdousi and College Road. In contrast, Phase 2 is situated between Canal Bank Road and Khayaban-e-Firdousi. Owing to such a prime location between the city’s major roads, the town has some of the highest property values in the city. Renters houses offering houses for rent in Johar Town Lahore Phase 1 and houses for rent in Johar Town Phase 2 Lahore can benefit from the ever-increasing property values of the area.

The area offers some of the finest amenities that tenants are often on the lookout for. Essential services, recreation areas, healthcare centres, and educational institutes are dotted throughout the locality, making the site even more viable for potential tenants. With such high demand, you do not have to worry about renting your house in Johar Town Lahore, houses townhouse offering staying vacant for long as tenants are lined up, waiting for properties to be available.


Bahria Town:


Bahria Town Lahore: Lahore's best housing society


One of Lahore’s most prestigious residential areas – Bahria Town, is the top choice for residents looking for a luxury lifestyle in the city’s suburbs.  Bahria Town has awed investors and buyers alike with its elegant infrastructure and excellent services. Over the years, property value in the area has appreciated at astonishing rates, increasing returns by multiple folds.

Located beside Multan Road, Bahria Town’s prime location gives it an edge over other city residential areas. The society serves as an oasis, offering a calm centre away from the turbulence of the city. Residents have access to amenities such as gas and electricity, serene parks, entertainment areas, healthcare facilities and educational institutes. These services have made the locality even more attractive for potential residents seeking an upscale lifestyle in Lahore.

Due to the town’s astounding real estate rates, most residents seek a house for rent in Bahria Town Lahore instead of purchasing a property directly. With extravagant services and complex infrastructure, rent in the area has also ballooned, meaning returns for renters in the locality are at an all-time high. This is why Bahria Town is one of the best societies for rental returns in the city.


Bahria Orchard



Bahria Orchard


One of Lahore’s latest real estate tycoons, Bahria Orchard, is set to redefine the city’s residential landscape. Extensive infrastructure and avant-garde designs describe society’s outlook. With such a high demand for housing in the town, Bahria Orchard has made immense traction over recent years.

Bahria Orchard has made it possible for residents to find affordable yet elegant housing in the tranquil suburbs of Lahore. Located adjacent to the Main Raiwind Road, the society’s location makes it all the more coveted. The locality offers several services such as 24/7 electricity and gas, parks and sports entertainment and recreation, healthcare facilities, and quality educational institutes. These features have made society even more attractive, showcased through the staggering demand for houses for rent and sale in the area.

Property value in the locality has inflated at stupendous rates due to the society’s splendid services and remarkable development. Renters with a Lahore offers promises a comfortable lifestyle. bring you this article if you are looking for the best housing societies in Lahore with a high ROI. can avail of these opportunities, as returns are sure to increase by multiple folds.


DHA Lahore


DHA Lahore- one of the best housing societies in lahore


Defined by comfort and elegance, DHA Lahore is one of the most renowned housing societies in the city. Being one of the oldest gated communities in Lahore, DHA has transformed into a real estate hub that has reconceived Lahore’s living standards. For renters seeking lucrative returns, DHA is just the place for you.

Being next to Lahore Ring Road, one of the city’s major highways puts society at precedence. Real estate values have shot up at unprecedented rates due to society’s prime location in the heart of Lahore. Society is divided into several phases, out of which 1-6 are developed while a few other steps are still under development.

These areas have the potential for staggering demands, which will cause rental returns to elevate. Hence, DHA Lahore is one of the best housing societies in Lahore for rental returns would be an understatement. Ble rates.

The upscale amenities and exceptional services offered by the society are what draw investors towards it. The community is a sanctuary for its residents, lined with luxury markets, picturesque parks, and quality educational institutes. These qualities have caused a surge in demand for a house for rent in DHA Lahore, making society a haven for renters seeking profitableCentrrstatement.




One of the city’s few master-planned societies, Valencia Lahore is an upscale residential community that strives to provide its residents with comfort and luxury. The society is renowned for its well-planned infrastructure and luxurious services. The locality has some of the highest returns on investment in the city, making it a highly sought-after area.

Centered between two of the city’s largest highways, Raiwind Road and Lahore Ring Road, the society enjoys a premier location in the suburbs of Lahore. The community comprises 24 blocks, meaning development in the area is extensive and widespread.

The society is known for its opulent services, such as electricity and gas, pleasant parks and jogging tracks, entertainment and recreation areas, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and fine-quality educational institutes. Not only does this make the locality more appealing for investors, but it also ensures that renters can gain profitable returns.

Brimming with services ranging from essentials to luxuries, the society has climbed the ladder in the real estate market and earned itself a name among the most significant property hubs of the city. Demand has risen at immense rates, which is why offering a house for rent in Valencia Town Lahore is sure to bring remunerative returns, making this society one of the best housing societies in Lahore for rental returns.


Final Words on Best Housing Societies in Lahore

Due to high demand, immense infrastructure development, and exquisite services, these five societies are some of the best housing societies in Lahore for good rental returns. For easier management of your properties, download the Graana App and find the best options for rental properties. For more information, visit



What is the No 1 housing society in Lahore?

DHA and Bahria Town Lahore.

Which is the safest society in Lahore?

Gulberg, Model Town, Defence Housing Authority sectors, and Bahria Town.

Which is the most expensive society in Lahore?

DHA (Defence Housing Authority) Lahore

Which area is famous for living in Lahore?

Deference Housing Society is a well-known society in Lahore


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