Budget 2023-24: Government Unveils Exciting Incentives for Overseas Pakistanis

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Islamabad: The eagerly anticipated budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 was unveiled on Friday, 9th June, bringing a wave of optimism for overseas Pakistanis. The government has taken significant strides in recognizing the invaluable contributions of Pakistanis residing abroad by announcing a series of special incentives in the upcoming budgets for 2023 and 2024.

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In a remarkable move, the government has decided to waive the burden of the 2% final tax on the purchase of immovable property through remittances. This bold step aims to encourage investment from overseas Pakistanis, fostering economic growth and strengthening the bond between the nation and its diaspora.

A momentous development accompanies this budget, as the introduction of the exclusive “Diamond Card” is set to revolutionize the experience for Pakistanis living abroad. Reserved for individuals remitting over $50,000, the Diamond Card embodies prestige and privilege. Cardholders will not only enjoy unparalleled benefits but also gain access to a host of exceptional services.

Distinguished Diamond Card holders will be granted licenses for restricted firearms, showcasing the government’s commitment to safeguarding their interests. Additionally, they will be provided with complimentary passports, streamlining their travel arrangements and ensuring seamless mobility across borders.

To elevate the experience further, Diamond Card holders will relish priority access to diplomatic missions, receiving personalized attention and expedited services. Moreover, they will be treated to expedited immigration facilities at airports, minimizing wait times and making travel a breeze.

Embracing the spirit of appreciation, the government has designed an enticing scheme for Diamond Card holders. Through captivating lucky draws, these esteemed individuals will have the chance to win extraordinary prizes, adding an element of excitement and celebration to their loyalty and contributions.

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