How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering home is a huge task, whether you do it for simplicity or to downsize.

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In the end, you will have only the things that matter to you in your home, which is why decluttering can be overwhelming. But it will also be rewarding. The same is valid for editing: once the extraneous, unnecessary stuff is eliminated, only the best remains. Your productivity will improve if your home is well-organized, just like a clean inbox, which can be done by declutter your home.

Rather than decluttering every room in the house all at once, it’s best to declutter your home by cleaning one space or even one zone within a room (such as your kitchen cabinets) and proceed to the next one when you’re finished. Seeing progress at each step will also boost your confidence.

You can take control of your home with these expert decluttering tips if you don’t know where to start. Whether you’re looking for great organizing tips to make the most of your space or clever design tricks to improve the aesthetics of everything you own, these decluttering techniques will make your life easier. Make sure you don’t miss cleaning afterward, especially if you want your house to look brand new.

Establish a schedule and goals

Plan your strategy before you begin. By being specific about your goals, you will face fewer frustration and roadblocks you will face. Consider these things when you start decluttering:

Create a list or map of all the clutter-causing areas in your house so that you can easily declutter your home.

Organize your time by grading each space according to how seriously cluttered it is. A particularly messy room or closet might receive a 3, for instance, on a scale of 1-3 (3 being the most cluttered).

Attempt to complete one space or room at a time.

It would help if you chose realistic completion dates for each phase of your cleanup. Keeping the decluttering process fun and engaging can help you avoid frustration throughout.

Decluttering specific areas that are likely to take more than a few hours, like the basement or garage, should be scheduled at specific times.

Develop a sorting system to declutter your home

Setting up a system for sorting the things you find as you go through your home is essential. The Three-Box Method is a popular method you can use, or you can devise your own. Making decisions item by item with the Three-Box Method prevents you from getting into an enormous mess than you started with.

Sort your items into three boxes or storage bins labeled “Keep,” “Ride Out,” and “Put In Storage.” Here are some tips to declutter your home to get you started:

Keep Box

Items that you use every day.

Place items in their newly designated spaces after you have completed each space in this box. All of these items should be labeled and stored neatly in a container or drawer.

Donate Box

Do away with items you no longer need.

You can then decide whether to donate each item or throw it away after you’ve finished each area. Provide somewhere outside your home for items you’re giving away or selling. One option is a storage bin in the garage or a vehicle with which they’ll be transported. Instead of looking for things to dispose of, consider what you can give away, such as books, clothes, or craft supplies. It’s a better way to let go of items, and with a fresh approach, you may be more motivated to lighten your load.

Storage Box

Items that are seasonal or sentimental should be put in storage.

After you have filled each space, empty this box into storage containers. You can attach an inventory sheet to storage containers or label them before stacking them neatly.

Top tips to help you on your way for decluttering home

The 10 percent method may work for you

In the case of people who have difficulty giving up possessions, the 10 percent method works exceptionally well. An essential aspect of the technique is being able to view everything that is associated with a particular group of items. Let’s take shoes as an example. Gather them all in one place and then reduce the total number by 10 percent.

Make use of the 90/90 rule

As per the 90/90, ask yourself if you used a particular item in the last 90 days? or if it will be in use in the next 90 days? If your answer is a no, then you know exactly what to do! A period of 90 days can be adjusted according to your lifestyle, but the framework makes it easier to determine whether an item is true of necessity.

Think of decluttering your home as moving

Consider this an exercise: Imagine moving from one apartment to another, and you have to pack your belongings, pay to move them, and then unpack them. Examine your closet and storage space with this mental frame in mind. It would be best if you got rid of anything you would not bother to keep.

Don’t be afraid to start decluttering home as small but feel big

Are you overwhelmed by how to begin decluttering? Consider starting with a few smaller projects before you attempt to declutter a whole room. As a result, you’ll be motivated to take on longer jobs, and your clutter level will diminish dramatically as a result.

Complementary things should be kept together

Declutter your home means categorizing items as you go. It is actually easier to organize the house when items are kept together. Each category of things should be placed near the area where they will be used so that you can find them quickly.

Take it one step at a time

A “little bit” depends on how much time and energy you can spare. The best way to do this is to dedicate time to a specific area (at least one that won’t be too big) or pre-determine a time frame. So that you won’t burn yourself out before you even start decluttering, your big-picture decluttering efforts will be successful.

Put it on sale

Your clutter might make you some money if you have a garage sale. Who knows, you might find people in the same boat! Check out groups on Facebook designated for such purposes.

Bottom Line – Follow the routine to declutter your home

If you had a washing machine, you would never load it with dirty clothes, run it for 20 minutes, then shut it off and let the laundry sit for two days. How stinky would that be! Doing things halfway creates havoc in our daily routines. Hence, it is crucial to complete each cycle. Don’t leave a dirty plate on the counter if you bring it into the kitchen; put it in the dishwasher or wash it right away! Don’t throw your skirt on the bed when you put on sweatpants after work — tuck it into your closet instead. You can complete each of these tasks in less than a minute, compared to how long you would spend later looking for that skirt.

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