Exploring Creative Ways of Using Photo Frames

photo frames and creative ways of using them

Do you ever look at a bunch of photo frames and feel the gentle tug of nostalgia or fascination? Well, those seemingly simple frames often act like tiny windows into times and places distinct from our own. Not only do they have the power to offer a momentary escape, but they also transform any space, making it much more personal.

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In today’s blog, Graana.com celebrates the diversity of frames. We provide a list of creative ways you can use them to enhance the interior of any space, giving it meaning and context.


Unique Galleries

When it comes to wall hanging decor, 8 out of 10 people opt for photo frames. One imaginative approach to using frames is to create a gallery within various settings. Whether it’s an office, a bedroom, or a guest room, you can transform any space into a captivating and sentimentally rich environment. 


Art Gallery Wall

You can change the look of your walls simply by displaying a bunch of photo frames. Consider incorporating diverse elements such as artwork, framed wallpapers, DIY projects like embroidery, motivational quotes, or cherished family photos.


Imaginative ways of using photo frames

The key lies in creating a blend of colours, styles, and textures that invites people to observe. Such gallery walls can revitalise your space and serve as a personalised reflection of your unique personality.


Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

If you’re trying to create a gallery in your space, try these tips;

  • Incorporate different styles, shapes, and sizes of frames. 
  • Use the “problematic wall” to test your creativity.
  • Create a story through the arrangement of your photo frames. 


Staircase Stories

You can turn your staircase into a stroll down memory lane by hanging thoughtfully chosen photo frames on the walls. You can use that wall to tell stories, showcase family journeys through time, or even display art.


guide on using wall frames

Tips for Using Photo Frames in Staircase

Use the following tips to make an engaging and impactful space out of your staircase.

  • Use the chronological arrangement of your photo frames. 
  • Blend art with pictures and typography. 
  • Create intentional spaces along the staircase where viewers can pause and reflect.


Vertical Panel Elegance

Another way to incorporate photo frames to drastically change your space is through vertical arrangement. You can add a vertical arrangement by using panels of frames. This style adds height to your walls and allows you to narrate a story in a series.


photo frames within the wall panels

Tips for Achieving Panel Elegance

Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Choose matching frames with minimalist designs, and consider enhancing the aesthetic with strings of fairy lights or hanging vines.
  • Maintain a sense of cohesion by selecting matching frames with minimalist designs. 
  • Consider adorning the frames with delicate strings of fairy lights, casting a warm and subtle glow on the arrangement. 


Going Beyond Traditional Displays

When it comes to being creative, replace the traditional display with creative DIY wall decor. Here are some ways to amp up your photo frames. 


Cork Collage

Give your photo frames an eco-friendly and artistic twist by repurposing bottle corks. This unconventional approach adds texture and depth to your frames and serves as a unique backdrop for your cherished memories. The cork collage becomes a visually appealing and environmentally conscious statement piece.


Wall photo frames


Tips for Making a Cork Collage

Here are some tips to improve a photo frame with this DIY

  • You can use corks from other materials, including cork balls and fashion items like wallets. 
  • Make sure to arrange the cork thoughtfully. Remember, the goal is to create something pleasing and easy on the eyes. 
  • Make sure to secure the cork collage by securing each cork firmly to the frame. 
  • Harmonize your cork collage with the aesthetics of the photo frame. In the end, everything needs to appear in sync. 


A Map to Your Memories

Photo frames can be more than just borders for pictures; they can tell stories. Consider incorporating maps into your frames, creating a visual story of unique places and moments. Maps add a unique and personal touch, whether it’s the town where you got married, the city where your child was born, or the favourite destination from your last holiday.


Paper Cut Art

You can experiment with 3D art by framing intricate paper-cut creations. The interplay of light and shadows on the paper adds depth and elegance to your interior. You can encompass unique designs, collaborate with artists, or try crafting your own paper-cut art.


Unique DIY Photo Frames

Here are some ideas for break-through frames. 


Using Chicken Wire

Revamp the traditional notion of photo frames with a charming and rustic DIY approach. Use chicken wire instead of cardboard to create a unique photo display. The addition of wooden clothespins adds a touch of simplicity and warmth, making it a perfect fit for bedrooms or contemporary home décor.


creative ways of using photo frames


Quirky Bottle Frames

Upcycle fancy perfume bottles into whimsical photo frames. Whether you add twine for a beachy vibe or incorporate sand and small shells, these bottle frames become unique and eye-catching décor pieces. Illuminate them with fairy lights for an added touch of magic.


Chopstick or Straw Photo Frames

Repurpose unused straws or chopsticks into a unique photo frame. Arrange them symmetrically, add a personal touch with colours, and secure corners with strong glue or twine. Embrace sustainability and creativity in crafting this eco-friendly and visually appealing decor piece.


Creative DIY of Photo Frames

Map-Style Frames

For those larger-than-life memories, embrace a non-traditional framing technique. Attach thin wooden pieces to the top and bottom of your pictures, creating a map-style frame. This DIY approach adds a distinctive touch, particularly suitable for showcasing maps or large posters.


Tips for Choosing and Arranging Photo Frames

Some general tips will help you find the arrangement that complements your room’s interior design.


Size, Colour, and Texture

It is crucial to select photo frames that complement the pictures and the surrounding décor. Consider the frames’ size, colours, and textures to create a harmonious and visually appealing arrangement.


creative ways of using photo frames

Personalised Touch with Custom Frames

Discover the flexibility and personalisation offered by custom photo frames. Tailor-made frames not only align with your style but also guarantee the longevity of your artwork while preventing accidental mishaps.



Photo frames are not just holders of memories but powerful tools for self-expression and interior transformation. Whether you choose to use unconventional framing methods, create dynamic galleries, or explore the world of DIY frames, the possibilities are endless. Your living space is a canvas waiting to be adorned with the stories of your life. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about photo frames:


Can I buy photo frames as a gift?

Yes, you can easily buy frames as gifts from gift shops in Islamabad


Can I order photo frames online?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy photo frames online. 


How much would a larger photo frame cost in Pakistan?

Here is the average price range of good-quality photo frames in Pakistan.

8 x 10 PKR 824— PKR 1000

11 x 14 PKR 1,799—PKR 2000

16 x 20 PKR 3,300—PKR 4000

20 x 30 PKR 6000—PKR 10,000


Can I customise photo frames in Pakistan?

Yes, you can easily get customised frames from gift shops. Blingspot, homsstore, mmemories and toobas.pk are some of the best places to order custom frames. 

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