Cement prices surge as sales increase 17pc in 7MFY21

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KARACHI: The manufacturers increased the prices of cement yet again, as the sector recorded a sale of 27.65 million tonnes, marking a rise of 17% in the cement sales in the 7th Month of the Fiscal Year 2021 (7MFY21).

About 5.71 million tonnes of cement exports were recorded, marking an increase of 10.23%, from 5.186 million tonnes recorded in the same period last year.

A total of 4.73 million tonnes of cement sales were recorded in January 2021, which marked an increase of 16.28% as compared to January 2020.

The local sale of cement also increased to 4.03 million tonnes, recording an increase of 23.67% compared to 3.26m tonnes in the same period last year.

The exports, on the other hand, witnessed a decrease of 14%, as 694,934 tonnes in January 2021, compared to 808,874 tonnes in January 2020.

The manufactures have accredited the rising prices of coal in the world market, for the surge in cement prices.


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