Lawn Grass in Pakistan: A Complete Guide

The presence of plants and greenery inside a house is essential, as it maintains a healthy atmosphere and also adds value to the home. In Pakistan, most houses with a large curb have grass in their front yards.

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There are a few different types of grass that you can find in markets and choose from. However, selecting the right type of grass for your lawn is not that simple.

In this blog,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, provides you with a comprehensive guide to different types of lawn grass used in Pakistan, and their prices.


Types of Lawn Grass in Pakistan

If you search through markets in Pakistan, you will find these three types of grass which are used commonly.

Let’s further discuss these three types in detail.


Korean Grass


workers laying beds of korean grass over the soil


Zyosia Japonica, also known as Korean grass or Japanese grass, belongs to the Bermuda grass family. It is a low-growing grass which has a dense carpet and is deep green in colour.

One of the biggest advantages of Korean grass is that it doesn’t require that much maintenance as compared to the other types. It has low water needs and fewer mowing requirements.

Summer and monsoon is the season during which the grass grows the most. During that time, you will be required to cut the grass about half an inch to an inch.

This is the time you need to mow the grass properly, otherwise, the grass blades might scalp and uncover the stems. This can change the grass’s colour to yellow or brown.

Korean grass tends to grow much slower than other varieties, which means it takes more time to turn to become lush green. In countries like Pakistan, where the climate is mostly hot and humid, Korean grass can not grow easily.

It does not need sunlight all day and can grow quite well in shady places such as under a tree or beside a wall. Walking on the turf of Korean grass does not feel soft and pleasant.

Moreover, it loses its lush green appearance and dries out when the temperature drops. To prevent Korean grass from fading out during the winter season, you can use an amino and potassium treatment. Korean grass prices in Pakistan are around Rs 15-20 per square foot.


Fine Dhaka Lawn Grass


turf of fine Dhaka lawn grass


Another widely used type of lawn grass in Pakistan is Fine Dhaka grass. It is also a part of the Bermuda grass family. Fine Dhaka grass has long broad leaves and it grows much faster than Korean grass. It is particularly famous for its low price. You can easily find it in markets at affordable rates.

The estimated price range of Fine Dhaka grass is 8-10 Rs per square feet. In addition to being affordable, Fine Dhaka grass is known for its ability to resist drought.

It can maintain its lush green appearance, which makes it suitable for public places like parks where foot traffic is higher.


American Lawn Grass


a turf of american grass


American grass has a relatively higher cost than that of Korean and Dhaka grass. The reason is that external factors like a drop in temperature do not affect it easily.

Korean grass and Dhaka grass start showing signs of frost as soon as the winter season starts. The leaves of grass start wilting and turning yellow; however, American grass tends to stay green for quite a while.

Owing to its quality, it is usually used in stadiums where they need to keep the grass alive and lush throughout the year. However, make sure to buy American grass for your lawn only if you can maintain it properly.

Without proper maintenance, it does not grow to become lush green. It needs 7-8 hours of full sunlight every day. The price of American grass is about Rs 20-25 per square feet.


Benefits of Lawn Grass

Following are some of the benefits of growing grass on your lawn.


Air Quality

Just like all other plants, grass absorbs Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, and releases Oxygen, which improves the air quality of the area. The amount of Oxygen turfgrass area of about 2,500 square feet releases can easily provide four people’s worth of oxygen.


Filters Pollution

According to a study conducted in 2013, a “dense vegetative cover of turfgrass” has the ability to lessen runoff and pollution to a great extent.
To be more accurate, an average soccer field can soak up 50,000 gallons of water before runoff comes around.


Ability to Manage Stormwater

The grass has the ability to filter out stormwater and stops residues and contaminants from passing into water bodies. In addition, turfgrass can redirect and slow down the flow of water, making it easier for the soil to absorb more water. This in turn prevents the chances of flooding.


Reduces Heat

Keeping in view the current effect of global warming and all, one of the biggest pro of lawn grass is that it reduces heat by various degrees.

The temperature of a turfgrass area is usually 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than soil.


Therapeutic/ Relieves Stress

No doubt, greenery has been proven to have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of humans. Studies have shown that plants help reduce blood pressure, muscle strain, aggression, anger, and fear.


Adds Value to Property

Houses with lawns have more value as it improves community appeal. Besides other advantages, it enhances the curb appeal of a house, which in turn adds more worth to the property.


These were some of the popular types of lawn grass used in Pakistan, along with their uses and advantages.
For more information, visit Graana blog.

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