How to Check Your Bike Registration in Pakistan

Now you can go for bike registration in Pakistan. People can now make their bicycles more secure and risk-free. Visit to know more.

The departments of excise and revenue in every city and town in Pakistan have come up with the most straightforward and most convenient solution for consumers to make their motorcycles and scooters secure. Now, you can easily register for bike registration in Pakistan.

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People can now make their bicycles more secure and risk-free due to the widespread availability of online bike registration in Pakistan. They can be traced, but this is only possible if registered. If your bike is registered, it will be protected from theft and kept out of the wrong hands. 


Overview of Bike Registration in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the government has just announced the launch of a new online function called “bike registration check,” which would assist motorcyclists in verifying that they are the legal owners of the motorcycles they have recently purchased. Even though the verification procedure grew less complicated, many bike owners still had trouble understanding how it worked. 

The process can be completed online; you only require a computer with a functional internet connection. Other than that, you won’t run into any difficulties. 

If you want to register your motorcycle online and learn about the whole process, you have come to the right place. The following blog is an easy-to-follow instruction guide that will walk you through checking the registration of your motorcycle in Pakistan using online and offline resources. 


Importance of bike registration


Now you can go for bike registration in Pakistan. People can now make their bicycles more secure and risk-free. Visit to know more.

  • The Motorcycle Registration Number Check is necessary to maintain the legal operation of your motorcycle. You must carry your registration card (RC) when driving under the Automobile Act 1988. The owner of a registered bicycle is eligible for more benefits. 
  • Removes the need for involvement from a third party.
  • Increases bike insurance 
  • Discourages underage cyclists 
  • Encourages people to avoid excessive bureaucracy. 
  • Raise the amount that the taxpayer is responsible for. 


Methods to Check Bike Registration in Pakistan

 Here are the details of the methods of registration: 


Method 1: Online Bike Registration Check in Pakistan – Website

The verification procedure has been made more straightforward in Pakistan by implementing the online registration method. Now, the process can be readily followed without requiring too much effort on anyone’s part. You can check for your bike’s registration online through the official website or mobile applications. 

Checking a bike’s registration can be done electronically using the official websites. To improve accessibility, individual websites have been developed for each of the provinces. The MTMIS Punjab website covers the cities of Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, D.G. Khan, Bahawalpur, Gujranwala, and Sahiwal. 

Karachi, Larkana, Hyderabad, Sukkur, and Thatta are only some cities covered by the MTMIS Sindh website. Peshawar, Charsadda, Kohat, Mardan, Nowshera, Swat, Haripur, and Minor are some of the places covered on the KPK province website. 


  • For online motorcycle registration check, visit the official website of your respective MTMIS, which may vary depending on the province where you register your bike. 
  • Select the “vehicle registration” option from the toolbar to register your vehicle. 
  • Select the “Check Vehicle Detail” option with your mouse. 
  • Please enter the bike’s registration number and the registered date. 
  • Select the ‘Check’ option with your mouse. 


Method 2: Verify your Bike Number Through the Mobile App

The government of Pakistan has released an Independent News Coverage Pakistan (INCPAK) application so that its citizens can check the registration of their motorcycles or other vehicles. You can now verify your bicycle registration in one location, regardless of where you are. 

The software provides users with distinct alternatives for Islamabad, the Punjab region, the Sindh region, the KPK region, and AJ&K. The application may be obtained from the Google Play Store and downloaded onto Android phones. Signing up is not required in any way.

Provide the required information to log in. Please input the number below to check your bike’s registration. You will see the information presented in two tables on your screens, just as you would on the MTMIS website. Additionally, the app provides information regarding the payment of taxes. 

Using the smartphone application, you can quickly check the ownership of your bike. However, it must be kept in mind that this method is only available in selected areas of Pakistan. Nevertheless, it can still provide you with information regarding car checks. Like a website, a mobile application to check a motorcycle’s registration is relatively straightforward 


Method 3: Verification through SMS

Residents of Punjab are fortunate to have the opportunity to obtain a CPLC Bike Verification using the text message service. It indicates that the ownership of a motorcycle may be easily verified by sending a simple text message to the motorcycle’s registration company.  

To provide you with an in-depth comprehension of the process, we have broken it down into parts: 

  • Start the texting application on your mobile device. 
  • Make sure to jot down the registration number for your vehicle. 
  • You can text it to 8785. 
  • You will have the response to your question in a few moments. 

If the bicycle is registered, you will be given the information that is detailed below: 

  • Manufacturer and the serial number of the bicycle 
  • Colour of the bike, 
  • The year of registration, 
  • Issuance of the Owner’s Name, 
  • The Present Stand of Computerized License Plates 
  • The authenticity of the Tax and the Token 
  • Number of the Engine and the Identification of the Vehicle 

Please note that, according to the most up-to-date information, the verification service that utilizes text messages is now only offered in Punjab. Even though it used to be accessible in Islamabad, the service has been unavailable there for now.  

Registration procedures are specific to each province. Each of the registration procedures is governed specifically for each province. It is simple to handle and take care of people’s vehicles because each province has a regulated system, which is why. 


Method 4: Bike Registration in Pakistan Through Exercise Department

Checking a bike’s registration can also be done by going to the office of the excise department. Before going to the office of the excise, make sure you read the steps that are listed below. 

  • Pay a visit to the departments of excise, taxation, and narcotics in your respective government. 
  • Bring the original copies of any documentation that pertains to your motorcycle. 
  • The official of the excise department will assist you in checking that your bike is registered. 
  • If the owner has any questions regarding the registration of their bike, the staff is available to assist them. 


Method 5: Bike Registration in Pakistan Through CNIC

The CNIC is also used as another technique for checking bike registration in Punjab. Checking your bike’s registration with your CNIC can be done online at the official website for excise and taxation. 

When checking your bike’s registration, select the “two-wheeler” option. After that, fill in your CNIC in the corresponding space. Put a checkmark in the box that says, “I am not a robot.” Once you press the search button, the information about your bike registration will be displayed on the website. 

In addition to that, it shows any bikes or vehicles that are registered to your CNIC. 



Overview of Different Provinces to Check Motorcycle Registration


Now you can go for bike registration in Pakistan.


You can register your bike online using this website and find out where it must be checked in for an accident. In addition, it gives bikers advice on how to stay safe and allows riders to report accidents without revealing their identities. 




The KPexcise website has a page allowing you to enter your vehicle’s registration number and determine whether it is still legitimate. It also informs you of the time left before it becomes invalid. You will be presented with an error message if there is a problem with this information, such as details that are wrong or missing information.

On the other hand, if everything seems to be in order, there is no reason to be concerned; you should keep driving. As soon as you have navigated to one of these websites, depending on where you are, you will see a form on your screen that has one or two unfilled fields. In Pakistan, verifying the power of a bicycle’s tires by filling them thoroughly is mandatory. 

There is a possibility that one of the fields will be labeled “Vehicle Number or Registration Number.” After that, you must enter the numeric and alphabetic characters on your motorcycle’s license plate. 

Pressing the “Hunt” button now gives you information on the current power state of your bike, as it did in the past. 

Note about the Machine’s Capacity: Only if you are using the authorized website of the Sindh Department of Excise and Taxation may you be required to select the “two-wheeler” option to check your bike’s enrollment online in Pakistan properly. 




A bicycle acquired in Sindh province can have its purchase registered and verified on the Department of Excise, Taxation, and Drugs website. The following is a list of some of the cities in Sindh where you can access the website to check your registration: 

  • Karachi
  • Hyderabad
  • Thatta



Documents to Check Motorcycle Registration Number


For local bikes

Like any other vehicle, a bike registration requires a few crucial documents. The documents explained below are the ones that the owner of a locally produced bike must submit to register the bike. 

  • The application to register a bike or vehicle must be filled out using Form F. 
  • A copy of the owner’s CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) can be provided. 
  • Original copy of the bike’s or vehicle’s sales receipt. 
  • Original receipt for the purchase of the bike or vehicle. 

A cost is associated with registering a vehicle, purchasing a license plate, and paying applicable taxes. 


For Imported Bikes

The following items are necessary for registering an imported motorcycle or vehicle: 

  • Fill out Form F to make an application for motorcycle registration. 
  • The owner’s copy of their CNIC (National Identity Card). 
  • A copy of the authorization to import granted by the relevant customs authorities. 
  • A second copy of the GD confirms that all applicable taxes and tariffs have been paid. 
  • A copy of the invoice is required in addition to purchasing the bike if it was bought directly from the manufacturer. 
  • A copy of the bill of lading. 
  • Cost of acquiring an identification plate, registration, and applicable taxes. 

The motor transport management information system (MTMIS) produces the motorcycle registration card. Your bicycle was adequately registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and the government. The card can be used for 15 years after it was first issued. 


How to Check Bike Registration in Punjab

Through the implementation of a Dealer vehicle registration system, the government of Punjab has made it much simpler to register motorcycles (DVRS). Under this arrangement, the government of Punjab has delegated the authority to grant registration for bikes and other vehicles, as well as the license plate, directly at the point of sale at certain dealerships. 

Within the context of the ongoing traffic reforms in Punjab, the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department has stepped up to take the lead. The dealers enjoy high popularity and adhere to high marketing standards. These dealerships also have MTMIS (Motor Transport Management Information System). They hold a license under the Punjab Motor Vehicle Transaction Licensees Act 2015, passed in 2015. 

The following amenities are available to the clients: 

  • Obtaining a bike’s or vehicle’s registration. 
  • New licence plates are being issued.
  • You can register even after the office has closed. 
  • Carry out the necessary steps for data submitted via the online system. 
  • There is no need to wait in line. 
  • It is a method that reduces wasted time. 
  • The registration charge for the motorcycle is Rs.500. 



The dealers are responsible for entering all the essential bike registration information into their databases. The registration documents are then handed over to MRA after the challan has been posted (motor registration authority). The record is kept for five years for auditing and record-keeping as well. The fee covers the cost of registering with the government. 


The cost of registration

The Excise and Taxation Department decided upon the motorcycle license fee in Pakistan. The cost is varied depending on the horsepower of the vehicle. 


Bike Fee 
Transfer of bike’s ownership Rs.150 
Below 1000 cc 1 % 
1000 cc – 1500 cc 2 % 
1500 cc – 2000 cc 3 % 
Above 2000 cc 4 % 


When you have finished the process of registering your bike, you will be able to check to see if it has been registered or not. Registration is required to continue riding the motorcycle on public roads. Because of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, you must always have your registration card on your person. 



Checking the number registered on your motorcycle is necessary to ensure your vehicle’s safety and reduce the risk of fraud. To be a responsible citizen, one must undergo a highly obligatory process.  

The departments of excise and taxation in each of your regions offer verification services in addition to the mobile application and online portal that are now available for checking a bike’s registration in Pakistan. Keeping your original paperwork and the license plate number with you is all that is required of you at all times. Additionally, the agency is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the Vehicle Tax Verification System. 

 In short, we have gone over the steps that need to be taken to get your vehicle verified in Pakistan. We hope it will be of use to you during the verification process. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comment section below. 

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