List of NOCs required for Project Approval in Jurisdiction of CDA

The construction of any real estate project requires several approvals in the form of a ‘non-objection certificate’ (NOC) from the regulatory development body, constituted according to the policies approved by the Federal Government.

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The NOCs ensure timely approval of layout and construction plans, issuing requisite NOCs from concerned departments and agencies, and completing allied formalities.

In this regard, itemises a comprehensive list of all the necessary NOCs – released by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for the approval of projects in the jurisdiction of CDA in Islamabad.


  1. Ownership Document

  • ‘Demarcation Certificate’ or ‘Aks Shajra’

A specified map is drafted by the ‘Patwari’ or ‘Tehsildar’ for the property/project owners to give a clear picture of the actual land possessed.


  • ‘Allotment Letter’ or ‘Fard’ –

A document that indicates proof of property’s ownership, primarily needed for the registration of the property.


  • Non-encumbrance Letter or Certificate –

A mandatory document is used as evidence of free title or ownership.


  1. Preliminary Planning Permission (PPP)

A letter attained by CDA’s planning wing seeks to establish whether the scale and nature of a proposed development would be acceptable to the local planning authority.


  1. Approved Layout Plan

The approval obtained from the Architecture Directorate, CDA at the Front Office, One Window Operation, CDA, the layout of a building or a structure shows the plan of its foundation on the ground surface according to its drawings.


  1. Approval Letter of Design Vetting Committee (DVC)

Design vetting is the process of thoroughly investigating a layout plan before deciding to go forward with a project.

The Design Vetting Committee discusses requests for approval of building designs. The Committee approves designs or at times defers them due to technical shortcomings.


  1. Approved Building Plans Letter –

The building approval comprises the building plan and the layout approval for the construction of the building. Its approval letter can be obtained from Architecture Directorate, CDA at the Front Office, One Window Operation, CDA.


  1. Approved Building Plans vetted by Competent Authority –

A building plan is a scaled diagram of a room or building viewed from above. Its approval can be obtained from Architecture Directorate, CDA at the Front Office, One Window Operation, CDA.


  1. Third-party Vetting Certificates –

  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Certificate –

Refers to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of building design and construction.


  • Structural Design Vetting Certificate –

A building warrant application may be accompanied by a certificate of design that confirms the building structure meets the requirements of building regulations.


  • Firefighting Certificate

Fire Safety and Risk Management certificate that assures that a building has a developed fire safety culture and effective fire extinguishing can be carried out.


  1. Access Road Approval

In construction on major CDA avenues and astride roads, an access road approval needs to be taken from the Authority.


  1. Approved letter from National Highway Authority (NHA)

In construction on GT road, an approval letter shall be taken from the National Highway Authority.


  1. Height clearance certificate

A height clearance certificate is obtained to safeguard obstacle-free zones around airports and the airspace required for air navigation. The certificate can be obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority.


  1. Utility Connection Approvals

Approval letter from Sui Northern Gas Pipeline (SNGPL)

Approval letter Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO)

Approval letter from Water Supply System


  1.   Approval letter from for Fire Fighting System

Fire Prevention and Life Saving regulations are evolved to ensure compliance so that fire outbreaks can be prevented.


  1.   NOCs/ Environmental Approval from Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA)

The primary purpose of the environmental assessment process –   acquired from the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA), is to provide proponents and decision-makers and members of the public with an understanding of the potential environmental effects of the proposed action. The approval can be


  1.   Building Completion Certificate

A Building Completion Certificate is proof that the construction work has been carried out according to the rules and regulations of the civic authority. The Building Completion Certificate can be obtained from CDA.

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