Average Cost of Constructing a 5 Marla House in Lahore

Average Cost of Constructing a 5 Marla House in Lahore

Constructing your house is an important endeavour and, thus, requires careful planning. This involves selecting suitable building supplies, designing the layout plans, and hiring professional labourers, and managing your funds wisely. Due to the low cost of construction and suitable for families, 5 marla houses have a high demand in Lahore.

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However, a lot of careful planning goes behind deciding whether to build one or buy one. There are pros and cons of both these alternatives, but if you have a low budget and want your house to be customised according to your own preferences, then building a house is the right option for you.

Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has calculated the total cost of building a 5 marla house in Lahore below.


Cost of Construction in Lahore for a 5 Marla House

A 5 marla property covers a total area of 1925 sq. ft., and its master plan typically includes a TV lounge, three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and a mumty.

The table below shows all the material prices and total cost of constructing a 5 marla house in Lahore:


MaterialsQuantityUnitRate Per Unit (PKR)Total Cost (PKR)
Bricks (Class A)50000per sq. ft.14.5725000
Ordinary Portland Cement525per c. ft.1085569625
Steel Reinforcement3per ton114000342000
Binding Wire50,000
Lawrencepur Sand3150per c. ft.105330,750
Chenab Sand (for plaster)900per c. ft.6054000
Marghala Crush1500per c. ft.165247500
Labour350per sq. ft.350700000
Brick Ballast25000
Plumbing Material & Labour200000
Electrical Wiringper sq. ft.100200000
Estimated Total3448875

Bricks, Crush, Sand and Rori


Close Up Of Industrial Bricklayer Installing Bricks On Construct


For the construction of a house, Class A bricks are recommended, at the price of PKR 14.5 per sq. ft. You will require around 50,000 bricks for the construction of the grey structure, totalling the cost to PKR 725,000.

Another important material is crush, which is used in the base structure of the roof and floors of the house. You would require about 1500 cubic feet of crush, at the rate of PKR 60. This will add PKR 54000 to the overall cost of construction.

Next, you will be needing sand to provide the bulk, strength and overall stability to other construction materials, such as concrete, cement, mortar, render and screed. There are many different suppliers of sand in Pakistan, but that from Lawrencpur is considered to be of relatively higher quality. You will need about 3150 cubic feet of sand, at the rate of PKR 105. This will add PKR 330,750 to the overall construction cost of a 5 marla house in Lahore.

You will also require 900 sq. ft. of Chenab sand for plaster, at the rate of PKR 60. This will add PKR 54,000 to the overall cost.

Lastly, you will be needing gravel to build the floor of your house. About 600 feet of Sargodha Bajri is required in the construction of the grey structure, at the rate of PKR 65, adding up PKR 39,000 to the cost. Along with that, you will also need rori, which costs around PKR 25,000.


Cement, Rebar and Sarya


a pile of rebar used in construction


You will need approximately 525 bags of ordinary portland cement, at the rate of PKR 1085 per c. ft. This will amount to a total of PKR 569,625.

You will also need Kassu, which is a mixture of sand and clay. It is commonly used to fill up the empty aperture. You will require a budget of PKR 50,000 for Kassu to build a 5 marla house in Lahore.

Moreover, you will need 3 tons of Rebar, at the rate of PKR 114,000 per ton. This will add approximately PKR 342,000 to the total cost of construction in Lahore.


Wiring and Plumbing


an electrician working with wires


Wiring and plumbing is an important part of the construction stage of the grey structure. Plumbing work includes installing water supply, gas, sewage, and drainage systems. You would need a budget of PKR 115,000 for this, including the material and labour costs.

Another important stage is the wiring process. You will require someone with expertise, so it is preferable to hire an electrician for this purpose. You will need about PKR 50,000, including labour and material costs.


MaterialPrice (PKR)


Gate, Grills and Choughat Steel

A 5 marla house’s building costs also include steelwork. Chougat steel of 16 gauge is usually used to create door frames and will cost you about PKR 60,000.

Furthermore, you will need safety grills for windows and the main gate of your house. You should allocate around PKR 70,000 for a 16 or 18-gauge steel gate, and another PKR 66,000 for 16-gauge grills.


Choughat Steel72,000



The cost of labour depends upon the total time duration of construction. Also, the labour cost differs in the major cities of Pakistan. Labourers typically charge about PKR 350 per square foot for a double-unit 5 marla house, bringing the total to about PKR 770,250 to overall cost of construction in Lahore. This is the general labour cost, not including the cost of labour for installing tiles, woodwork or plumbing. 


Finishing Cost

Finishing cost of a house is very subjective and depends on the different types and variations of finishing materials used in construction.

There are many finishing materials that are used, including tiles, marbles, woodworks, kitchen and bath accessories, paint and ceiling, windows and mirrors and other electronic components.

For lucrative investment options in Lahore, you can check out the top housing schemes and other real estate projects where you can build a 5 marla house.

For more related information such as popular areas in Lahore with Houses for sale, visit Graana Blog.

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