DHA, Peshawar: Amenities & Facilities

 DHA is a renowned housing society that has its presence all over the country. The project was initially launched in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. Afterward, this project was expanded to more cities including Peshawar. DHA Peshawar is located in a prime location and is often one of the top choices when it comes to choosing a place to live. It lives up to its high standards and robust infrastructure which is the hallmark of DHA housing societies.

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Peshawar city is not particularly known for its housing societies. However, along with a few other well-established societies such as the Askari housing society, DHA represents the aspirations of many local residents who wish to enjoy an upscale lifestyle in the heart of Peshawar.

Graana.com, Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal has compiled everything you need to know about DHA, Peshawar.


Location of DHA Peshawar


DHA Peshawar Entrance


DHA Peshawar is ideally located close to multiple recreational facilities including parks and a zoo. The area is close to Sheikh Abad and just a few minutes’ drive from Hayatabad. The area is well connected to the other localities of the city via a network of well-constructed roads. 

DHA housing society has easy access to central Peshawar city via Warsak Road which is connected to the N-5 National Highway. It has easy access to educational institutions, hospitals, and shopping centers. Similar to other DHA societies in Pakistan, DHA Peshawar provides high standards of living as well as security to its residents.


What Makes DHA, Peshawar  Ideal for Living?

The infrastructure and well-maintained facilities of this society attract many people to reside here. DHA Peshawar is a well-developed area with wider streets and a planned layout that pairs up well with the serene environment of the area, making it less turbulent than other societies in the city.

Since the housing society is surrounded by multiple parks, the residents get to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and live in an environment that is free from pollution and traffic.


Background of Defense Housing Authority (DHA)

The aim of this housing society was to build a neighbourhood equipped with all essential amenities,  enabling its residents to live their lives with utmost satisfaction. The Armed Forces took the initiative to provide a world-class housing society for the retired personnel; however, it was made available for civilians as well later on.

When it was opened to the public, the interest in DHA sky-rocketed as more and more people rushed to get a piece of property in this housing society. The demand for housing in DHA has also been increasing because of its unique experience which is comparable to many western-style residential areas, and it is one of the reasons why the project has become such a huge success.


Types of properties


Double storey House in DHA peshawar


Defense Housing offers a modern living style and unique home designs that come with access to luxurious markets, food chains, educational institutions, mosques, and recreational areas. Properties ranging in size and price are available for purchase as well as renting. Moreover, DHA is divided into different residential phases ranging from old to new phases. Mentioned below are the sectors in DHA Peshawar.


C and C Extension
Nasir Bagh Commercial


The housing society has properties for both high-income individuals as well as those who come from the middle-income groups. Furthermore, the society offers studio apartments for sale, single and double-storey houses for sale, and luxurious villas.

As the society develops further, modern architecture is being introduced and more economical options are being added. The society has clearly demarcated residential and commercial areas.

Furthermore, the society offers an option of Plot installment. Multiple size Plots for sale are also available in DHA Peshawar.  However, the prices of plots in DHA Peshawar vary with the sector, Size, and facilities.


Amenities in DHA

DHA provides all the basic amenities to its residents including electricity, gas, and clean water. The housing society also has designated spaces for parks and sporting activities. Furthermore, Public spaces are available for festivals and other family gatherings which are a big part of the local traditions.

Moreover, Excellent shopping malls and restaurants are some of the key characteristics of the DHA housing society which provides the residents with the best living experience. Therefore, DHA Peshawar offers some of the best lifestyle experiences out there.


Schools and Hospitals


university of peshawar


Considering the size of the housing society and the demands of the local residents, DHA Peshawar provides all the basic amenities and facilities that a person needs to lead a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Moreover, the society has easy access to schools and hospitals which are some of the key considerations when looking for a place to live. The University of Agriculture is also only a few minutes from the housing society. Other nearby educational institutions include the University of Peshawar and the University of Engineering and Technology which certainly attract many students from across the country.

DHA also provides easy access to medical facilities including hospitals and pharmacies. The Hayatabad Medical Complex is only a few minutes from the society.

Besides these options, another hospital that provides excellent healthcare and medical consultations is the Lady Reading Hospital. 




BRT Bus on road


DHA, Peshawar is situated on the prime location of Nasir Bagh Road, from where prospective residents can quickly access all types of public and affordable transportation options, including taxis, rickshaws, chingchi, and vans. Moreover, you can find ride-hailing service here as well such as Careem and Uber.


A few public transport stations also facilitate residents of DHA Peshawar, including BRT Bus Station No. 22 in Rahat Abad, near Khyber Teaching Hospital, about 19 minutes’ drive away, whereas BRT Bus Station No. 20 Abdara Road, Tahkal is more or less 10 km away. 

Moreover, there are five express trains that operate from the Peshawar Railway Station. 

  • Jaffar Express commutes to/from Peshawar to Quetta and Awam
  • Express, Rehman Baba Express
  • Khyber Mail Express
  • Khushal Khan Khattak Express to and for Peshawar and Karachi Cantt.

Also, Bacha Khan International Airport, also known as Peshawar International Airport, is more or less a 35-minute drive away on Peshawar Northern Bypass/Peshawar Ring Road.  



Given the above-mentioned Amenities and facilities, DHA Peshawar is also one of the most ideal locations in Peshawar city. You can find the finest range of houses available in this sector as per your needs.


Not only does it offer an incredible living experience, but it also serves as a convenient location for the everyday commute. If you’re looking for more information on real estate investment such as is DHA a good investment?, follow our blog at Graana.com.

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