Master Plan Commission finalises bylaws for roads in Islamabad’s rural areas

Master plan commission finalizes by-laws

Islamabad:      The Islamabad Master Plan Commission has approved by-laws for the seven major astride roads in the capital’s rural areas.

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The 13th meeting of the commission – formed to revise the capital’s master plan – was held at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) office on Tuesday, where various agenda items were discussed.

Reportedly, the bylaws were approved for the following seven major astride roads of the rural regions:

  1. Islamabad Highway
  2. Murree Road
  3. Lehtrar Road
  4. GT Road
  5. Park Road
  6. Kohata Road
  7. Fatehjang Road.


Other bylaws

The commission also finalised bylaws for wedding halls, marquees and schools.

The meeting was headed by Chief Commissioner and acting CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed. Others that attended the meeting included commission members, including Kurram Farid Bargatt, Suleman Mansoor, Naveed Aslam, Ali Asgher and Nayab Hassan Gardezi.

Finalisation of bylaws in the previous meetings

The commission, in its previous meeting, finalised bylaws for commercial buildings, consequently increasing the number of floors in markazes, industries and trade centres.

Master plan recommendations

The commission is tasked to complete its recommendations on critically required bylaws, followed by an appointment of a consultant to carry out a comprehensive revision of the master plan 2020-2040.

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