Pakistan’s 1st ever Real Estate Certification Course by in collaboration with NUST concludes

Pakistan receives its first-ever batch of certified real estate investment advisors after completing the Certification in Real Estate Science Level 1 course.

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Launched in collaboration with the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), the four-week certification course was introduced by with an ambition to make a difference in the real estate realm.

The graduation ceremony held at Professional Development Centre (PDC) NUST was attended by the Pro-rector Research, Innovation and Commercialisation NUST Dr. Nassar Ikram, the higher management of Graana, including CEO Mr Shafiq Akbar, along with Group Directors Mr. Farhan Javed, Mr. Sharjeel E. Ahmer, and Mr. Arslan Javed General Manager PDC Mr. Salman Ahmed, and Programme Manager Mr. Muhammad Ali.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Shafiq Akbar said; “Ever since we started, the vision to transform the real estate sector of Pakistan has been the catalyst behind our hard work and dedicated efforts. The successful completion of Pakistan’s first-ever real estate certification course aligns perfectly with our vision and will lay the foundation for its accomplishment. My enduring gratitude goes out to NUST for collaborating with us in realising this vision and I urge other educational institutions to join the revolution that is only possible through formal education on the matter.”

“The introduction of Pakistan’s first course on real estate is a significant step towards restricting the sector through introducing formal education”, said Mr. Farhan Javed while celebrating this achievement.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr. Nassar Ikram lauded this initiative launched by to transform the real estate sector through introducing formal education.

The educational course provides a learning experience by incorporating technological, management, and legal issues related to the primary and secondary real estate markets and profession. The session comprised assignments, presentations, group activities, case studies, mock trials and examinations.

Besides, Mr. Shafiq Akbar and Mr. Farhan Javed, the other experts who taught the course modules included the senior professionals of the company, Mr. Omer Abideen, and Ms. Iqra Musaddaq.


For those looking for more details, please visit the link: Certification in Real Estate Science Level 1

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