DHA Lahore: An Epitome of Facilities and Quality Living

DHA Lahore tops the list of some of the most luxurious and upscale neighbourhoods in the city. The locality offers top-quality living facilities and a comfortable lifestyle to its residents. It homes, some of the city’s best restaurants, parks, hospitals, educational institutes, and shopping centres. SOme of the popular phases include DHA  phase 10, and DHA phase 5.

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Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features a list of all the amenities and facilities provided by DHA Lahore.


Attractive Features of DHA Lahore

Being a well-planned housing scheme in the city, DHA Lahore comes studded with a lot of world-class amenities and facilities that make it stand out from the rest of the city. Some of these facilities are as follows.


  • Transportation Facility
  • Secure Environment
  • Shopping Centres/Malls
  • Educational Institutes
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Parks and Restaurants
  • Outdoor activities


Transportation Facility

The residents of DHA Lahore were unable to avail of the facility of using public transport in the past. However, the society now offers various transportation facilities to them. 

You can find bus stops at multiple locations throughout the society, allowing residents to commute easily to the other parts of the city. Additionally, you can now use ride-hailing services such as Uber and Careem as well.

Moreover, to promote the eco-friendly transport system, Daewoo Bus Service was initiated in DHA Lahore in 2015. At the start, the service was only available for inter-city commutes, such as Lahore to Karachi. However, it has now launched its intra-city bus service. These buses operate within the society, allowing you to travel from one block to another with ease. All Daewoo buses are air-conditioned and provide free wi-fi to passengers. 

Apart from these services, DHA Lahore also offers its own Coaster Shuttle Service that operates within the premises of the society. This bus service was launched in 2011 in the Y-Block commercial area. 


Secure Environment

All amenities aside, if the locality is not secure, no one would be willing to live there. DHA Lahore not only comes with top quality living facilities but also offers a 24/7 secure environment. 

The services offered by the security office of DHA Lahore are as follows.


  • Traffic Control
  • Collaborating with Punjab Police to maintain law and order within the area
  • Mobile security teams
  • NHWS: Neighbourhood Watch System
  • Security Guard Patrolling
  • Guarded Exit and Entry Points
  • Security picketing


Shopping Centres/Malls


This is an image of Mall of Defence DHA Lahore


You can find various shopping malls, markets, and shops dotted throughout the locality. These shopping centres are not only famous among the residents of DHA but also among other parts of the city. 

You can find almost every famous local as well as international brands here, attracting buyers of all ages to shop here. The most famous markets within DHA are located in H-block and Y-block. You can also find various small markets in T-block. The first Tattoo shop in Lahore – Pitch Black Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio is also located in Y-block DHA Lahore. 


Educational Institutes

Some of the best educational institutes in Lahore are located in DHA. These institutes include schools, colleges, and universities that offer quality education to students. 

Lahore Grammar School, Allied School, and Roots Millennium School are some of the top schools in the housing society. Moreover, there are various prestigious colleges, and universities here as well, with the most prominent one being Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). This university ranks among the top 700 universities in the world. 

The presence of such eminent institutes in DHA has resulted in an increase in the value of houses located in the society. 


Healthcare Facilities

this is an imag4e of DHA medical centre DHA Lahore


This posh housing scheme hosts various renowned healthcare centres. Some of the most famous and well-equipped hospitals are Lahore Health Care, DHA Medical Centre Phase III, and Al-Mustafa Trust Medical Centre. 

These medical centres are equipped with well-experienced and trained staff, attracting people from all over the city to come to these hospitals for treatment and checkups. 




this is an image of sheeba park DHA Lahore


Plants and trees are essential for enhancing the air quality of an area, resulting in neighbourhoods with parks and greenery to have a higher property value. 

The abundance of lush green parks is a feature that adds to the convenient and healthy lifestyle of residents. They can visit these parks to enjoy nature and unwind. Besides adults, kids can also go to these parks for recreation. 

Some of the most popular parks in DHA Lahore are Flora park, Sheeba park, CC park, and AA Mini park. 



For food lovers, DHA Lahore is one of the finest places, owing to its various food eateries. Bar BQ Tonight  Bundu Khan and Dampukht Kada are some of the famous “desi” food eateries here for people who enjoy local food. However, if you are more inclined toward East-Asian cuisines, you can visit places such as X2 Pan Asian, Yum Chinese and Thai, Sumo, and Wasabi. 

Moreover, there are various fast food options available here as well. Some of the frequently visited burger joints in DHA Lahore are BYOB, Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Burger Lab, and Hardees.

All of these restaurants and eateries are visited not only by the residents of DHA Lahore but also by people from all over the city. 


Salons and Spas


this is an image of a salon in DHA lahore


DHA Lahore is home to various salons and spas. Their fame attracts both residents of DHA and people from other parts of the city.

They facilitate their clients with trained staff that is well-equipped with some of the latest equipment out there. Some of the most famous names in the society are Salt Cave Spa, Toni & Guy, Depilex Beauty Clinic, and Sahar’s Salon. 


Property-Related Information

The demand for residential localities increases with more facilities and amenities. Owing to the above-mentioned facilities, the demand for houses in DHA Lahore is at an all-time high, thereby increasing the prices of properties there. 

If you are looking to invest in a property in DHA, you will come across the following options.


  • Houses for Sale in DHA Lahore
  • Houses for Rent in DHA Lahore
  • Apartments for sale in DHA Lahore 
  • Apartments for Rent in DHA Lahore
  • Plots for Sale in DHA Lahore


Houses for Sale

The houses in DHA Lahore are the epitome of luxury, offering a contemporary design with a unique interior. If you want to buy a house in one of Lahore’s upscale localities, DHA Lahore should be your best choice. 

The prices of houses for sale in DHA Lahore range from Rs 1.6 crore for a 5 marla house to Rs 21 crore for a 2 kanal house. 


Houses for Rent

Those who are looking for a temporary stay in DHA can opt for renting a house. Houses for rent in DHA Lahore can range between 7 marla for Rs 1.5 lakh and 1 kanal for Rs 3 lakh. 


Apartments for Sale

If you want to invest in a property in DHA Lahore but you are low on budget, purchasing an apartment can be the right choice for you.  Apartments here come with the same facilities and amenities. The apartments for sale in DHA Lahore range between 3.7 marla for Rs 95 lakh, and 8 marla house for Rs 5.93 crore.


Apartments for Rent

Renting an apartment can be an even more affordable option. If you live alone in the city and don’t want to purchase a property here,you can choose to rent an apartment in DHA Lahore.

Apartments for rent in DHA Lahore can range anywhere between 225 sq ft for Rs 25,000 and 8 marla apartments for Rs 3 lakh.


Plots for Sale

As mentioned earlier, the prices of property in this society are quite high owing to the amenities provided. You can find various plots for sale in DHA Lahore including both residential and commercial. The prices of residential plots range from Rs 92 crore for a 5 marla plot to Rs 13 crore for a 4 kanal plot. 

For more information, visit Graana.com – Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace.


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