A Guide To Choosing Floor Lamps For Your Space

A guide to Floor Lamps

Lighting has a profound impact on the atmosphere and functionality of a room. One way to enhance the ambiance of any space is through floor lamps. Yet, their significance extends beyond illumination; lamps can also add to the overall interior and decor of a room. 

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However, with tons of options available in the market, most people tend to get confused. That’s why Graana.com has created this guide on different types of floor lamps to help you pick the right one for your space.


Club Floor Lamps

For minimalist home decor enthusiasts, club floor lamps are the best option. Club lamps bring a touch of sophistication to interior spaces. These lamps are crafted with a dual purpose in mind: to provide ambient lighting and to serve as elegant decor elements. 

Originating from the desire to blend functionality with style, these lamps quickly rose to fame for their ability to enhance the ambiance of any room. Their sleek profiles and diverse designs make them versatile additions to a variety of interior settings.


Characteristics of Club Floor Lamps

Following characteristics can help you identify a club lamp. 


Sleek and Modernistic Design

The main characteristic of a club floor lamp is its sheer modernist and slime design. The lamp blends seamlessly into today’s modern interiors. Club floor lamps’ clean lines and minimal aesthetic contributes to chic and stylish atmosphere. 


Club Floor Lamps

Various Shades Style

Club floor lamp shades vary in style, design, and texture. Some of the most common shade styles include cone, drum, and bell shape. 


Versatile Lighting Options

Club Floor Lamps typically offer versatile lighting options, often equipped with multiple bulbs or adjustable brightness settings. This allows users to tailor the illumination to suit different moods and activities. 


Adjustable features

Many club floor lamps come with adjustable features, such as swivelling heads or adjustable heights. This flexibility allows users to customise the direction and intensity of the light. 


Suitable Interior Settings

Club floor lamps smoothly adjust into various interior styles, enhancing the overall aesthetic. They work particularly well in:


Classic and Traditional Settings

Contrary to their modern aesthetic, club floor lamps can also elevate classic or traditional interiors. They offer a subtle contrast of traditional and modern that never goes out of style. 


Minimalist Environments

With their simplistic design, club lamps find a natural home in minimalist spaces. This provides functional illumination without overwhelming the decor.


Living Rooms and Reading Nooks

These lamps are perfect for creating cosy corners in living rooms or dedicated reading nooks. Such lights can overall enhance these comfy corners and add more warmth to them. 


Office Spaces

In professional settings, club floor lamps add a touch of refinement. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing these lamps fit perfectly with the practical office furniture.


Best Utilisation of Club Floor Lamp

Here are some tricks on how to make the most out of a club floor lamp. 

Guide on Floor Lamps


Position club floor lamps in corners or beside furniture to create focused yet quality lighting.


Color Coordination

Choose lamp shades that complement or contrast with the room’s colour scheme, adding visual interest.


Height Variation

Use club floor lamps to add height variation to the room, creating a visually dynamic and interesting space.


Task Lighting Enhancement

Pair club floor lamps with reading chairs or tables to enhance task lighting in specific areas.


Focal Points

Let club floor lamps serve as decorative focal points, drawing attention to key features or design elements in the room. You can experiment and choose a floor lamp with a drum, cone, or bell-shaped shade to complement modern decor. 


Swing Arm Floor Lamps

People often conflate swing arm lamps with club lamps due to their striking similarities. However, a key difference lies in the adjustable arm feature of swing arm lamps, facilitating focused lighting.

These lights were created to provide adjustable lighting options without compromising on design. Containing dynamic flexibility, these floor lamps merge style with functionality. Their pivoting arms provide unparalleled versatility in directing light precisely where it’s needed. 


Guide on decoration of lights

Prominent Features of Swing Arms

Look for these characteristics to differentiate between swing arms and other types of floor lamps. 


Articulating Arm Design

Swing Arm Floor Lamps are distinguished by their articulating arms, which are hinged to the lamp’s base or pole. This design feature allows the user to easily swing or pivot the lamp arm horizontally. 


Versatile Task Lighting

Whether used for reading, crafting, or working, the adjustable arm allows users to position the light source at various angles and distances. This offers focused and customizable illumination.


  • Space-Efficient

Swing Arm Floor Lamps are known for their space-efficient design. The ability to extend and retract the arm as needed makes them versatile in smaller spaces.


Best Settings for Swing Arm Lamps

Swing arm floor lamps effortlessly complement various interior settings, making them a adaptable choice for:


Reading Nooks

Ideal for creating cosy reading corners, swing arm floor lamps offer adjustable lighting for an immersive reading experience.


Home Offices

In workspaces, these lamps provide task lighting that can be directed precisely, increasing focus and productivity.


Living Rooms

Enhance the ambiance of your living room by using swing arm floor lamps to spotlight specific areas or create layered lighting.



Place swing arm floor lamps next to bedside tables for convenient, adjustable lighting, perfect for bedtime reading or ambient glow.


Optimal Utilisation of Swing Arm Lamp

These are some of the best placement options for the swing arm floor lamp. 


Guide on Lamps

Space Optimization

Opt for swing-arm floor lamps in areas with limited space, as their adjustable arms allow for targeted illumination without the need for additional fixtures.


Art Display Areas

You can illuminate artwork or decorative elements with precision by directing the adjustable arm of these lamps to highlight specific focal points.


Style Cohesion

Choose swing-arm floor lamps that complement the existing decor, ensuring a harmonious integration with the overall design of the room.


Flexible Focal Points

Use these lamps to create dynamic focal points, directing attention to specific features or areas in the room.


Versatile Ambiance

Adjust the arms to vary the intensity and direction of light, enabling you to create different moods and atmospheres in the space.


Pharmacy Lamps

Suppose you want to make a small space look bigger and lack much light. An easy way to incorporate brightness into such a space is by installing pharmacy floor lamps. These lamps are classics due to their functional design and represent a timeless blend of style and utility. 

As the name suggests, pharmacy lamps were inspired by the lighting used by pharmacies. Eventually, they evolved into iconic fixtures that not only provide focused illumination but also serve as distinctive elements of interior decor.


Characteristics of Pharmacy Lamps

Here are some tell-tale features of these lights 


Adjustable Height and Swivel Shade

These lamps are popular for their practical designs including adjustable height mechanism. This allows the user to customise the lamp’s elevation according to requirement. Additionally, these lights come with a swivel shade perfect for task-oriented activities. 


Sturdy Base for Stability

Stability is a key characteristic of Pharmacy Floor Lamps, and they commonly feature a sturdy and weighted base.


floor lamps guide

Integrated On/Off Switch

Many Pharmacy Floor Lamps come equipped with an integrated on/off switch, conveniently located on the lamp’s stem or near the shade.


Suitable Interior Settings for Pharmacy Lamps

Pharmacy lamps effortlessly complement various interior settings, making them an ideal choice for:


Reading Corners/ Study Areas

Position pharmacy floor lamps beside reading chairs, desks or sofas to create well-lit reading nooks, offering both focused light and a touch of sophistication.


Home Offices

You can light up your workspaces with precision by incorporating pharmacy floor lamps, ensuring directed lighting for tasks that demand attention to detail.


Best Ways to Incorporate Pharmacy Lamps in Your Interior

It’s a good practice to experiment with your interior to keep things unique and creative. However, these are some of the classical ways to make the best of these lamps.


Directed Task Lighting

Leverage the adjustable arms and swivelling shades to provide focused task lighting, ensuring optimal brightness for reading or working.


Artistic Spotlights

Use these lamps to accentuate artwork or decor elements, directing the adjustable shades to create visual focal points.


Mood Enhancement

Adjust the positioning of pharmacy floor lamps to modulate the ambiance, allowing you to transition between brighter task lighting and softer ambient glow.


Tower Floor Lamps

If you’re trying to make your room more functional, opt for tower floor lamps. Like club lamps, tower floor lamps are also tall and slender. However, they also have some unique blends of modern design and functional illumination. 

Many tower lamps feature racks or coat hooks that you can easily use for your advantage. With their sleek profiles and often minimalist aesthetics, these lamps serve as both lighting solutions and contemporary decor pieces. 


Features and Purposes of Tower Floor Lamps

Tower lamps can offer you some of the best small apartment lighting ideas due to these features. 


Sleek and Well-Rounded Design

Tower floor lamps were conceptualised to offer a modern and space-efficient lighting solution. The sleek, vertical design allows them to fit seamlessly into various spaces while providing ample light. 


FLoor Lamps Guide by Graana



Their popularity surged as they became synonymous with contemporary interior design. Admired for their ability to add a touch of sophistication and a vertical visual element to rooms.


Best Interior Settings for Tower Floor Lamps

Tower lamps effortlessly complement various interior settings, making them an ideal choice for:


Modern Living Spaces

 Integrate tower floor lamps into modern living rooms, where their clean lines and contemporary designs contribute to a chic and sophisticated atmosphere.


Minimalist Interiors

Amplify minimalist decor with the simplicity of tower floor lamps, offering functional lighting without overpowering the clean and uncluttered aesthetic.


Suitable Uses of Tower Lamps

Here are some home lighting tips you can follow. 


Vertical Focal Points

Use tower floor lamps to introduce vertical visual elements, adding height and interest to various areas of the room.


Corner Illumination

Place tower floor lamps in corners to efficiently illuminate spaces that might be challenging for other fixtures, creating a balanced distribution of light.


Statement Pieces

Choose tower floor lamps with unique designs or finishes to make them statement pieces, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the room.


Space-Efficient and Multi-functioning Lighting

Opt for these lamps in areas where space is a consideration. Their vertical design allows them to provide ample light without taking up much floor space. Additionally, finding tower lamps with racks or hooks lets you use your space more efficiently. 


Tree Floor Lamps

Fashioned to resemble trees and tall plants, tree floor lamps capture nature’s beauty. These lamps are popular for their branching designs and multiple light sources. Tree lamps serve as functional lighting fixtures while doubling as captivating sculptural elements. 

Due to this harmonious blend of form and function, they look quite expensive. This is one of the reasons why they are being sidelined by the current interior design trends in Pakistan. Though, in actuality, you can find them at quite affordable prices. 


Floor Lamps Overview


Characteristics and Uses

Created for the sole purpose of interior, tree floor lamps provide the chic elegance of nature. These lamps are celebrated for their ability to illuminate a room with a warm and diffused glow, all while offering a beautiful focal point. The branching arms of these lamps not only deliver light but also add a decorative and artistic dimension to interior spaces.


Thriving Interior Setting for Tree Floor Lamps

Tree floor lamps effortlessly complement various interior settings, making them an ideal choice for:


Cosy Living Rooms

Install tree floor lamps in living rooms to create cosy and inviting corners, casting a gentle and ambient glow for relaxed evenings.


Nature-Inspired Decor

Enhance nature-inspired decor themes with the organic design of tree floor lamps, bringing a touch of the outdoors into interior spaces.


Enhancing Interiors with Tree Lamps

Incorporating tree lamps is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors at home. Let’s look into some ways they can really shine! 


Artistic Statements

Choose tree floor lamps with unique and sculptural designs to make them artistic statements, elevating the overall aesthetic of the room.


Ambient Illumination

Use the tree floor lamp to provide ambient illumination, allowing the branching arms to diffuse light throughout the space for a cosy and warm atmosphere.


floor lamps guide by graana


Decorative Focal Points

Let the unique design of tree floor lamps serve as decorative focal points, enhancing the visual interest of the room.


Space-Efficient Design

Enjoy the benefits of multi-directional lighting without sacrificing floor space, as tree floor lamps are designed to efficiently utilise vertical space.


Down Bridge Lamps

Down Bridge Lamps have graceful arched designs that bring a sense of sophistication and focused lighting to interiors. This unique structure, resembling a bridge that gently descends from the base, merges timeless elegance with practical functionality, making them a distinctive and versatile lighting choice.

Down Bridge Lamps were crafted to address the need for targeted lighting in specific areas. Their fame rose as they became celebrated for their ability to provide direct light, making them ideal for activities such as reading or task-oriented work. The downward arch not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a touch of classic charm to various interior settings.


Key Characteristics

The main characteristics are listed below:

Bridge-like Arch

The defining feature of Down Bridge Lamps is their distinctive bridge-like structure, where the lamp arm gracefully arches downward from the base.


Focused Illumination

These lamps are designed to cast light downward, creating a focused and concentrated beam that is perfect for tasks such as reading or working.


Height Adjustability

Many Down Bridge Lamps come with adjustable heights or swing arms, allowing users to customise the positioning of the light source according to their needs.


Classic Aesthetics

Inspired by traditional design elements, Down Bridge Lamps often exhibit classic aesthetics, making them versatile additions that can complement various decor styles.

Sturdy Base

The lamps typically feature a sturdy base that provides stability, ensuring that the downward arch remains secure and well-balanced.


Best Interior Settings for Down Bridge Lamps

Down Bridge Lamps effortlessly complement various interior settings, making them an ideal choice for:


Reading Corners

Install Down Bridge Lamps in reading corners or beside favourite reading chairs, offering directed light for an immersive reading experience.


Home Offices

Illuminate workspaces with precision by incorporating Down Bridge Lamps, providing task lighting for focused and efficient work.


Living Rooms

Add a touch of classic charm to your living room by using Down Bridge Lamps to enhance ambient lighting or spotlight specific areas.



Place Down Bridge Lamps strategically to provide bedside task lighting, merging functionality with timeless aesthetics for a serene atmosphere.


Study Areas

Enhance concentration and create a studious ambiance by incorporating Down Bridge Lamps into study spaces, directing light onto desks or work surfaces.


Making The Best Out of Down Lamps

Here are some tips on how to set up decorative lights in your home


Down Bridge Lamp Overview and Guide


 Targeted Task Lighting

Leverage the downward arch to provide focused task lighting, ensuring optimal brightness for reading or working.


Functional Artistry

Appreciate the dual role of Down Bridge Lamps as both functional lighting solutions and artistic additions that contribute to the overall aesthetic of the room.


Candelabra Lamps

Candelabra Lamps, inspired by the timeless allure of traditional candle holders, bring a touch of vintage elegance to modern interiors. These lamps, with their multiple arms or branches, evoke the classic charm of candelabras while offering a practical and decorative lighting solution for various spaces.

Candelabra Lamps were designed to capture the essence of historic candle-bearing fixtures and infuse it into contemporary lighting. Their fame has risen as they seamlessly blend classic aesthetics with functional lighting, creating a captivating visual experience reminiscent of candle-lit elegance. The multiple arms, each supporting a bulb or light source, contribute to a warm and ambient glow.


Key Characteristics of Candelabra Lamps


Candelabra Lamps floor


Multiple Arms or Branches

The defining feature of Candelabra Lamps is their multiple arms or branches, each supporting individual light sources, resembling the design of traditional candle holders.


Classic Design Elements

Candelabra Lamps often feature intricate details and classic design elements, harking back to the elegance of vintage candle-bearing fixtures.


Versatility in Styles

From ornate and elaborate designs to more streamlined and modern interpretations, Candelabra Lamps come in a variety of styles, making them versatile for different decor themes.


Decorative Presence

Beyond functionality, Candelabra Lamps serve as decorative pieces, contributing to the overall aesthetic of a room with their graceful and captivating presence.


Best Interior Settings for Candelabra Lamps

Candelabra Lamps effortlessly complement various interior settings, making them an ideal choice for:


Dining Areas

Install Candelabra Lamps above dining tables to create a sophisticated and intimate atmosphere, replicating the ambiance of candle-lit dinners.



Make a grand statement in entryways by incorporating Candelabra Lamps, setting the tone for a welcoming and elegant home.


Living Rooms

Add a touch of classic charm to living rooms with Candelabra Lamps as focal points, providing both functional lighting and visual allure.



Place Candelabra Lamps on bedside tables or as pendant fixtures, infusing bedrooms with a romantic and vintage-inspired ambiance.


Formal Settings

Enhance formal settings such as home offices or libraries with the sophisticated presence of Candelabra Lamps, elevating the overall decor.


Best Utilisation for These Lamps in Interior Designing

The best use of these lamps in interior designing is listed below:

Accent Lighting

Use Candelabra Lamps as accent lighting to highlight specific areas or architectural features, creating visual interest in the room.


Decorative Focal Points

Let the classic design and multiple arms of Candelabra Lamps serve as decorative focal points, adding a touch of vintage elegance to the interior.


Dimmer Compatibility

Consider models with dimmer compatibility to adjust the intensity of the light, allowing for a customizable ambiance to suit different occasions.


Mixing Styles

Experiment with mixing Candelabra Lamps of various styles to create a curated and eclectic look, adding character to the overall design.


Softening Modern Spaces

Introduce Candelabra Lamps to modern or minimalist spaces to soften the aesthetic and infuse a sense of timeless charm.


Tiffany Glass Lamps

Tiffany Glass Lamps, synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and breathtaking artistry, stand as luminous tributes to the creativity of Louis Comfort Tiffany. These lamps, adorned with vibrant stained-glass shades, transcend mere illumination, weaving a tapestry of colour and elegance that has captivated enthusiasts for over a century.

Tiffany Glass Lamps were meticulously crafted to transcend conventional lighting, merging function with artistic expression. Their fame soared as they became iconic representations of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. The innovative use of stained glass, often featuring intricate patterns and nature-inspired motifs, elevated these lamps to unparalleled heights of artistic and decorative acclaim.


beautiful lighting ideas for home decor

Main Characteristics


Stained Glass Shades

The defining feature of Tiffany Glass Lamps is their stained-glass shades, composed of meticulously cut pieces that are meticulously assembled to create intricate patterns and scenes.


Nature-Inspired Designs

Tiffany Glass Lamps often feature designs inspired by nature, with motifs such as flowers, birds, and landscapes, capturing the essence of the Art Nouveau movement.


Brass or Bronze Bases

The bases of Tiffany Glass Lamps are typically crafted from brass or bronze, providing a sturdy and elegant foundation for the exquisite stained-glass shades.


Warm and Ambient Lighting

These lamps emit a warm and ambient glow, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere while showcasing the rich hues and textures of the stained glass.


Handcrafted Excellence

Each Tiffany Glass Lamp is a testament to meticulous hand craftsmanship, with artisans dedicating hours to cutting, foiling, and soldering individual pieces of glass to achieve the final masterpiece.


Best Interior Settings

Tiffany Glass Lamps effortlessly complement various interior settings, making them an ideal choice for:


Living Rooms

Grace living rooms with the timeless beauty of Tiffany Glass Lamps, allowing the stained-glass shades to become captivating focal points.


Enhance the ambiance of bedrooms with the gentle radiance of Tiffany Glass Lamps, infusing spaces with a romantic and artistic allure.


Dining Areas

Elevate dining areas with the artistic presence of Tiffany Glass Lamps, turning mealtime into a visually delightful experience.



Make a striking first impression by placing Tiffany Glass Lamps in entryways, setting a tone of elegance and sophistication for your home.


Incorporating Tiffany Glass Lamps in Interior Designing


Artistic Focal Points

Use Tiffany Glass Lamps as artistic focal points, allowing their vibrant stained-glass shades to stand out and become captivating visual elements.


Complementary Decor

Choose lamps that complement the existing colour palette and decor theme of a room, ensuring a harmonious integration into the overall design.


Vintage and Eclectic Settings

Incorporate Tiffany Glass Lamps into vintage or eclectic settings, where their timeless appeal and intricate designs seamlessly blend with diverse decor elements.


vintage style floor lamps for home interior


Coordinated Colour Schemes

Look for lamps that feature colours present in the room’s colour scheme, creating a cohesive and coordinated look that enhances the overall aesthetic.


Layered Lighting Design

Integrate Tiffany Glass Lamps into a layered lighting design. You can combine their ambient glow with other lighting sources to achieve a balanced and visually dynamic environment.



We hope this guide offers valuable insights into optimising your space with floor lamps. Implementing these tips promises to illuminate your interiors effectively. Embrace the versatility of floor lamps to create a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing environment in your home or office.


Frequently Asked Questions

Look into these answers for additional insights.


Can I get floor lamps for sale in Pakistan?

Floor lamps are available for sale in Pakistan in multiple stores including Urban Galleria, Chahyay, Home Decor, and Brassco. 


Can I buy floor lamps in Pakistan online?

Of Course, you can find floor lamps online from platforms like Daraz.pk and other brands.


What is considered a reasonable floor lamp price in Pakistan?

The prices for floor lamps in Pakistan range from 3,800PKR—13,000PKR. However, you can find good quality lamps at a reasonable price of 6,000PKR. 


Which floor lamp offers the best light?

The best light from a floor lamp depends on the specific design and intended use; consider LED or adjustable options for versatility.


Which is better, table lamp or floor lamp?

The choice between a table lamp or floor lamp depends on your lighting needs and the desired aesthetic; floor lamps offer broader illumination for larger spaces. 

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