A Guide to Heat Resistant Sheet for Roof

A Guide to Heat Resistance Sheet

With the summer season peaking around June and July, people are left with no choice but to look for alternative methods to curb the heat. In Pakistan, the summer season is long, hot and humid, which makes it worse for citizens. Thanks to modern technology, people are able to utilise new techniques to fight the heat, with one of them being heat resistant sheets for roofs. Oftentimes, roofs tend to trap heat inside the house, leaving heat resistant sheets as the only solution.

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Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has come up with a complete guide on how to subdue the heat using heat resistant sheets for the roof.


Types of Heat Resistant Sheet for Roofs

The types of heat resistant sheets that are used in Pakistan have been listed below.

  1. Galvanised Steel Sheet
  2. Bitumen Sheet
  3. PVC Plastisol Sheet
  4. Polyester Painted Sheet


Galvanised Steel Sheet

a silver Galvanised Steel Sheet-another type of heat resistance sheet.

A layer of zinc is coated over steel sheets through the process of dipping, as this helps increase their ability to resist heat. Galvanised steel sheet comes with many plus points, for example, they have a lower price as compared to regular stainless steel sheets but serve the same purpose.

Moreover, it requires less maintenance and can be used for longer periods. It is further coated with heat proofing and waterproofing materials so that it can block heat.

In addition to this, these sheets are known for bearing damage due to their robustness. If you are thinking about buying a heat resistance sheet for your roof, this can be one of the best choices for you.

It not only protects the roof from extreme weather conditions, but also hinders heat from getting entrapped inside the structure.


Bitumen Sheet

a black Bitumen Sheet

Another type of popular heat resistant sheets for roofs in Pakistan are bitumen sheets. These sheets are capable of heat proofing, along with making the roof waterproof at the same time.

Bitumen is a black compound which consists of hydrocarbons. One quality that makes these sheets stand out among the rest is that they come with adhesives. Layering your roof using multiple bitumen sheets will not only protect it from heat and water but also from harsh weather.


PVC Plastisol Sheet

a house with PVC Plastisol Sheet, type of heat resistance sheet

PVC plastisol sheets are considered the best heat resistant roof sheets available in Pakistan. These sheets are popular for a reason, as they make an excellent coating agent. Experts in the construction field have been using these sheets for a long time because of their heat resistance properties.

Another advantage of using PVC plastisol sheets is that their life span is generally greater than that of any other heat proofing sheet. Besides providing heat resistance, they also give strength to the structure.


Polyester Painted Sheet

a blue coloured Polyester Painted Sheet

Polyester painted sheets are not that expensive, making them quite cost-effective. Also, they are easy to install in any structure. This is the reason why they are usually used in agriculture shacks and huts, as well as outdoor seating arrangements of houses.

The revamped zinc covering makes the sheet appear green in colour. Polyester painted sheets last for a period of around 10 to 20 years.

Another major advantage of using polyester painted sheets is that they are not very dense. They are light in weight and have a potency similar to that of other top-quality heat resistant sheets.


Heat Resistant Sheet for Roof Price

Now that we know about the types of heat resistant roof sheets, let’s discuss their prices and installation costs. Following are the estimated rates of installing the heat resistant and water-resistant sheets in a house.

Cost of installing heat resistant roof sheet + labour = Rs 4000
Cost of installing waterproof roofing sheet + labour = Rs 8000The total rate of setting up heat resistant and water-resistant roof sheets + labour in your home = Rs12000

Obviously, the prices are going to vary depending on the area of the roof. The prices mentioned above are for a house with a roof of about 210 square feet.


Benefits of Corrugated Roofing

Although all of these sheets primarily serve the same purpose, i.e. making the structure heatproof, there are various other benefits to them too.

Here are a few benefits of installing heat resistant sheets for roofs.

  • Heat resistant roof sheets that are made using a corrugated substance can resist all types of extreme weather.
  • Corrugated roofing is light in weight and also provides a vast variety of patterns and options.
  • It is tough and stays in good shape for a long time.
  • These sheets require minimum energy, and are used for making the best heat blocking roof sheets in Pakistan.


In Pakistan, the summer season is quite long which forces people to take adequate measures to curb the heat. Heat resistant sheets for roofs work effectively against blocking heat and making the structure heatproof. In this blog, we elaborated on different types of sheets that are used in Pakistan, along with their installation costs and benefits.

For more information such as benefits of installing green roof to your home or , visit Graana blogs.


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