Property Ownership and Digital Land Record in Sindh

In order to ensure transparency, restrict duplication, and provide instant and easy access to land records, the Government of Sindh has initiated the digitisation of land records from the land administration records. The Sindh Authority Land Records has set up an online portal known as land administration and revenue management information system.

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Learn More, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, takes a look at the digitisation of land record in Sindh and how you can check your property records online.


Land Record System in Sindh


Flag of the Government of Sindh


The Government of Sindh has assigned the Reforms Wing & Special Cell in the Board of Revenue of the provincial government to execute four IT schemes. These schemes are related to the digitisation of land records in Sindh. 

One of these IT schemes is the Land Administration and Revenue Management Information System (LARMIS). The LARMIS is 6 terabytes in size and is the largest database in Sindhi language.

The system started the scanning of mutation records in October 2010 and was initiated from District Facilitation Centres in Hyderabad, Jamshoro, and Tando Mohammad Khan.

The Board of Revenue in Sindh notes that the total land revenue record of the province consists of 5,979 Dehs. Out of these, the board has completed the digitisation of 5,680 Dehs of which 3,600 Deh records have been supplied to the district administration for verification.Only 1200 Dehs remain that need to undergo the digitisation process.

Once the process of verification is completed, the board will commence the process of validation by welcoming objections from the land owners. Furthermore, the board has set up a Tier III Data Centre at Revenue House Clifton, Karachi, where the land record will be maintained.

A Disaster Recovery Centre has also been established at the Directorate of Settlement Survey & Land Records, Hyderabad. The recovery centre will act as a back up in case of an unforeseen disaster at the Revenue House in Karachi.

Geographic Data Centre


Photograph of Afghanistan, Pakistan and surrounding countries on retro globe underneath a magnifying glass."


The LARMIS has been established to digitise the land records while the Government of Sindh has also set up a Geographic Information System (GIS) lab to digitise the district and Deh maps. These are estimated at around 5,979 maps. 

According to the Board of Reneue’s website, the digitization of 4,000 out of 5,979 maps have been completed. In addition, the board is also integrating the digitised maps with the digital land records.

This integration process contains the option of updating the occupancy information as latest data becomes available. Owing to the GIS data centre, the government has also identified 60,000 acres of encroached state land.

The Board of Revenue Sindh has stated that high resolution imagery of the following districts has been produced:

  • Hyderabad
  • Thatta
  • Badin
  • Tando Allahyar
  • Shaheed Benazirabad

How to Check Sindh Land Record Online


A screenshot of Sindh Land Record Portal


The steps to check property record on Government of Sindh’s online portal have been given below:

  • Visit the property record portal by going to
  • The portal will give you the options to search land records either by CNIC number or by name.


Search Property by Name in Sindh Land Record

  • Clicking the “Search by Name” button will refresh the portal.
  • Once the refresh is complete, the portal will ask to you to provide more information.
  • After the refresh is complete you will select the district name where the property is located.
  • After selecting the district the portal will ask you to select the Taluka in the selected district.
  • Once you select the Taluka you will select the Deh from the dropdown list.
  • Then you will enter the complete name on which the property record will be searched.
  • Lastly, you will enter the captcha as shown in the picture.
  • Click “Search” to view the complete record in the system.


Search Property by CNIC in Sindh Land Record

  • If you wish to search by CNIC number, click on the “Search by CNIC/NIC” button.
  • The portal will ask you to enter the CNIC number on which you want to execute the search.
  • Enter the captcha as shown in the picture.
  • Click “Search” to view the land record on the entered CNIC number.


Benefits Offered to the Public

The computerized database of land records in Sindh provides the following benefits to the public:

  • Instant access to missing or old records
  • Reduces the chance of duplication of records
  • Online access to property records

The digitisation of records aims to reduce land ownership disputes, all the while increasing the efficiency of real estate authentication. In order to achieve this objective, the portal shows the ownership records along with the exact location of the property. 

In order to read more on land registration systems in Pakistan, visit the Graana blog.



Here are FAQs related to land records Sindh


How can I check land records Sindh, Pakistan?

You can check land records in Sindh through the official website of the Sindh Revenue Board or by visiting the local Land Record Centers.


What information can I find in Sindh’s land records?

Sindh’s land records provide information about land ownership, survey number, size, location, and details of transactions.


Is there an online portal for accessing Sindh’s land records?

Yes, the Sindh Land Revenue Management Information System (LRMIS) offers an online portal to access land records.


How do I use the online portal to view land records Sindh?

Visit the LRMIS portal, enter relevant details like property location or owner’s name, and retrieve the required land record information.


Can I get a printed copy of land records from the portal?

Yes, you can generate and print certified copies of land records from the LRMIS portal for legal purposes.


Are there any charges for accessing land records online?

Yes, there might be nominal charges for obtaining certified copies or certain types of land records from the online portal.


How accurate and reliable are the land records Sindh?

Land records are maintained by government authorities and are generally considered accurate and reliable for legal and transactional purposes.


Can I transfer property ownership using online land records Sindh?

Yes, the online system facilitates property transactions by providing accurate ownership details and transfer processes.


Are there any offline options to access land records Sindh?

Apart from the online portal, you can visit the local Land Record Centers to access land records offline.


What documents do I need to access land records Sindh?

You may need documents such as property location details, owner’s name, survey number, or other relevant information to search for land records.


How frequently are the land records updated in Sindh?

Land records are regularly updated to reflect changes in ownership and property transactions in Sindh.


Can I get assistance for using the online land records portal?

Yes, the online portal usually provides user guides and tutorials for assistance, and you can also seek help from local Land Record Centers.


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