Marble Flooring Designs in Pakistan features some of the best marble flooring designs in Pakistan.

Elegant yet durable, marble is the perfect material for sturdy flooring that can also make a statement. With so many types of unique marble flooring designs in Pakistan, the possibilities are limitless, meaning you are bound to find the perfect fit for your home.

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However, with so many stunning designs out there, it can become quite a hassle to find the right one. To ease your problem,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a list of some of the best marble flooring designs in Pakistan.


Marble Flooring Designs

Marble designs come in all shapes and sizes, with some better suited to your taste than others. With endless options, it can be quite difficult to narrow down the top-tier designs. Following is a list of some of the latest marble flooring designs in Pakistan.


Marble Flooring with Border

One of the most common marble flooring designs out there, bordered marble flooring incorporates a layer of accentuated stone in a darker shade. Generally inlaid in a square or rectangular shape, the border adds dimension to the flooring – a perfect option for living rooms.


Striped Marble Flooring Design


One of the most common marble flooring design in Pakistan.


Just like border designs, a striped pattern also incorporates a darker shade of stone. However, these layers are used to create stripes throughout the flooring, adding a neat touch to a simple marble flooring design.

Moreover, this design opens up an opportunity to be creative, as stripes can be used to create all sorts of embellishing designs.


Mix and Match Design


Marble flooring design serving as a divider between rooms.


This marble flooring design in Pakistan is perfect for those that can’t decide on a single flooring pattern. Try mixing different designs and the results might surprise you. This also gives you the luxury to be flexible with your marble flooring designs, since you won’t be bound to a single pattern.

You can either use different designs in the same room to create a border or opt for different designs in different rooms. The break in the pattern can go synonymous with the area of the room, making a natural border between open spaces, such as living rooms or open kitchens.


Rounded Border Design


Round borders can add a touch of elegance to any room.


This design follows a similar pattern to bordered marble flooring pattern; however, the stone usually runs around the wall, creating a curved border. This design is perfect for large halls such as living rooms or drawing rooms.

For spacious rooms, a rounded border can add a rhythmed design, drawing attention to the few elements in the room.


Colour Coordinated Design


Coordinate your marble flooring with elements in your room.


You can coordinate the colour of your tiles with any element in your room. It could be your couch, curtains, or even the colour of your walls. You can opt for unique marble colours such as burgundy or mahogany to match with your furniture – which otherwise can be hard to pull off.


Marble Partitioning Design


Marble can be used to create a partition between rooms.


In a simple flooring design, an accentuated layer of stone can serve as a divider, either in the middle of a room or between separate rooms. The divider is perfect for spaces such as open kitchens, living rooms, or even dining rooms.


Checkers Design


Checker designs are one of the most unique marble flooring designs in Pakistan.


Commonly known as black and white floor marble design, this pattern offers a sophisticated and elegant look, all the while making a bold statement. Checkers pair perfectly with spacious rooms, filling the emptiness by adding a layer of texture throughout the flooring.

This design can elevate the look of any room with its textured feel and unique dimensions.


Marble Carpet

One of the few marble flooring designs in Pakistan that incorporate a complete pattern, a marble carpet consists of a complete embellished design – mirroring a carpet. This takes away the need to use any carpets as décor since the flooring itself offers an elegant carpeted design.


Geometric Design


Geometric marble flooring adds depth to the room.


To add a bit of depth to your living space, opt for a geometric marble flooring design. Perfect for large halls, a geometric design can add dimension to your room, along with offering a unique visual appeal.


Granite Design


Granite designs can add an earthy feeling to your room.


Granite marble flooring designs offer an earthy feel, along with being extremely durable. Despite having limited designs, granite can still elevate your room with its unique stone flooring.


Marble Mosaic


A modern marble design for floor.


A classic marble floor design – mosaic patterns can add a sophisticated accent to any room. Mosaic patterns come in a variety of designs, giving you plenty of options to choose from. You can either find single tiled mosaic patterns or make a mosaic with several different marble designs. Either way, the result will look absolutely stunning.


Royal Border

This marble flooring design in Pakistan mimics a normal border flooring pattern, with just an added embellishment. Instead of keeping the border simple, this design takes it up a notch by adding unique designs and embellishments to the border – making it seem truly royal.

The design pairs well with certain elements such as heavy drapes or an eloquent carpet in the middle of the border. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this stunning marble floor design.


Marble flooring is perfect for adding a touch of opulence to any living space – especially with a unique design. Browse through our list of some of the latest marble flooring designs in Pakistan, and find the right fit for your home. For more information, visit Graana Blog – Pakistan’s first online real estate blog.


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