Most Popular Beaches in Pakistan

famous beaches in pakistan

With the summer season dawning upon us; the anticipation for water sports, picnics and trips to beaches in Pakistan has also reached its prime. People gravitate towards some of the most popular beaches in the country to enjoy their best summer days.

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Only two of the country’s provinces share a boundary with the sea; Sindh and Balochistan. These culturally enriched provinces enclose beautiful beach fronts that serve as popular tourist attractions for visitors from across the country., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a list of some of the most visited and popular beaches in Pakistan that offer scenic sights to behold. 


Top 14 Beaches in Pakistan

To undermine the scorching heat of the season, the glistening blue hues and cool water of the sea are an ideal pastime for people. 

Following is a list of some of the most-visited beaches in Pakistan that are famous for their landscapes and beautiful sunsets, accompanied by clear and cool water. 

  1. Hawksbay Beach
  2. Ormara Beach
  3. Turtle Beach
  4. Sonmiani Beach
  5. French Beach
  6. Gaddani Beach
  7. Manora Beach
  8. Paradise Point
  9. Kund Malir Beach 
  10. Cape Mount Beach
  11. Astola Beach
  12. Pasni Beach
  13. Tushan Beach
  14. Clifton Beach

Hawks Bay Beach – Karachi


Waves crashing beach side at Hawks bay karachi


Hawksbay ranks at the top amongst luxury beaches in Karachi and is famous for its clean beachfront, light sand and blue waves. Hawks bay Karachi is located in the southwest of the city, with a distance of just 20 kilometres from Karachi, making it a feasible spot for people who love the sea and its views.


Ormara Beach – Balochistan


ormaara beach in balochistan


Ormara Beach Balochistan is paved with a stunning set of suburbs that offer breathtaking views of the sea. The beach parallels a well-maintained highway and sandy hills, making a truly mesmerising view. Ormara is mainly a port town, with very less property near the beach and is located in Gwadar District, Balochistan.


Turtle Beach – Karachi


pebbles lying on clean sand and clear water at turtle beach karachi


Karachi’s Turtle Beach is free from rocks and reefs, making it a smooth and clean beachfront. In summers, rare species of Green and Olive Ridley Turtles lay their eggs here, which explains its name. 

Turtle Beach Pakistan is located in the midst of Hawksbay and Sand’s Pit beach in Karachi, and is a remarkably popular spot for family picnics and trips. 


Sonmiani Beach – Balochistan


Sonmiani beach in Pakistan


Sonmiani Beach is a beautiful and luxurious beachfront with fresh blue seawater and light sand, making it the perfect destination for beach trips. 

Sonmiani beach Karachi falls under the Lasbela district of Balochistan. It is an extremely popular attraction for tourists and is currently under the control of the Pakistan Army. However, most people refer to it being in Karachi since it is just a two-hour drive from the city. 


French Beach – Karachi

If you’ve ever been recommended beaches to visit in Karachi, French Beach is surely one that would have made the list.  French Beach Karachi is a beautiful spot with clear sand and water that makes it one of the best beaches in Karachi.


Gaddani Beach – Balochistan


Gaddani Beach in Balochistan


Gaddani Beach is located at a distance of 50 kilometres in the northwest area from Karachi. The beach is packed with refined rocky peaks and glistening green water that shines under the sun’s reflection, making it a sight to remember. 

This beach is much-visited beachside that is also famous for its Ship Breaking Yard, alongside being a popular picnic spot for tourists and local visitors.


Manora Beach – Karachi


manora beach karachi


Manora is a mesmerising Karachi beach spot that encloses an array of long sandy beaches that travel along the southern edge of the island, and merge into Sandspit and Hawksbay sites.

Manora Beach Karachi, because of its popularity, has recently been improvised with a dedicated beachfront. This beachfront serves as an entertainment hub along the coast of Manora for families and friends who are looking for a tourist spot.


Paradise Point – Karachi


paradise point karachi


Paradise point is a sandstone rock point located alongside the Arabian sea. This beach point offers a natural arch; making it a commonly visited attraction for families and tourists.

Paradise Point Karachi offers scenic views alongside fun beach activities that include horseback riding, camel rides, amusement places, diving, and restaurants. 


Kund Malir Beach – Balochistan


Kund Malir Pakistan


Kund Malir Beach is one of the most spectacular Gwadar beaches that Balochistan offers. It is located near the Hingol National Park — the largest national park in Pakistan. 

The beach itself serves beautiful views of glimmering blue water alongside tall rugged mountains. 


Cape Mount – Karachi




Cape Mount Beach is a brilliant spot for beach lovers who are into water sports. The place serves excellent sports facilities with a beautiful cape enclosing lush blue water waves. The beach is a brilliant spot for tourists and serves magnificent views.


Astola Beach


Astola Island


Astola Beach is commonly referred to as the ‘Island of Seven Hills’. It is a small island that is uninhabited and parallels the Arabian Sea. The island is located approximately 25 km south of the coast’s nearest area.

Astola Beach is one of the best islands in Pakistan.


Pasni Beach


Pasni Beach


Pasni is one of the most famous Balochistan that is located on the Makran coast on the Arabian Sea. This beach is located at a distance of around 450 km from Karachi city.

Pasni is basically a small town that also functions as a fishing harbour in the district of Gwadar.


Tushan Beach


Tushan Beach


Tushan Beach is a famous spot for people who love to spend a day out in secluded places. The beach serves as a great option for people who are looking to spend some time in solitude. 

Tushan beach also offers limited beach huts in Karachi, where you can book and enjoy a full-day stay at.


Clifton Beach


Clifton beach karachi


Clifton Beach is located right in the midst of Karachi. Because of its easy accessibility to the residents of Karachi, it is the most commonly visited beach spot. 

This beautiful site used to comprise clean blue water before the oil leakage incident in 2003. However, even with polluted water, the popularity of Karachi Clifton Beach hasn’t suffered and still remains the no.1 spot in the city for tourists.


This extensive list of beaches is a brilliant compilation of the best tourist spots in Karachi, especially for beach enthusiasts. If you’re looking for more places to visit, follow— Pakistan’s 1st Online Real Estate Marketplace. 

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