French Beach, Karachi: All You Need to Know

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Karachi is well-known for its diverse range of picnic spots, from sandy beaches and lush green parks to bustling food streets and historical landmarks.

French Beach is one of the most popular places to visit in Karachi, especially during the summer, and it offers a wide range of activities with a mesmerising sea view. has compiled a guide to help you plan a good tour of this beach.


About French Beach, Karachi

French Beach, also known as Haji Ali Goth among the locals, is a small fishing village in the coastal area of Karachi. Located between Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point, it is a perfect spot to enjoy several activities such as scuba diving, surfing, cliff jumping etc. 

It is reported that the beach got its name from a French couple, who visited the beach sometime during the 1900s, and was captivated by the idyllic views. When more and more tourists started visiting this area, the locals built several huts and cabins. This allowed visitors to spend nights on the beach if they wished, and go fishing or engage in other activities with ease.

Over the years, the beach has continued to gain popularity among local and international tourists. Unlike all the other beaches of Pakistan, French Beach does not have a sandy shoreline. In fact, it is composed of jagged rocks, making the place more unique. This is why it is recommended to wear proper walking shoes when you visit to avoid any foot injuries.


Fun Activities at French Beach


Fun activities at French Beach


French Beach offers a wide range of activities for visitors, apart from swimming through the waves. The following is a list of all the activities that you can enjoy during your visit:

  • Cruising on jet skis
  • Fishing with the locals
  • Kayaking for two
  • Scuba diving for an underwater experience
  • Surfing 
  • Windsurfing on smaller boats for an adrenaline rush

Note: Do not forget to reserve a hut at the beach before your visit.


How to Reserve a Hut/Cabin at French Beach

French Beach is secured by a boundary wall, ensuring privacy and safety. Most of the huts there are privately owned. That is why they are usually unavailable for rent and, thus, access to the beach is limited for the general public.

Visitors can only try requesting a hut online on social media platforms. There are chances that some owners allow you to rent their hut for a day at the beach or even a night’s stay.

The security at the beach does not allow vehicles other than those of the owners of the huts or private cabins. However, if you have already rented a cabin, you will be allowed to enter without any hesitation.


Tips for Your Visit

To enjoy your day to the fullest at French Beach, the following tips can be helpful:

  • Book a cabin or hut a day before your visit to French Beach.
  • There is no running water in the village for safe drinking or cooking. Hence, you should make your own arrangements or ask for a water tank from the huts’ owners.
  • Keep your cell phones and other electronic devices charged.
  • Pack a sufficient amount of food as well as there are no shops on the beach where you can buy snacks.
  • The beach is usually open 24/7; however, the timings may differ according to your reservation time.’


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