A List of Passport Offices in Lahore

Here is a list of Passport Offices in Lahore

According to the Passport Act of 1974, any Pakistani national wishing to leave the country must possess a valid passport. Regardless of whether a person is travelling for business or pleasure, they must have a passport in order to cross borders and prove their identification. With the help of this blog, we have outlined the procedure below for anyone who is looking to apply for a passport in Lahore.

The government has set up executive and regional offices throughout the city for the ease of the residents. According to the Directorate General Immigration and Passports, Graana.com has listed down the locations of passport offices in Lahore for your convenience.


Executive Passport Office Lahore


Main entrance of the executive passport office in Lahore


At the executive offices, people can get a passport more quickly and easily compared to regional offices. However, there is an extra charge for this service. 

DHA Phase 3 Sector 10 in Lahore is where you can find the executive passport office. Their contact number is 051-111-344-777.

Lahoris can visit any of the passport offices in the city to submit an application for a new passport or to renew an existing one. Every office offers a number of services, and each one has helpful personnel and up-to-date technology.


Location of Regional Passport Offices in Lahore

You can visit the regional passport offices in the city at the following addresses:


  • Lahore High Court Bar Association
  • 4-A, Sher Shah Block, behind Barkat Market near Himayat-ul-Islam Girls College, New Garden Town
  • 8-A, Shahrah-e-Aiwan Tijarat, Shadman
  • Zain Park bypass, Sagian Road, opposite Grand Marriage Hall, Shahdara
  • Araiyan More, Main Raiwind Road


Passport Requirements

If a person is over 18, they must present an original CNIC or NICOP, two copies of the same document, and a NOC if they work for the government. A bank receipt must be included with the fee deposit. If you are a dual citizen, you must provide a copy of your foreign passport in addition to your original as well.

For those under the age of 18, a Child Registration Certificate, two copies of their parent’s CNIC, and two copies of their birth certificate are required. A bank receipt must be included with the fee deposit. If you have two nationalities, you will need to present a foreign passport and a copy of it when submitting your application.


Application and Collection of Passport

After gathering the necessary documents, the subsequent steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the National Bank Counter to pay the fee (renewal or challan charge), and then proceed to the customer service counter to obtain the passport application.
  2. You will then be directed to the token counter, where you’ll be snapped in the act and granted a token.
  3. Your fingerprints must be submitted at the Biometric Data Counter.
  4. You will be required to enter your information at the Data Entry Counter. However, your information will already be filled out if you are renewing your passport.
  5. The data provided will be cross-checked, and it will be contrasted with the Blacklist (BL) and Exit Control List (ECL).
  6. You will be invited to an interview with the branch’s Assistant Director if your profile passes both the BL and ECL. After the interview, you will receive a tracking number that you may use to verify the status of your application and the expected delivery date of your passport.
  7. Once you have been notified that your passport is ready for collection, go to the passport office where you had submitted your application and hand in the receipt you received from the Assistant Director. There will be an extra cost if you want the passport delivered to your house.


Passport Validity and Charges


front cover of the Pakistani passport


The price of getting a passport made depends on the number of pages it will have, how many years it will be valid, and whether it will be issued on an urgent basis. An expedited passport can be obtained in 4 days, otherwise, it can take up to 15 days normally.


With 5 Years of Passport Validity

Category Number of Pages Price (PKR)
Normal 36 3,000
Urgent 36 5,000
Normal 72 5,500
Urgent 72 9,000
Normal 100 6,000
Urgent 100 12,000

With 10 Years of Passport Validity

Category Number of pages Price (PKR)
Normal 36 5,400
Urgent 36 9,000
Normal 72 9,000
Urgent 72 16,200
Normal 100 10,800
Urgent 100 21,600

Passport Office Lahore Timings

The passport office Lahore is open from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, from Mondays to Thursdays, and from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM on Fridays.

Depending on the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports, these times may change.

The phone number mentioned above can be used to get in touch with these offices for more information.

For more related information, visit the Graana blog.


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